Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 49 Review


Thanks for the lovely memories, MG2018!

Definitely not the ending that I was hoping for but okay…


We started the final episode with Shancai looking like she was playing “My Quarter of a Boyfriend” in real life. It felt like she was playing an otome (lol). Sign me up for this game please haha!


Aww! Who would have thought that we would ever hear the word “love” from Ximen in this manner?


My feels came rushing in to my system when it was Lei’s turn to “sell” himself to Shancai. I love you, Lei! You deserve all the happiness in the world *sniffs*.


So cheesy! I never thought that we would ever hear these words from Shancai.


I have some few issues regarding this frame:

1.) Why are those boys even considered as Dao Ming Si’s groomsmen?! It just goes to show that he really only has F3 as his true friends and everyone else is just irrelevant lol. They just had to get those boys since F3 was busy re-introducing themselves to Shancai…

2.) I would have loved it more if Dao Ming Si was wearing a white suit and everyone else was wearing black. Although they probably wanted him to wear black since it suited his character more but he’s already a changed man! It reminded me of “Gossip Girl” when they made Chuck Bass wear a white suit to his wedding and it was just so lovely. Wished this drama took notes from there instead haha!


Of course, Hua Ze Lei had to be the one to bring her to the groom *insert bittersweet tears*. I liked this more instead of him officiating the wedding just like what they did to Hana Yori Dango because that was ridiculously funny.


Really, Shancai? You’re still unsure if you’re just dreaming or not? *Facepalms*.


Hua Ze Lei just had to reassure Shancai that she would be making the right decision *slight tears*


Can anyone explain why/how Zhuang jie is capable of officiating their wedding?


And they lived happily ever after!


Dao Ming Feng is going on an “Eat. Pray. Love” mission after some realizations of how she has just been working this whole time.


They are at it again by writing on each other’s faces! Dao Ming Si wrote “tai tai” or “wife” on his new property.


The product placements just could not spare us even on the finale. They must have really paid the drama a lot to have nabbed such critical appearances here.


Let’s just enjoy this new husband-wife sweetness that we’re getting!


Last product placement to appear in this drama: New F4’s dating game app. Can they please make this available to the international audience too?


Meteors started to rain marking the ending of this refreshing and lovely adaptation!


Before I start fangirling over this part, I just wanted to say that Kuan Kuan looked so weird here maybe because they obviously edited him in this London background?

Moving on, for the first and last time in this drama, they played the original F4’s “Liu Xing Yu” or “Meteor Rain”. Such a great homage especially to fans like us who have always loved the original “Meteor Garden”. They even made it more special by focusing on the 2018 actor/character when their 2001 counterpart starts to sing. So they started playing it while focusing on Darren Chen/Hua Ze Lei and Vic Zhou was the one singing.


Jerry Yan starts to sing so they focused it on Dylan Wang/Dao Ming Si.


It was Ken Chu’s turn so they focused it on Caesar Wu/Ximen.


And for the last line, Van Ness Wu finished it off as it focused on Leon Leong/Meizuo. Such a genius and heartwarming touch, right? I was so mind-blown!


So Ximen made Meizuo feel worse by telling him that he will be the only one alone as he had plans with Xiaoyou. Aww man, they really should have made Meizuo and Monkey Girl a thing in this version haha!


Speaking of Monkey Girl, she has already found her red string (literally and symbolically) partner in Thomas… Pretty random, but okay.


Jing is already living her dream of having a fulfilling career.


17 years after, Harlem Yu was invited again by Angie Chai to sing his phenomenal hit, “Qing Fei Di Yi” for the finale of the drama.


In the 2001 version, only Dao Ming Si and Shancai met with Harlem Yu and they did not stay to jam with him. For this version, they all sang along and even the creator, Angie Chai, joined the party!

