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5 Years On: Remembering Kimi Qiao Ren Liang

It has been five years. Time flies.

Today, I’ll share a clip of the last reality show Kimi filmed.

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[ANNOUNCEMENT]: Discontinuing Count Your Lucky Stars Recaps

It’s great to be back here after burying myself with school and work. I’ve been deciding on this matter all this time but I guess the title says it all.

The OC in me is quite disappointed that I will not continue to recap Jerry Yan’s drama despite swearing that I would since his My Best Ex-Boyfriend days.

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We’re now on!

Just putting this photo of Darren Chen as a clickbait… HAHA!

Writing this post just to inform you all that we’re also on CuriousCat! Re-launched our profile over

there to accommodate requests/questions/anything actually! If you’re too lazy to drop a comment here

or give us a tweet, feel free to ask us here instead 😊 See you there!

Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 6 Review


The development of our main OTP’s love line is just getting stronger and better!

Another fun and great episode! I could not believe that one week of Meteor Garden has already passed. I have been waiting since forever for it to come! Our Ah Si’s getting more and more persistent in pursuing Shancai which made this such a lovely episode to watch. Come join me here in a fun feels adventure!

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Asian Entertainment Streaming Updates – August 14, 2017

Yes, I’m back to drama watching! Just gonna reblog this post so I can pick an on-going kdrama to watch and remind myself to watch The King’s Woman. (As for novel translation… I’m sorry but you might have to wait a bit more…)

Asian Addicts Anonymous

I know. I didn’t do any updates last week because I was on vacation. The first half of the week was spending time with my sister’s family and dealing with horribly sluggish internet. The second half I was watching and recapping dramas which I hope to continue on a more regular basis. Don’t expect any simulcast recaps from me for awhile. I won’t apologize for that. It can be really hard sometimes.

Okay, so let’s get on to the new releases in anime, Asian dramas, and Asian movies. YouTube updates to come when I have the time (I’m going back down to my sister’s again this weekend…sigh).

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Hey guys

Sorry for the disappearance! Real life is in a mess. I’m going on a vacation and there are a million things I’ve yet done. I’ve already completed some of the translation for Liang Sheng, Can We Not Be Laden With Grief but I don’t have time to sort it out and post it up. I’ll hopefully continue amassing it and post it all at once when I’m back from my vacation.

Promo Round-up: Rush to the Dead Summer

Wait, what? It has started airing already!? I’m late to the party again… I swear it was yesterday when I read that it was gonna air in half a month or so… Shall squeeze this into my busy schedule during my hiatus!


Rush to the Dead Summer is a coming-of-age drama starring Chen Xuedong(The Great Wall) as a talented artist who is later swamped with accusations of plagiarism, Zheng Shuang (Love O2O) as his love interest and Bai Jingting (recently seen on well-received variety show Who’s the Murderer?) as his best friend who is not in love with his girlfriend.

The 46 episode drama will begin airing tonight.

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