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Death of Kimi Qiao Ren Liang + Tribute

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It is heartbreaking to be typing this. I am still in shock. Mainland actor, Kimi Qiao Ren Liang is dead. This fact have been confirmed by his studio via weibo. He was only 28.

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Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 34 Review


The power of love was very strong in this episode!

Another favorite episode of mine? I hope this drama won’t ever stop in becoming better and providing us with lots of happiness. If you love Shancai and Dao Ming Si as much as I do, then I’m sure that you loved this episode too.

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Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 33 Review


I can keep watching these two and not get sick of them at all!

Time flies really fast because the 6th week of this drama is already here! It started out so great because it has become my 6th favorite episode of the drama. Also, I have 60 screencaps for this episode alone. That’s how much I loved it. What’s with this episode and anything to do with number 6 anyway? It’s literally the “Liu” (6 in Chinese) in “Liu Xing Hua Yuan” (“Meteor Garden” in Chinese). Okay, I’ll stop now. Let’s start reliving this beautiful episode!

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Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 32 Review


I just love you, Lei!

What a wonderful episode! Perhaps another favorite of mine? It’s been a while since I said that. Some of my favorite scenes from the original drama happened in this episode but with some fun twists. Let’s have lots of fun and feels in this recap!

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Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 30 Review


This boy has one of the cutest smiles ever!

As we have all expected, our love triangle is back to make us laugh and cry (mostly this one). Prepare your hearts for this episode!

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Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 28 Review


Isn’t he the cutest? Probably the best thing that happened in this episode!

Just like the previous episode, it was all meh and nothing much to look forward to in the first two episodes of week 5. You can still rant to me about your disappointment in this post!

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