Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 42 Review


The happiest and most adorable island castaways

This episode was jam-packed with plot twists that I did not know what to feel anymore. Nevertheless, it was still an enjoyable and exciting episode to watch because it was full of our dearest OTP, Dao Ming Si and Shancai!


We started this episode with Lei probably reflecting about what just happened with Shancai. This is what I was asking for!


By a sudden twist of fate, Dao Ming Si and Shancai woke up in a deserted island!


Dao Ming Feng got angry at Yu Sao for allowing Ah Si to leave the house. She told Yu Sao that he could have just gotten noodles at home. Yu Sao told her Ah Si loses his appetite whenever he’s at home.


The kidnapper called Ah Si’s mom and she got worried sick about his son. Yu Sao was about to faint when all of these were happening.


They were such lucky castaways since they got a bag with a fishing rod, flashlight, lighter, and a bottled water. All that they needed to survive!


I would thank the kidnapper too if he/she was responsible for getting me stuck with someone like Dao Ming Si… HAHA! Kidding aside, Shancai was thankful because she would have already separated ways with Dao Ming Si if they were not kidnapped.


Aww a couple’s milestone!


Shancai was mocking how there would not be any wild animals on the island anyway. Luck was not on their side as they heard some wolves growling.


Ugh they were just so cute and sweet hugging each other tightly! Be still, my heart.


As the night approaches, Dao Ming Si told Shancai to go to sleep while he watches out for any signs of danger. *Sighs*. Where can we ever get someone like him?


Shancai woke up to an excited Dao Ming Si who just caught some fresh squids! Why is he such a squid-fishing expert lol


Shancai told him that if he only knew how popular their grilled squid stall in the fishing village, he would be happy. He told her that he knew because he watched her video. He even made fun of the squid hat that she was wearing haha!


I never expected Dao Ming Si to bring up Lei now that him and Shancai have started to be inseparable. Maybe he was just being anxious too given that he had a huge responsibility to take over his family’s company too. He was just saying how it was Lei that was by Shancai’s side when she was working hard for their food business.


Isn’t this kind of Dao Ming Si just so refreshing to our eyes? This is one of the very few times that he felt inadequate to be the man for Shancai and actually suggesting his own best friend for her. Shancai called him an idiot for saying those things because after telling her that he likes her, he actually had the guts to push her away to another man.


So he easily took his words back and hugged her tightly again. Oh these two just keep making me giddy!


After a long and winding walk in the forest with minor scratches, our stranded couple found out that they weren’t so stranded after all…


Look at this wide-eyed cutie! His face totally says “it wasn’t me!”.


HAHA! Surprise! Your dearest friends actually set everything up!


Xioazi explained how her genius plan came to be. Dao Ming Si wanted to hit her so badly haha!


Dao Ming Si was so angry at everyone but here’s this cutie already asking for his forgiveness *heart eyes*.


Xiaozi suggested that Dao Ming Si and Shancai should get married already. She even said that destination weddings are the trend now so they could actually do it now lol


Aww look at this amazing second male lead, being supportive of his best friend and special pet (referring to Shancai lol).


They could not get married at the moment of course but he swore to the seas that he will always be with Shancai!


His best buddies are with him on this too, of course!


Aww man, no kissing inside the tent? HAHA. Kidding aside, it was just so sweet how he was cuddling her and even saying “I love you” (technically for the first time!).


Ah Si’s mom and even the international news already found out what happened with Ah Si. So much for enjoying their island getaway!


They saw a flock of media people waiting for them by the dock. Lei devised a plan for him to stay with Ah Si while the others could accompany Shancai.


Dao Ming Si protested right away because he didn’t want to be separated from Shancai. He told Lei that he wants his mom and the whole world to see that he’s with her. Aww nothing else could make your heart skip a beat but this boy being proud to show his girl to the world!


Ah Si told him that he’s probably both and that he doesn’t care anymore. Go for it!


By an annoying twist of fate, Dao Ming Si got separated from Shancai because there were just too many people crowding them.