In a nutshell,

  • Wait, what just happened? That was already the ending?! I spent almost all of my free weekends marathoning and blogging just to get that kind of ending? Obviously, I am truly beyond disappointed with how they came up with this ending.
  • I don’t even have much thoughts about this ending because all I have are rants and questions as to why they ended this drama in this way.
  • I will not dwell on them so much as I want to focus more on the positive things in this final episode recap/review. You can still feel free to rant in the comments below and I would gladly respond to them and share more rants haha!
  • It was great that this version finally gave us a wedding in the finale although it was not the wedding that we deserved… Everything seemed to have been a bit rushed that I felt it was not given much thought. Why was Shancai still confused if she was dreaming or in reality? Why was Zhuang jie aka Dee Hsu dancing to “River”? Why was Dao Ming Si acting weird only to appear with his irrelevant groomsmen when Shancai said that she loves him? Where were Shancai’s parents and Ah Si’s mom during their wedding?
  • Loved the snippets of Shancai and Dao Ming Si’s life as a newly-married couple. Wish we had gotten more and not just because they had to include some product placements…
  • It was nice that they showed us the other characters’ endings for closure’s sake although I did not really care for some aka Caina.. HAHA! I am forever bitter about her character even up to this day lol
  • What happened to not dwelling on the negativity? I completely contradicted what I just said haha! I guess I just could not find a lot more positive things than I thought I would.

A message to our lovely readers:

Before I end this final episode review for good, I would just like to thank you all for the endless support that you have been giving ever since day 1. Reading, liking, commenting, tweeting, and more are your ways of supporting this blog that I would always get overwhelmed because of the positivity that you have been exuding. Blogging, especially recapping, takes so much time that if it were not for you all, I would not even bother to do it because I could have just given all that amount of time to watching other dramas. My writing may not be perfect (and I don’t think it ever will) but knowing that it became a medium for you to share your thoughts and feelings already means so much to me.

So once again, THANK YOU! Hope that our ties will never break even though MG2018 has already ended. So for one last time, let me ask you this question: What did you think of MG2018’s finale?



50 thoughts on “Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 49 Review

  1. Stargirl

    I completely agree with you on all your thoughts especially on the wedding part. I think with the budget they have per episode, they could have provided a better wedding scene that’s not confused with a dream! I also didn’t understand why zhuang had to dance and officiate the wedding! And yes where are the parents during the wedding?! Also I cringe everytime there are unnecessary scenes for product placement. The meteor rain song is really nice and nostalgic especially for fans like us who loved the first meteor garden. Also the last scene with Harlem yu is nice.

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    1. dramarian Post author

      Right? Apparently, Zhuang jie officiating their wedding had to do with China’s censorship. Something to do with the freedom of religion so they had to get a laywoman to do it. It’s so weird that their parents weren’t in the wedding like that’s just so weird. Product placements are entertaining and annoying at the same time. It could be effective too because I will definitely look for some of the products when I go to China haha! Loved the Meteor Rain bit 🙂 everything related to nostalgia is nice!


  2. chouhelen27

    The wedding was a huge disappointment. After all they went through – they were meant to be a team and she wasn’t dependent on him but yet she had no say in the most special day of her life!
    And her parents who she was so close to weren’t there but yet the groomsmen!
    Ruined a great show- I hope the writers read your blog!

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    1. dramarian Post author

      Huge disappointment is even an understatement! Everything that you said is true. Even if they do, it would be too late to undo the damage although I would love that to happen haha!


  3. Rindu

    just one phrase from me: anti-climax.
    loads of the scenes in this episode just feel weird to me.
    this episode didn’t even give us (or was it just me?) the sufficient closure for this 😭

    btw…the pic of lei walking shancai down the aisle to ah si made me all dreaming it was lei she’s marrying 😂😂😂 #LOL # inmydreams

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  4. Dee

    This ending was unbelievable!! I feel like i spent the entire last two episodes thinking “What the heck is happening??” How in the world do you pass out one minute and end up in a wedding dress with no memory of any of that happening? Did they drug her? I was really hoping that I was the one having a dream sequence and would wake up to watch a real romantic wedding!!

    The one thing that you didn’t mention was choice of music they played during the wedding sequence. Of all the romantic songs they could have chosen, Stupid Mistake makes no sense as a wedding song! I’ve seen a few people on Twitter who took the kiss scene and dubbed the violin version of one of the songs from the OST. Totally changed the mood!

