This blog was created by Kate on 17 April 2015 and was originally a place where she throws out all her thoughts about dramas, movies and variety shows. On 26th July 2015, Marian joined the team and from then on, they started on a quest to spread the love for c-entertainment together.

The name ‘Skimmed Milk’ was born when Kate started commenting on other drama blogs. Kate was a shy reader and didn’t dare to comment at first. When she started commenting, she had random names like ‘heypancakes’ and ‘frieddough’ but eventually, skimmed milk stuck and tadaa, skimmedmilkdrama is born!

Email us at skimmedmilkdrama@gmail.com if you have any queries 🙂
Hello everyone 😀
I mainly watch Taiwan and Chinese dramas, with a few Korean, Hongkong and Japanese dramas thrown in occasionally. I understand Chinese and much prefer watching dramas and variety shows in chinese so I don’t have to rely on subs. Check out my profile feed at MyDramaList to find out what I’m watching currently and my thoughts on it. It’s updated almost every time I watch something 😀

I do read online chinese novels too occasionally, but at a very slow pace because Chinese is not my first language.

I’m really glad to see you here, do leave a comment! It warms my heart (and pleasantly surprise me) when I know people are reading my blog 🙂
Hi everyone! I’m Marian, I live in a country where people are mostly fans of Hollywood and Korean entertainment so it’s actually difficult for me to find people I can share my love for Taiwanese and Chinese entertainment with. Good thing I met Kate and she invited me to blog with her about our passion 😀

My first taste of drama was back in 2003 but it was only in 2014 when I fell deeply in love living in dramaland. I mostly watch Taiwanese and Chinese dramas, and Japanese dramas sometimes. I’m also an avid fan of movies in general and anything that has to do with my favorite stars actually!

Kate and I may be busy in real life but we’ll still definitely keep you updated from time to time so we hope you can support us! 😀

16 thoughts on “About

  1. asianbolt

    Hi, SkimmedMilkDrama! I’m a new kid on the block, too! Started around the time you have! And I’m gonna write important exams too, though, in 2017! But the prep has already begun and I’m neck-deep in the tremendous competition around me!
    I first saw your comment in Ninja Reflection. And though I didn’t really comment anything in your site, I did pay a visit once and checked it out! Let me say that you have a nice blog!
    Asian Cult is not my first blog, as I already had one in Blogspot. But that blog is more for downloading books and stuff like that! http://thehomeofbooks.blogspot.in/ You can check it out, if you want to!
    Anyways, I know how much of stress being a first-time blogger is! So, all the best for your future real- world life as well as the virtual one!


  2. skimmedmilkdrama Post author

    Hi! I know what you mean, the competition is crazy but I’m sure we’ll all pull through! Thank you for the compliment and I did put quite a bit of effort in this blog hehe (even though I might be really laggy in updates…). I checked your first blog out and wow, it seems to be pretty useful. Maybe I’ll finally get around to reading Hunger Games haha. That blog seems like a lot of work, and I’ll definitely share it with my friends who want to download ebooks 🙂 Thank you for the comment and encouragement, it means a lot. All the best to you as well!


  3. Jasmine Koh

    Hello! I am Jasmine, writing from Viki.com – a global TV site where millions of people discover, watch and subtitle global primetime shows and movies in more than 200 languages. No worries if you don’t know us, I’ll be glad to explain more!

    I came across your blog online and saw that you’ve been writing a lot of reviews on Chinese content!
    As Viki also has a huge range of Chinese content available, I’d love to talk more in depth about a partnership between us.
    If you’re interested please do drop me an email at jasmine@viki.com?

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  4. Sarah

    Hi, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your efforts translating Counterattack into English! I love being able to read the original novel, it’s much more fleshed out than the web series was and I’m falling in love with these characters all over again! I hope you can continue translating the entire novel into English, I know many others and I would all enjoy it so much.
    By the way, I am wondering how you learned Chinese so well and how long did it take you to become so good that you can read entire novels?
    Thanks for all your hard work 🙂


    1. Kate - skimmedmilkdrama Post author

      Hi there, thanks for the comment. It warms my heart 🙂 I’ll definitely continue translating the series, even if it might not be as fast as readers would like :p I actually learnt mandarin since young as it’s my mother tongue. I can understand, speak, read and write in Chinese decently but I still struggle for novels like Counter Attack because of the frequent usage of Beijing slangs which I don’t understand. Nothing a search can’t solve though 🙂 You’re welcome and I’ll continue working hard for readers like you 🙂


  5. matchalemon

    Hey there! Just discovered your blog and think it’s awesome how active you are and your blog is so organized and pretty. I’ve been learning Mandarin for around 2 years now but are there any tips or learning styles you found super helpful? Thanks ❤


  6. Marzipan

    I’m so happy you’re recapping Meteor Garden 2018! The snippets are keeping me happy as I wait impatiently for Netflix to post new episodes…


  7. Carol Powell

    Thank you! I just finished watching “All Out of Love”. I was thrilled to find your English translations of 13 chapters the book “Liang Sheng, can we not be sad?”. Your translations helped me understand the story better. Have the rest of the chapters been translated.



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