Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 47 Review


We will forever be thankful for this door

The drama continues as we already have a few episodes left (this is third to the last!). This episode just proved that nothing could ever tear our main OTP apart!



F3 is bothered by the current happenings in the Dao Ming household. They are sincerely worried for their friend and the best solution that Lei could think of was to find Shancai to help Ah Si. You are nothing but a genius, Lei!


I am so sure that a lot of people got annoyed because of Xiaozi but again, this girl never bothered me even just a bit. Not sure if it’s because of her acting or only because I already know what’s going to happen… Either way, she was just really in a limbo since she cherishes her friendship with Shancai but she was also willing to marry Ah Si for both herself and their families’ sake.


Shancai could not believe that Lei was making her give up on Ah Si too. My delusional/Lei stan self would have been happy that he did it because he wants her for himself (which will never be true!). However, we all know that he said those words only because he truly cares about them because they are the his most special friends.


And so, Ximen asked Shancai to help them not so she could get her boyfriend back, but really just to save Ah Si’s life.


Since Xiaozi was begging Shancai to help them by talking to Ah Si, she agreed but with one condition: don’t invite her to their wedding since she is already willing to give him to her. Oh the pain in her heart that she must have been feeling at this very moment.bn5bn6bn7bn9bn10

They recreated the famous heart-breaking door scene! Too bad my excitement did not help as this scene did not measure up to how the original version did it. It may be because the context of our OTP’s situation was quite different from the original so let me lay everything out for you to make it easier:


  1. Shancai did everything she could in order to talk to Ah Si with the condition of them conversing with a door in between them. Quoting her words, “Dao Ming Si has always been there to help me. I will be the one to help him this time. I want to see him and I don’t need a reason.”
  2. Shancai and Dao Ming Si were only “test dating” which meant that they were not necessarily together. They were almost reaching their deadline in deciding whether they should be together or not.


  1. Xiaozi was basically begging Shancai to talk to him. Both F3 and Xiaozi were talking it out to her that she should give up on him just to save his life.
  2. They are already engaged here so even though Shancai was acting hostile towards Ah Si, he took her words as his strength. He just knew that Shancai truly loves him because of her supposedly hurtful words and that they will be together no matter what happens.

Perhaps the biggest difference of the two versions was their relationship status. I felt that the 2001 drama was more heartbreaking since we all did not know where their relationship was heading. It looked like it was going to a dead end actually although they also said that they will still definitely be together. This does not mean that I am fully against with it though because I still think that Di Di and Yue Yue acted well here.

If both dramas had a huge difference in terms of this scene, there was also their greatest similarity which was that giving up is never an option for Dao Ming Si. As 2001 Dao Ming Si said, “Why must we give up? If I could give up, I would have done so during the first time that we broke up”. 2018 Dao Ming Si’s version was this, “I never thought of giving up. Not in the past, not now, and definitely not in the future”. This is why our love for this character never wavered as well!

Even though I hoped that it could have measured up even just a bit to the original, I understand how the story was weaved differently and so I let it go (the flashbacks took up the airtime of the supposedly emotional conversation to be honest though).


Shancai was back at her fierce self again and told Mrs. Dao Ming that she was the one who needed sympathy, not her. Go girl!


Like the 2001 version, this is where Zhuang jie is needed the most! Even though her mom already slapped her hard in the face, she went on and defended her precious little brother. Her mom was reminding her of how she helped her by letting her find out the true colors of the man that she was planning to elope with. Zhuang jie then fought back and said that Shancai is better and braver than she was.


She uttered some remarkable lines by saying that she may be a great businesswoman but she does not know how to be a mother. She even said in her lines a little earlier than this that she should have created more children so she could sell more. *Slow claps with standing ovation*. I have said this time and time again but I will still say it anyway, isn’t she just the most amazing sister in dramaland that has ever been created?!


I loved this precious moment between these two siblings. She was asking him to eat dinner because his handsome face might just turn into a skull anytime soon. In classic Dao Ming Si (or should I say Di Di? lol) form, he told his sister that he will still look handsome even if his head will just turn into a skull.


F3 was speculating of what might have happened to the Dao Ming group. Lei’s flashback of Ah Si telling him about a certain secret plan may just lead them to the right direction. It is just really only Lei who could solve everything in this drama… HAHA!

In a nutshell,

  • Zhuang jie never fails to make me want to give her a hug or even a high five for being such an amazing sister. Who would not want to become her sister/brother with how she treats Dao Ming Si (minus the flying kicks and other forms of physical abuse haha!)?
  • The sequence of events is following the last episode of the original drama which is why I knew what was going to happen already.
  • However, for a drama that just has very few episodes left, this episode was pretty much an uneventful one. It’s not necessarily a bad thing because everything that happened here was all crammed into 1/4 of the original drama’s finale. It just drove me crazy back then because so many things were happening at the same time.
  • It made me happy that they recreated the conversation by the door because I believe that it’s one of the most iconic dramatic scenes from the original drama. Although it should not be surprising that I was not touched or felt emotional by it because of my inevitable bias with how the 2001 version did it. Watch it so you can understand why! Please tell me if you liked the 2018 version’s take on it though.
  • Despite the circumstances trying to hold our main OTP back, they remained to be optimistic all the way. This is why I was not worried even a bit because I just knew that they could withstand any obstacles coming along their way. I mean, they have already done it and even gone through worse situations, why should this problem stop them now, right?
  • This is why I am most excited to see how this drama will wrap everything up even though I just never want it to end.

How did you find this episode?


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