Chinese Novel: 你是男的 我也爱 I Love You Even If You Are A Man Review

I love you even if you are a man 你是男的我也爱
I Love You Even If You Are A Man 你是男的,我也爱 by Angelina
Chinese online novel here and English translation is in progress here. (Check out more links for english translation at the bottom of the post)

This is the original novel for the movie trilogy, I Love You If You Were Man. This story revolves around Mai Ding, a cute and goofy boy-next-door and An Ziyan, the cool and aloof heartthrob whom everyone can’t help love yet fear. It all began with a misunderstanding – Mai Ding was bribed by his college roommate to find out An Ziyan’s sexual orientation and An Ziyan had played a prank on Mai Ding in a rare moment of amusement, leading Mai Ding to believe he is bisexual even though he is straight. Mai Ding had little friends since young and wanted to ‘make his life more interesting’ by knowing people of ‘diverse background’ (i.e. An Ziyan) so he would have a cool story to tell his grandchildren in the future. And hence, a friendship which turned into more started to form between the two most unlikely characters.

[Warning: This book is about a gay relationship and there might be explicit scenes in it so read only if you are comfortable.] 

你是男的我也爱 I love you as a man

I first knew of this when I watched the first movie of this trilogy – Like Love. From then, I realised that the movie was based on the novel and since I couldn’t wait another year for the third installation, I decided to read the novel to find out what happens. The second installation (theatrical version) has just been released on 25th September. I haven’t watched as I’m waiting for the full version. (Update: It seems that the third movie was cancelled.) The novel is made up of 9 volumes which consist of about 12 chapters each. It was a light lovely read with not much angst. I finished reading in about 4 days.

What I liked about this is that this novel can be slowly read over a long period of time. There are not many cliffhangers chapters so there won’t be an active urge to finish it all in one go. Well, unless you are like me and can’t help from being drowned in sweetness. The novel follows the two main characters from their first meeting to their eventual marriage. (Yes, I just spoilt it, they are gonna have a happy ending and get married!)

The funny moments definitely stand out in this novel. There are large doses of it and I must add, I had actually laughed aloud more than a few times when I read the novel. There are also many swoon-worthy and sweet moments that leave me wishing I was in love haha. In terms of proper angst, I think there was only one part. I had expected that plot arc and I didn’t thought I would care much since this was just a ‘silly read’ but when I read that part, I cried. A lot. I had invested all my feelings into this story unknowingly. And that’s why I love this story, I’m totally absorbed. I can feel the characters right beside me.

This story doesn’t lack the cliche plotlines but the author had written them all so well, I love it. This would perfectly fit what I would describe a ‘trashy romance novel indulgence’. It is so lame and impossible in real life but I continue to swoon over it and can’t help savour every bit of it. Perhaps it helped that I had watched the movie first so it was so much easier to read the novel because I can imagine the scenes in my head. Honestly, I don’t even know which scenes were in the original movie and which were not any more because my imagination has mixed up with my memory. I remember seeing scenes that weren’t filmed haha.

你是男的我也爱 I love you as a man Mai Ding 2
Character intro: Mai Ding
Mai Ding is a typical, silly, cute and innocent boy-next-door which most people would identify with. He’s extremely easy going and full of sunshine. The best thing about him is that he is very simple, straightforward, sincere and he wears his heart on his sleeves. He doesn’t try to manipulate or whatsoever. He’s very easy to relate to in the sense that you understand his motives very easily. And you would want the best for him because you feel him.

你是男的我也爱 I love you as a man Kong An Zi Yan 2
Character intro: An Ziyan
I’m completely in love with him. He’s cold and cruel and bossy but his actions can melt one’s heart. I can completely understand why everyone loves him and wants to be loved by him. While An Ziyan might seem stingy with love as compared to Mai Ding who shows his love openly, An Ziyan’s love is showed through the sacrifices he makes without Mai Ding’s knowledge – which makes it more swoon-worthy, especially to me. He might bully Mai Ding but he’s also the one that protects Mai Ding the most. He’s a very typical bully, rich male lead but somehow, I’m completely sold. (I’m not sure if it’s because the novel is written very well or if Korn Kong Chuinan, the actor that portrayed An Ziyan, did an exceptional job. I think both factors played a part.)

你是男的我也爱 I love you as a man An Ziyan Mai Ding

I would recommend watching the movie first before reading the novel because I think it would help you fall in love with the characters more! (Especially An Ziyan, he’s so yummy!!! To be honest, I don’t find him handsome at first glance but over the 15 episodes I watched, I found him so charismatic and I’m in love. Fun fact: he looks like Zhang Han from a certain angle.) But watching the movie first might ‘taint’ the image of the characters. I cannot imagine Mai Ding and An Ziyan as different people now that I have seen Huang Leeger and Korn Kong Chuinan acting as them. It’s not a big issue though – even the director of the film, 22 year old Chen Peng, shared that these 2 actors were the first people that came into mind when he first took on this project.