    I also wish they had showed more scenes from right after the wedding. Seemed like they went from wedding day to fast forward married life!

    Unfortunately, I didn’t find your blog till after I finished the series. Now I am rewatching the series over again and reading your blog after finishing each episode. I love to read your comments and insights, especially since I did not watch the 2001 version. Great job!!

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    1. dramarian Post author

      RIGHT? EVERYTHING WAS JUST NONSENSE… I was hoping for the same thing too!

      Omg thank you (or maybe not?) for reminding me. It took me more than a week to write this after watching so I have totally forgotten about their song choice. Just terrible.

      That’s so true! We really deserved more than what they gave us. Your comment reminded me of how much I hated the finale so now I’m just rolling my eyes again and again. So much wasted potential!

      It’s never too late, I guess? Glad that you found us still. Thank you so much! Feel free to keep commenting 🙂


  5. dramamama

    Oh Dramarian, you’re finally done with MG2018 and what a ride it has been — to the highs of our OTP’s diabetic-inducing on-screen chemistry, to the lows of the “she-who-must-not-be-named” episodes. Sad to say, the last episode fell into the latter category… sigh..

    I agree whole-hardheartedly with Rindu and Dee. Not only was it anti-climactic, the song and the entire wedding scenario was all wrong. I can only huhuhu to myself while watching it.

    1. Why a dream sequence? – isn’t this wedding supposed to provide all their viewers with closure? Dream sequences are cute when they are supposed to prove a point, not when they are used to conclude an entire series.
    2. Doesn’t Shan Cai deserve to walk down the aisle? – I know DMS is too handsome for his own good sometimes, but that doesn’t give him the right to walk down the aisle! It’s the bride’s turn to shine!
    3. Why those 3 guys behind DMS? – a guy he belittles, a guy he hates for posing with Shan Cai in a hotel room and a guy he punched… like duh???
    4. Who chooses Stupid Mistake as a wedding song? – nuff said
    5. Where were the other significant people in their lives? – where were Shan Cai’s parents, DMF and even Yu Sao? I pity the elder actors and actresses. It was like they weren’t given any importance at the end.

    All in all, the wedding turned out to be a huge production number, and a poorly directed one at that. Sigh.. With all the things our couple, the F4 and their families have gone through, this ending didn’t do the whole story justice. To say that I’m sorely disappointed doesn’t even cover it.

    I liked the scenes in the house, although I would have loved to see our couple working together for a change, specially since DMF chose to retire and it was all about DMS’ “grand business plan” which finally convinced DMF to accept Shan Cai.

    And no honeymoon scene at all?? GRRR.. not even 1 which showed DMS carrying Shan Cai into their matrimonial bed or room?? Call me old-fashioned but I have always wanted to see that.

    So sorry for the lengthy post but I have long waited to get this out of my system. It is seldom that I “get into” a series so much. All in all, it was a good run it was my crack drama for 2018. I even find myself grinning from ear to ear for no reason at all — oh wait, it was because of DMS. Hahaha!

    I know how laborious it is to do this so I really appreciate all the work you have done. Thank you so, so much for being an integral part of my MG2018 journey. Looking forward to the next series you are going to write about.

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    1. dramarian Post author

      It took me a week after watching when I wrote about. I guess this final post of mine would have been different if I had written straight away after watching. It would have been really long and full of negativity… haha!

      1. Right? The worst part about this was that it wasn’t even one, they just made it look like it was ugh
      2. So true!
      3. Full of nonsense. They could have removed the silly otome game going on with F3 and Shancai while F3 should have stayed behind Ah Si
      4. I’m so triggered.
      5. Thanks for mentioning Yu Sao! It just reminded me of how horrible they did the wedding without her… Yup, sorely disappointed is truly an understatement.

      That makes sense. We really should’ve seen them working together. DMS should’ve worn the squid hat too haha!

      You’re not old-fashioned because the carrying/honeymoon part should have been there!

