Blog Roll

Here are some of the blogs that I visit on a daily basis 🙂

1. A Koala’s Playground

Check out for: Entertainment news update; K-drama recaps

  • Updated entertainment news (mainly Korean and occasionally Taiwanese/Chinese/Japanese)
  • Multiple posts daily
  • Wonderful and efficient drama recaps (usually one on-going k-drama at a time)
  • Translation for chinese novels such as Da Mo Yao (Ballad of the Desert) and Yun Zhong Ge (Song in the Clouds)

2. Cfensi

Check out for: Chinese entertainment news update

  • Hub for chinese entertainment news, ranging from drama to music to artistes
  • Lovely features such as Weibo Wednesday (my fav!), Music Monday and Photoshoot Friday

3. Ninja Reflection

Check out for: Ongoing drama recaps/summary

  • Good mix of Taiwanese, Korean, Japanese and Chinese drama recaps
  • Informative features such as Ninja Drools (recipes for drama’s food) and Friday Drama Round-up

4. Drama For Real

Check out for: Chinese/Hongkong/Taiwanese drama recapFilm & Drama Review

  • Efficient recaps of chinese language dramas
  • Review of films and dramas (including korean and japanese productions)

And these are other blogs that I visit occasionally:

C-Drama Devotee Frequent chinese entertainment news update, Variety show recaps
Lil’ Bliss
Chinese novels translation blog
My Drama Tea – Good mixture of all types of drama, with many rarely discussed drama (such as Legend of Zhen Huan, one of my faves!)
Obsessions of Line – Taiwan drama-based blog, with Jasper Liu as bias
Suteki Da Ne – Chinese novel translation & manga reviews
The Asian Cult – All things Asian, discussing both books and dramas, with the occasional bollywood update
Thoughts Ramble – Well mix of drama recaps, especially from Taiwan and Korea
Celebs Fashion Style – Greater Chinese stars’ coverage of their fashion especially on the red carpet. They also have an Instagram account to satisfy your daily fashion cravings 😉
A Virtual Voyage – Frequent chinese entertainment news update (their bulletins and chat stations are fun to read!), OST and raw drama download links are available here too
Wuxia Rocks – Just like the name suggests, lots of Wuxia! News, reviews, and recaps which aren’t really easy to find anywhere else.
Bedrock Games – Gaming blog that often talks about Wuxia from a gaming point of view
Plum Blossoms Petals – All about Ancient Chinese/Wuxia, with Hu Ge as main bias
Wuxia Edge – All about Wuxia RPG series (reviews, recaps, recommendations, and more!)
Drama Noona – Every K-drama/K-pop fan’s haven where reviews and ramblings (with much passion!) can be read
HK-Korean Drama Island – For your Hong Kong, Wuxia, and Korean drama recapping needs!
Novi Translation – Chinese novel translations


Also, check out the Chinese and Taiwan drama tumblr account run by our very own Marian at MarianWatchesDramas!

Leave a comment if you want to be linked up here! It would be nice to describe the type of your blog in a sentence so I can include it. It would be my honour if you could link me on your blog as well 🙂

7 thoughts on “Blog Roll

  1. Lovely

    Hi skimmedmilkdrama, I want you a favor.
    I really want to watch jerry yan drama, because love, but I couldnt find any subtitle in english for its drama. Can you give me a link for english subtitle?


  2. MLKY_Coconut

    Hi Kate, love your site! Do you still accepts requests for your blogroll? I just started blogging about C-Dramas about a year ago but my love for C-Dramas expands over a decade!

    Thanks and please stay safe during these turbulent times!



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