你是男的我也爱 I love you as a man An Ziyan Mai Ding Chen Peng
Left to right: Korn Kong Chuinan (starring as An Ziyan), Chen Peng (director), Huang Lige (starring as Mai Ding)

Don’t expect too much from the movie though. The quality is mediocre at best. The filming for the first few episodes was pretty amateur and seemed like a trashy wannabe film produced by China’s university students (believe me, I have watched enough of them – no idea what I was thinking) rather than a proper movie that is screened. But ignore the poor editing and gimmicks and just focus on the characters, relationships and the surroundings. It helps a lot when reading the story – it makes everything feel more lifelike. The chemistry between the actors is great too – they are great friends in real life. The first part of the movie was released in 2014 and the theatrical version of the 2nd part was released recently on 25 Sep this year. The third part will be released on 25 Sep 2016.

你是男的我也爱 I love you as a man Kong Chuinan Huang Li Ge

Rating: 8.5/10
Recommended: If you are looking for something light and happy and funny and romantic to read. Or just a new character to fall head over heels with. (Last exclamation: I love An Ziyan!! Hahaha.) Watch the film as well for maximum feels. Plus points since english subs and translations are available!

Also, check out my updated Novels List! I’m also reading another similar themed novel which is also adapted into a web drama – Counter Attack – currently.

Last but not least, here are the links for the English translation on Wattpad. It’s a bit messy and you will need a wattpad account but translations are faster.

Chapter 1 to 39, Chapter 40 to 43, Chapter 44 onwards
Compiled version (that is not yet complete at time of posting)


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      1. Mei Qi

        Hi, I’m into this movie recently and is is quite frustrated because I can’t seem to find the full version of the movie.. therefore I would like to purchase the books.. can you please tell me where can I get the full set of the novel? Can’t you send the details to my email? Please.. thank you ..
        My email:


        1. Kate - skimmedmilkdrama Post author

          Hi, I am also only a reader and I read using the online sources I published above. I am not sure where you can purchase the books but I’m sure you will be able to find it if you search hard enough online.


  2. Mary Mello

    Browsing the Internet for the novel “I Still Love You, Even If You’re A Man” by the author “Angelina I was fortunate to find your page. The comments you posted to the novel and the characters maiding / An Ziyan are perfect.
    I started reading the chapters of the novel and I could not stop. I’m waiting for the dear translators work on new chapters.
    I agree with you it is better to see the movie and then read the novel because it enables exercising our imagination.
    Can I ask Three questions?
    – What is the name of the movie Like Love 3?
    – Could be possible for a third movie to come later in 2016?
    – Like Love 2:Nobody knows but me has subtitles in English? I am negotiating with the site Ebay to buy DVD and need this information.
    I’m waiting on Season 3 with great anxiety.
    Sorry! The English is not my first language and errors can happen with words.


    1. Kate - skimmedmilkdrama Post author

      Hi! Thank you for leaving a comment, I’m glad to know someone enjoyed my post :p

      1. I’m not sure about that. I tried googling a bit in Chinese as well but couldn’t find any.
      2. Yes, the third movie is scheduled to be on 25th September 2016. It will be the last of the series.
      3. Sorry but I’m not sure about this either. Perhaps you could join the facebook fan group and they might be able to tell you more? I think they are ordering dvds from ebay as well so they should know better 🙂 Here’s the link:


  3. Mary Mello

    They say on the internet that only exist the season 3 to season 2 generate profits. What do you think?
    Have you ever watched the full version of DVD 2 Like and Love? I wonder if there is no season 3 we are left with the feeling of a final unfinished because before you said that they married at the end of the Angelina novel.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kate - skimmedmilkdrama Post author

      Hi, I think every movie is produced to generate profits. However, if I’m not wrong, it has been decided that there will be 3 movies (each released in 1 year from 2014 to 2016) since the first season. So nope, season 3 is not ‘forced’ out. Plus, the story is long enough for 3 movies (or even more) so I think it’s justified that there is going to be a third movie.

      I haven’t watched the uncut full DVD of Like Love 2 but I did watch the theatrical version. I don’t think they will leave this series unfinished though. It has generated quite some buzz and should be making enough profits for them to want to continue filming. Even if they do not finish the filming, you could go and read the novel for the happy ending! Honestly, I don’t remember what had happened in the movie and what had not because when I read the novel, I had completely imagined Korn and Leeger acting it all out already. I’m actually quite confused and can’t really differentiate what is my imagination and what is in the movie because Angelina had written it so well, it’s really easy to imagine.

      Hugs 🙂


      1. melvin maure

        Hello. Im from philippines.. may i know if were can i buy or watch the full season of like love. Plaese help me. Message me in my FB account.

        I know you feel me. Im a die hard fan of this movie.. i really want to watch the movie.. please


  4. Mary Mello

    Thank you for your prompt reply.
    While I’m waiting for Season 3 Like Love, I’d like to read the novel Angelina. Could you tell me where I can read the complete trilogy in English?