      Don’t be sorry! I truly enjoyed reading it because it made me realize and notice so many things that I didn’t! It was still a good run nonetheless 🙂 haha nice!

      Thank you very much! You and your comments have always cheered me up and motivated me to keep writing 🙂 Hope to see you in our other posts!


      1. dramamama

        Only the F3 deserved to stand as DMS’ groomsmen. And I would have loved to see Xiao You, Monkey girl and even Li Zhen, dress up as Shan cai’s bridesmaids. Oh show.. how you have forsaken us!

        I would have forgiven them their lousy ending if they had at least shown us DMS in a squid hat!!! Hahaha.. and a honeymoon scene!!!

        Guess what Dramarian… am watching My Best Ex Boyfriend now! Enjoying it so far =)

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  6. Enigmaticrose4

    I’m sorry I’ve only commented a few times. I was reading your reviews right after watching each episode typically and so was rushing on to the next episode.

    I never watched the original Meteor Garden but I might just now because of your comparisons. I did watch the kdrama ‘Boys Over Flowers’ and enjoyed it quite a bit, though I think I prefer how much more ‘mature’ Meteor Garden 2018 feels.

    Also, I think you said that you’ve not watched Boys Over Flowers. I’m wondering if you’ll watch and review it now? Maybe not episode by episode but perhaps your thoughts every few episodes? I’d just really love to see your thoughts. And if you did do episode by episode I’d likely watch them all again to follow along.

    Whatever you do in the future, I’m looking forward to reading your writing and checking out dramas.

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    1. dramarian Post author

      No need to say sorry! I should be the one who’s sorry for responding late. As of now, I’m at episode 13 of BOF and enjoying it so far! Too bad I can’t write a review for every few episodes due to life’s issues but fret not, I will be including it in my year-end review post for a mini-review. So I hope you can watch out for that!

      Thank you very much, dear! Really appreciate it 🙂 will definitely see you around here!


  7. Baozi

    I was so triggered by the last few episodes of this drama. They were just confusing af. How can they leave so many ‘lose ends’ and instead fill the ‘leftover’ running time by using product placement and flashbacks? So many other things they could’ve used the extra time for.
    I mean, If they decide to extend the episode count from 44 to 49, you’d think they’d have enough script to fill those episodes, instead of using endless recaps of Shancai and Ah Si.

    The whole wedding was just so bad… And Shancai definitely did NOT deserve a weird dream sequence/prank wedding with irrelevant people.

    Talking about irrelevant people… Ah Si’s groomsmen?? What the actual fuck?
    Let’s take a moment for the fact, that they were all in love with Shancai at one point or another. (At least I think the guy on the right was too, BECAUSE I HAVE NO IDEA WHO HE IS. That’s how irrelevant he was to me.) And now they’re suddenly Ah Si’s groomsmen? Groomsmen of the jealous Daoming Si we all know? Yeah sure.

    And on another irrelevant note, this is just something I’ve been wondering, where the heck did the Chef (who was also in love with Shancai) disappear half way through the series? And at what point did Shancai even quit working at the restaurant? Or did she just stop going to work unannounced, cause DMS took too much of her time? Anyway, moving along.

    The montage, of what every character was doing in the end, was cool, except for the fact that, we got no Xiaoyou (yeah yeah, she was supposed to meet Ximen, but she was never actually shown).
    Also, what the hell was up with Shancai’s two best friends? Last time we saw them before the finale, they were kissing and yet, in the montage the guy is seen shouting, that he wants a girlfriend. Like what ? Did I miss something? Anywho, back to the point.
    We got no Shancai’s parents, no Mrs. Yu or the two mean girls, that were at the wedding, and always everywhere else too,as a matter of fact. Instead we got Ximen’s first love, that no one gave two shit’s about and creepy guy Thomas, or whatever, who was in Shanghai but suddenly lived in London and now I guess was back in Shanghai again, just in time to meet Monkey girl? I’m surprised they didn’t throw irrelevant groomsman no. 3 into the montage and just take out Lei or something. Srsly… smh.

