Count Your Lucky Stars Episode 10 Review

Yay for another favorite episode! I was being expressive about my dislike towards the previous episodes, but this one was a catch!

Favorite Things:

1. Cute apology attempts. Xiaoyou tried so hard to resist her former boss’s charms while he tried to deny that he was apologizing.

In true drama fashion, he may not have sent that sincere text message to her but an apology in person works so much better! Unfortunately and comically, he was still too full of pride to do so.

2. Wen Xi being a kickass second female lead! I loved how she rejected the new editor-in-chief’s “sweet” greeting since they were the only ones in the room anyway. I love her straightforward attitude!

3. Daly and Xingcheng’s friendship. Let me correct that, they seem to be more like brothers than friends! It was so funny when he told Xingcheng that he couldn’t act lazy anymore unlike the times when he was his boss.

We all know that Xingcheng’s eventually going to join that design competition but Daly didn’t know better and was asked to zip his mouth haha!

4. Just colleagues? If my former boss/colleague could be this good-looking and caring, then sign me up! Come on Mu Yang, it’s not like your sworn enemy/ex-BFF would tell you more than that.

My friends and I watched this episode together and we just melted because of this scene.

5. This piggyback ride. Ahh it just never gets old in dramaland! I remember when this scene was leaked and I just wanted to die of jealousy. Xingcheng told Xiaoyou to stop acting cute and that was just the cutest!

This was a pretty long and sweet scene and Xingcheng’s apology was just the cherry on top. Too bad that…

6. Xiaoyou finding out about last night. I would hate myself for not remembering any of the sweet moments that happened to me if I were Xiaoyou! She still looked satisfied though even by just hearing about it (who wouldn’t?!!).

7. Blackmail. This drama might just have the cutest blackmails ever! Who would have ever thought that the word “cute” and “blackmail” could ever be seen together? He had a recording of her dancing while she was drunk and what better way to bribe him was through food!

8. Revelations. Before I go on to my actual point, I just want to say that I can’t wait for Jerry Yan to take on more action roles because of that club fight scene! Okay, enough fangirling now.

We’re finally seeing more of the story unfold with Mu Yang revealing his past to the ladies while intoxicated. It makes so much sense now why Xingcheng’s been very traumatized with designing. This also explains why he has always had a dark cloud above his head ever since episode 1.


1. Lu Yan Zhi. Yup, your resident Lu Yan Zhi hater is back with more hate haha! I felt the secondhand embarrassment for Xiaoyou when Yan Zhi was just spewing all his admiration and confidence in Xiaoyou during a board meeting.

I didn’t think it was a nice move if you wanted to woo her, young man. He didn’t even let her decide on her own and the lady can work hard, okay! What he has done was even more damaging for Xiaoyou because everyone else in the meeting thought it was just unfair treatment when they all had their Master’s degrees.

With just one meh incident for me here, it’s obviously going down in my favorite episodes list! Our leads continue to show us that they have great chemistry despite all the criticisms thrown at them prior to the drama’s airing. Did you like this episode as much as I did? Please let me know!

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