We ended this episode with someone stabbing Dao Ming Si in the abdomen/tummy area of his body… What an ending!

In a nutshell,

  • I ENJOYED THIS DESERTED ISLAND ARC IMMENSELY. I have only seen this arc in the “Hana Yori Dango: Final” (2008 movie) and it was quite boring for me now that I could compare it with this 2018 drama version. Dao Ming Si and Shancai were acting very naturally as a stranded couple. It was even made more fun because it was Monkey Girl and F3 who set everything up.
  • We finally caught a glimpse of Lei of how he felt after being left by Shancai. He seemed to look relieved and happy in a bittersweet way. I guess he never really got the intention of stealing his best friend’s girl but he just did not want her to feel miserable. So if I were to use his logic, I would always be ready to protect and love Shancai even if it meant fighting with my best friend.
  • It was great to see Ah Si’s mother being so caring and worried of his son. She still has some motherly instincts in her after all! I had to mention this because the 2001 version never showed even just a bit of her being motherly to her children.
  • I cannot end this review without talking about this episode’s ending. We can’t just be sleeping on it! After watching this episode, I had to go to sleep (it was almost 2AM already) and when I woke up, it was still the first thing on my mind. I even had to tell my sister that it’s not what I expected since we all knew what happened in the 2nd season of the original drama.
  • DAO MING SI WAS STABBED. THIS IS NOT A DRILL, EVERYONE. I don’t think it was a plot inserted randomly given the crisis that his family’s company was going through. However, the part when he and Shancai were separated  in a sea of media broadcasters felt like too over-the-top for me. Like really? They could have still stayed together and he would still get stabbed. It would have been more dramatic because Shancai would have witnessed everything. Ugh, I really want to be a drama writer sometimes… Haha! That was just a random thought so don’t take it too seriously. I still liked how this episode’s ending happened.

How did you like this episode? Did this episode’s ending shock you too?


11 thoughts on “Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 42 Review

  1. Chrisver

    Thanks for the recaps!
    The stabbing was in the manga. I don’t remember it in any of the previous tv adaptations.
    What this version disappointingly didn’t include were Shancai’s “I don’t need a man to make me happy” response to DMS’s “Lei could make you happier” and the hot kiss that happened after Shancai fell into a pit.
    Anyway, it was a lovely little gesture by DMS when he opened the yogurt drink for Shancai.
    Can’t wait for your next recaps 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      So I’ve heard! Yup, I think it’s the first time that it was ever covered in a TV adaptation. Ohh that would’ve been such a Shancai thing to say although I was already satisfied with how she answered him haha! Omg there was a hot kiss when that happened? Booo wish they did that 😦 I’ve been itching to see another kiss from them haha! That was pretty cute, he did it so quickly and naturally. Thanks to you too, dear! Love reading your insights 🙂


    1. dramarian Post author

      It’s good that we have this trend now! I don’t know if you’ve watched “Autumn’s Concerto” because it has the best portrayal of a tiger mom for me who fits the trend now.


      1. le_magster

        Oh that’s true! I forgot about the mom of Autumn’s Concerto. I watched that before I was conscious of the tiger mom stereotype (actually… possibly before the phrase “tiger mom” even existed?), so I guess I didn’t make the connection back then. But you’re right, she’s the perfect example of a well-rounded, strict Asian mom character.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Zaza

    Even though Xiaozi was a nut for pulling this prank – Interpol had to get involved no less – gotta luv that girl for pulling our leads back together again!

    Seeing them declare their love & solidarity together was heartwarming and made up for the last episode! 🙂

    Best + funniest island castaway theme too.

    Almost passed out when DMS got attacked and had to remember to breathe – ai yah.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      She’s so crazy haha! We all have to thank her for being a nut.

      So true! I really felt how sincere their love for each other was.

      It stands out as a great castaway arc because people don’t really usually make it this funny and unpredictable haha!

      Since I didn’t read the manga, that surprised me too! Well done, drama!



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