    With the budget they had for every episode and how great the drama had been until the last two episodes, I really expected something more than this pile of flaming crappy product placement of a finale.

    Sorry about the rant, I just had to vent my frustration somewhere
    p.s Yes, I just finished watching it, so it’s a fresh wound XD

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    1. Dee

      Baozi, I could not stop laughing at your rants! I had the same reaction right after I watched it and reading your post just got me all riled up again. I was seriously pissed off.. I loved this series so much and they gave us this crappy ending!! Unbelievable.

      I totally agree about the Chef guy. He was in like 4 episodes. Why wasn’t he at the wedding? He just disappeared after Caina dumped him. It would have made more sense to show him again than random Groomsman #3 who got beat up in one episode and never was seen again.

      And i thought the same thing about Li Zhen and Qinghe… I thought they got together, but then Qinghe was wishing for a girlfriend. I actually had to go back to the previous episode to make sure i saw that kiss and wasn’t making it up. Did the writers forget that happened??

      And dandruff shampoo in the LAST EPISODE?? Are you kidding me??? That’s what they wanted to show of their married life?? OMG

      I can’t believe that any writer that cared about this show would end it like this. So disappointed.
      Ok, moving on now… Thanks for listening!

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    2. dramarian Post author

      Loved your fresh wounded rants haha! Too bad I only got to read them now because right now, only a spec of scar has been left by that drama and its disasters lol hope yours is too! Thank you for sharing your thoughts 🙂


  8. vespa

    Dear Ms Dramarian,
    Your re-caps were awesome, so entertaining and well written. So thank you for leading us through so that we could reflect on the fun and brilliant elements of this series.

    I can’t say enough what an anti climax this was. The only thing I’ve been thinking was….this series had 47 episodes and whatever I made up in my head. Even Dao Min Feng’s story didn’t quite work with me. I mean she just quit, handed it over to her son who’s just finished uni????eh???

    And of course with out the parents at the wedding of Shan chai and Dao Ming Feng, Ah Sao, it felt like a house party. Weird. But I guess the director wanted to make a statement (?) which sets it apart from the 2001 version.

    I really really enjoyed this series, and really really enjoyed your re-caps. I have started watching The Rise of Phoenixes and I gotta say, it feels like I’m watching it all alone rather than being part of a viewing party. So thanks again!

    Will check out your re-caps again should you start another series. : )

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    1. dramarian Post author

      Hello Vespa! Thank you very much for your wonderful message. I truly enjoyed watching it with all of you!

      It was truly a disaster. I felt that more than a statement that they wanted to be different from the original MG, it was more of a creativity drought. Like what was happening ugh, they made it look like everything that we’ve enjoyed was just disposable lol

      Even with that said, I also enjoyed the series as much as you did. I’m planning to check that out too since it’s on Netflix! How is it so far?

      Hope to start one soon! 🙂


  9. le_magster

    Thank you so much for the recaps! This was a pretty weird ending but I guess if I had to choose between this and the amnesia subplot, I would choose this 100% 😂

    P.S. I don’t know if you could tell from my comments, but I haven’t actually watched the drama yet… I’ve been way too busy for that 😭 but even though I can’t watch the drama, your recaps are the next best thing 🙂 I’ve had fun reading them during my breaks. Thank you for your hard work, and for letting me live vicariously through you!

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    1. dramarian Post author

      Thank you so much for reading as well! That makes sense haha!

      Woah, you’re good because I couldn’t tell that at all! Aww thank you again, that’s really sweet. Hope that by this time you’re at least able to watch it? 🙂 I had fun writing it and talking to you guys too so I guess my hard work paid off! Thank you again, lovely! Hope we can get to chat here again!