    1. Kate - skimmedmilkdrama Post author

      Hi, I don’t think translation are complete yet because they are all fans work. Translation is up to chapter 59 already though.

      Chapter 1 to 39:
      Chapter 40 to 42:
      Chapter 43 onwards:


  5. Mary Mello

    It is very difficult for me to get information Like Love, because I live
    far from China and the Chinese language hinders communication. All this introduction is to ask you a kindness.
    This past weekend took place an event in Taipei-Tawian and the entire cast was present. Several pictures are circulating on the internet and I realized that the fans asked questions. Do you think it would be possible to search the internet if the fans asked for director Chen Peng whether there will be a season 3 Like Love? This information is so important to me.
    Please don’t feel obliged in any way to respond.


  6. Mary Mello

    I am very sad and I need your help.
    In recent days I noticed something wrong was going on between Hooleege and KornKong and my heart is aching because I read some reviews that their friendship is fragile because Hooleege made a negative comment from KornKong.
    I visited international sites Dynasty and KornKong & Hooleeger Fans Club and could not know why. Nobody wants to talk. I’m worried because I am afraid that their friendship is broken forever and this impairs the possibility of filming the third season.
    I would rather suffer with the truth even if it is cruel.
    Some sites use the Chinese language and even using the Google Translate can not understand.
    I’ve realized that you master both languages.
    If it is not asking too much you could find out what happened between them in the Chinese sites?
    I thank you with all my heart.


    1. Kate - skimmedmilkdrama Post author

      Hi there. I’m not very into the updates between Korn and Leeger. I’m sure there will be discussion on the fansites if there was indeed a problem. I’m a bit busy recently but if you provide me a few links to the chinese sources, I could try to summarise them for you.


  7. Mary Mello

    You’re right, the fan sites do not talk about what happened because they do not want the fans become terrified.
    I do not have a list of links to send because the Chinese sites I visited are also fansite Korn and Leeger.
    It would be too much to ask for you to send a sentence in Chinese on the subject so I search Google and I get some links to send you?
    If you can’t, that’s OK. I understand.
    I always want to thank you for your time in answering my emails.
    All the best,


    1. Kate - skimmedmilkdrama Post author

      I’m not sure exactly what would be the correct sentence you are look for but I can throw some chinese terms out for you.

      孔锤男 – Kong Chuinan, Korn
      黃禮格 – Huang Lee Ge, Leeger
      友情 – Friendship
      闹翻 – Conflict
      和好 – Reconcile
      吵架 – Quarrel/Dispute
      还是朋友吗? – Are (they) still friends?

      Hope it will be useful!



    My dear ,
    A relaxed mind, a peaceful soul, a joyful spirit, a healthy body and heart full of love …
    All these are my wishes for you.
    Happy New Year 2016 !!!!!!
    Mary Mello



    How is the new year for you? I hope that’s okay.
    Can I ask you a question? Do you think it possible that the translation into English of Angelina novel is stopped if Like Lover 3 does not exist?
    Mary Mello


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  11. Maria Fe Jonson

    Hi I tried to read the chinese novel but since I do not speak chinese of course I was not able to understand it though I kind of only curious is Maiding’s Maldives dream will come true? coz when google did the auto translate it mention about the Maldives but I am glad 3rd movie will be shown I was kind of hanging at M2’s end I hope it will be a good movie LL1 was good though yeah the video was not that good but thanks to the Lead’s acting it made me enjoy it and LL2 it had shown more of An Ziyan’s emotion it reminds me of It Started With A Kiss I know it’s not a gay drama but I can say almost the same personality of lead characters


  12. renchen11

    I read the novel first before watchng It but it gives me both what I expected but I truly want to finish the novel, the story of an ziyan and mai ding as well as yan yan and su xiaomi >_____<

    The author is bright for making this stories though I kept ignoring it before but now I want all of it (omg nosebleed).

    I hope for the ll3 as well.

    Thanks that I have the chanced to see this page of your and enlightened my restless mind lol xD.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Tim Dan

    I did not know that the Chinese can make such excellent web series/movies! I just watched it a week ago by chance on youtube and it’s awesome! Even though the Chinese Censorship Bureau is boring and brutal, the Chinese people are more open minded because they accept this type of movie genre even more than people in some western countries such as the USA (I live in the USA)


  14. melvin maure

    Hi. I please all of you.

    Please help me. Were can i buy. Or watch the full video of like love. Im from philiippines. Thats why u can speak a lot of english.. but please help me guys..

    Im a die hard fan of this movie.. im going crazy coz i dont know were i watch the full video of this movie..


  15. meixia

    Can you update this post? Season 3 as far as I know is cancelled, even the Director has announced it. Many ignorant and childish fans have been using this post as a source to attack Like love fanpages, saying ignorant things, persisting that there will be season 3 even when the admins who clearly know Chinese and have looked at various Chinese news are exhausted to say it over and over, that there won’t be any season 3.
    I know those fans are probably illiterate, but please. Update your post.



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