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  10. Anissa

    I am so happy to see all the feels I am feeling about the last 2 episodes. My teenage daughter got me hooked on this show at episode 21. We literally binged the rest over a 5 day period. We bawled our eyes out for some of them. For a couple that left me so incredibly frustrated at times, and went through so much to be able to finally be together….its really like they had absolutely no clue as to which direction to go. I could have written a better ending. And I’m not a writer. We were both so angry…confused and disappointed that we took allllllll that time, and energy staying up until almost 3am some nights….for that. WTF?!?!?! No parents…a stupid song and dance. Of course she was confused!! She was tricked! More than once!!! They deserved soooooooo much more. I even went back.. started at the beginning of the series and watched the entire thing. I absolutely loved this show. I have never been into this kind of show before. I compare all of them to this show. Great chemistry, great acting, great looking guys, great story. Ending… sucked. I’ll make my own version in my head. That is all.

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    1. dramarian Post author

      Looking at the bright side, at least we have the rest of the drama that was good enough to replay 🙂 glad that you and your daughter got to bond over this show haha! Thank you for sharing your rants! I totally understand where you’re coming from because that’s what we all felt too!


  11. Meteorgardenfan

    So much rants. Why isn’t shancai organising her own wedding instead of being dumped in a dress she didn’t choose? Why would you have your sister do a sexy dance at your wedding? Why are there no parents and creepy exes in scene? Why is showing someone doing charity work having a random black child being read to on a beach with torches? (WTF? Is this an imagination of what Chinese aid looks like? Don’t get me started on how wrong this scene is on so many levels! Where the hell is this child’s mum? Has this Chinese lady done a Madonna and adopted a Malawi kid?! So many wrong things In this scene) can’t start

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  12. qq

    Hi dramarian ! I find your review blog by googled meteor garden 2018 ‘things’ since me just like all of us been addicted to this drama. Thank you very much for all episodes review that make me smiling when I read it one by one per episode in all night long 😆. I think there’s no one that can express my feeling after watched this drama as same as you wrote in these review ! So whoever you are, thank you for make my day and make me can not even move on from meteor garden 2018..

    Oh, and do you have another China drama reference that worth to watch like this, since I am a k-drama fan and maybe will try to watch c-drama later ? 😊

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    1. dramarian Post author

      Thank you to Google for leading our site to you then! Glad that my posts have made me smile 🙂 knowing that alone already makes me smile.

      If you’re asking for C-dramas that are worth watching, here they are: Eternal Love, Boss and Me, and A Love So Beautiful are my ultimate favorites. If you need more, feel free to ask/tweet me 🙂


  13. no no

    Hi guys,
    I just finished watching the last episode of Meteor Garden 2018:

    Am I the only person who is thinking that they died???

    After they both starved theirselves for days, we see Shancai walking into Daoming Si’s room with her last strength, she goes to him and then collapses. After this sequence we get a really weird dream sequence of their wedding. Of course their are also the scenes where they show Daoming Si’s busyness plan to his mom, and the scene where they are happily married, cooking for their 3 month anniversary, but the scenes are filmed so strange that I thought they could also just be dream sequences of Scancai after she dies.
    Or at least the producers wanted to keep the ending kind of open to the viewers imagination…
    I searched online, but no one has mentioned this interpretation yet… Am I the only one? Or did I got something wrong?
    Because I actually really hoped for a really romantic ending!

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    1. Amy

      That’s actually exactly what I thought, too. I thought that was why the three groomsmen were people that had been important to her, that it was a kind of deathbed fantasy dream as she lay dying in his bedroom there. Although, that doesn’t explain her missing parents. That was just a big mistake no matter how you explain it. I will forever be frustrated with the writers for manipulating the ending away from Huaze Lei, as well. She is always talking about how much Si did for her, but ha also left her homeless and penniless more than once and didn’t even pause to worry. Ok, thanks for this space to let me rant my feelings!

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      1. dramarian Post author

        Oh wow, you guys have such interesting perspectives! I’m amazed 😮 it will forever be a disappointing ending, and Lei never really had a decent ending no matter what the version is (although I’m still watching BOF). Thanks to you for sharing your feelings as well! Always welcome!


    2. dramarian Post author

      My mind is nothing but blown right now. I’ve always believed that no one is right or wrong when understanding/interpreting a story. I have shared this comment of yours on Twitter to see if someone else thought of the same things as you did! I should remember to update you if I’ll be having any leads 😉 again, thank you very much for sharing these thoughts. They’re mind-blowingly good!


    3. Aya

      So glad you said it! I also thought they both died (after the hunger strike) and that the dream sequence and following scenes were representative of the future we all wanted for them.

      So glad I found this post! I just finished the series yesterday and am still upset over the ending!

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  14. Ama

    Hi !
    Weird episode, I guess everyone agree on that…
    I think the comment of no no just before could make sens by the way. I didnt think of that before but well, maybe that could be a fair explanation.
    Also. Does anyone understood why there is 50 episodes in China and 49 on Netflix though ? Did Netflix cut some scenes ? Or just changed the length of every single episode so that there are 49 total ? I tried to compare the last episode with the ones I found on chinese streaming website but the 50th starts exactly at the same time than the 49th… I just dont get it, I feel like I missed an important information :l

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    1. dramarian Post author

      True! No no had such unique thoughts but they actually make sense. 49 is the regular number of episodes. 50th isn’t a real episode, it was just a special episode containing behind-the-scenes footages and other never-before-seen clips.

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      1. no no

        I am so happy you have created a platform, where we can all share our thoughts!:)
        Btw. has someone seen the original Meteor Garden from 2001? And do you guys have recommendations for similar shows on Netflix? I’ve really liked “Love O2O” and “Accidentally in love”.

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  15. Ama

    Oh and I forget to mention. In the end will Daoming Si really wait for 5 years ?! I mean, Shancai and Xiaoyou were speaking about sex at a point being a “natural thing” and stuff, the other F4 were also curious about that… I thought (and kinda hoped haha) a scene would put an end to this question ^^”

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    1. dramarian Post author

      He will definitely have a hard time but I’m sure that he’s willing to wait for the love of his life! Hoped they had a scene for that but it was pretty impossible given that the ending was already becoming a train-wreck lol


  16. Emo Lee

    I actually came to read this to find out if the show was even worth finishing because I’m on episode 21 rn and I just don’t like Daoming Si. He’s manipulative and controlling and high key abusive and a couple of sweet acts don’t change that he keeps trying to control and belittle Sanchai and Lei is over there perfect and sweet and obviously still into her and she liked him but then she just doesn’t?? For the guy who continuously treats her like crap?? It’s unrealistic and I’m glad I read this so I don’t spend more of my time finishing the series I’m just gonna start another show tbh

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    1. dramarian Post author

      Different strokes for different folks! He was indeed everything that you said but I don’t think it was unrealistic for Shancai to fall for him and ignore someone like Lei. It’s pretty realistic actually! Moving that aside, it’s great that my review has helped you decide whether to continue watching the drama or not.


    2. no no

      When I started to watch this show I was so confused about the images of women and men the show promotes and produces, and that did not changed through watching the show till the end. In a lot of asian shows they produce female role models that are really unfamiliar to me. I was a bit thrown of by the helpless, clumsy, naive and passive image of women, the show portraits, but then I did a little bit of research and now I think it is a cultural thing, that I, as a European female, do not understand very well. I think in China it is/was a trend to act that way as a female, so men think you are cute and want to protect you, but it is just an act, the women are not really that helpless. Comment if I am wrong or if you have other thoughts! I might be wrong, but I am curious how different countries produce female images.

      Liked by 1 person

  17. JR

    I cried. I laughed. I got angry. Such an emotional roller coaster through the whole season.

    Yea, we stayed till the end and expected that maybe Si mom would breakdown and finally submit to their love and ask for forgiveness.

    Or that big extravagant wedding where she’s walks down the aisle by her dad and everyone is gathered with then flashbacks while walking down the aisle to Si. Or maybe even Lei playing a song to her walking to Si.

    While Shancai’s parents are happy And filled with tears. And Ms Yu too.

    It was hard to accept the ending but I just gave in and let my emotions run with it at the end while I was reminiscing on My own flashbacks at the end when they were all singing together.

    Anyways, thank you for the feels throughout it all!

    Liked by 1 person


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