Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 41 Review


This is applicable for us who will be suffering since this drama is ending soon…

This episode was so emotional and this is what I have been asking for! Let us all reminisce the pain brought to us by Shancai and Dao Ming Si (mostly from him) in this recap.


Shancai updated Monkey Girl, Ximen, and Meizuo about her status with Dao Ming Si now.


Sooo witty and adorable! Just in case you didn’t get his pun, “lei” means tired in Chinese.


It was the last pound that was left for them after paying the bill in the restaurant. Hua Ze Lei told Shancai that it was a special one because it was the first time that he earned money out of playing music.


My heart was totally melting during these moments. Shancai didn’t expect him to do this sweet gesture since he said that he had to buy something special from that memorable pound.


Dao Ming Si finally wants to eat something. He said that he could get it himself! I just knew where this episode was going to take us just from that line 😉


Before they leave for Shanghai, Lei asked Shancai if she wanted to see Ah Si for the very last time. She told him that there won’t be any use in seeing him when she already saw him anyway. Lei’s reason for asking her was only because he was so concerned with her *tears up*.


We have lost count of the times that Shancai said “thank you” to Lei already. She has never even said it this much with Dao Ming Si who has done way more things for her.


Of course, Dao Ming Si just had to see the two of them hugging. Oh yes, hello drama!


He just always had to ruin everything by inserting the “you’re my pet” line. Lei being Lei… On a serious note, I was so happy that Lei was telling all of these to Shancai. He’s actually capable of expressing his feelings as long as it’s for someone very special to him.


Lei was fiercely protecting Shancai against Ah Si.


Dao Ming Si brought out the promise card to make Shancai stay.


Lei told him that if he cannot fulfill his promise to her, then he shouldn’t just make her expect anything.


The promise was to eat hot pot together! I knew they were going to go back to this deal ever since they made this plan in the previous episode.


I was expecting a more somber facial expression from Lei after everything that he has said to her and how he was subtly showing how he wanted her to leave with him.


Let’s just all enjoy these two being so cute and natural while strolling and having fun in the streets of London!


His look of love at her just never fails to make me swoon!


Such an ideal date *sighs*.


Remember how I kept talking in my previous recaps that I want the bracelet to have a dramatic significance to the story? Well, I don’t think they wanted to pitch in my idea as they have totally lost the bracelet. Like come on, that bracelet would have been so perfect to make our tears continuously fall once we get to the a_ _ _ _ _ a arc haha!


Shancai told him that maybe she would have to return the meteor necklace that he gave her. Dao Ming Si instantly said no to her and told her that she should never return everything that he gave her before.


The 2001 drama of the same name never even mentioned its title in all of those 27 episodes. Nope, not even in its (horrible) second season which had 31 episodes. That’s why I found it funny that it was made into an RPG game gift of Dao Ming Si to Shancai in this version.


2001 Shancai’s mom meets thee 2018 counterparts of her daughter and son-in-law haha!


Finally, they will be fulfilling their promise to each other and get some hot pot!


Ms. Yue (2001 Shancai’s mom) told them that maybe she can treat them next time. Shancai told her that there’s no next time just like how Dao Ming Si once told her before that “Sometimes, there are no next times”.


Here comes my favorite emotional scene in this episode! Dao Ming Si was telling Shancai how he never really cared about anything before. From knowing the perfect weather for a date, if someone misses or cares about him, and many more. None of these really mattered to him until he met Shancai.


This just broke me into pieces. Amazing lines, acting, and story, MG2018 team! We never got this kind of dramatic line from the 2001 version so my dramasochistic heart was satisfied.



Shancai told Dao Ming Si that it was so unlike him to be that emotional and saying all of those things. So she asked him to go back to the way he was before: the cool and arrogant Dao Ming Si.


Dao Ming Si told Ms. Yue that it was Shancai who made the special noodles that he requested for Ms. Yue to make in her restaurant.


After tasting Shancai’s version of the noodles, Ms. Yue told them that aside from its usual sweet and spicy taste, there are also hints of sourness and bitterness. He told them that maybe it was how he was remembered by Shancai.


He then asked Ms. Yue to stop selling the noodles to reduce the pain that he feels. He told her that he was going to leave Shancai after this day already. So dramatic!


More drama! Everything’s just so sad.


They decided to part ways in London Bridge…


They couldn’t stand being separated that just a minute or less of being away from each other, they dramatically ran into each other’s arms. Unfortunately, a hooded stranger had to cut the reunion short to add more drama. What could be happening next?!

In a nutshell,

  • Of course I was more than happy to see Shancai and Dao Ming Si being reunited. but I also wanted to know more about how Lei felt when Shancai went back to Ah Si. After expressing his feelings towards Shancai, we all deserved to know his feelings after!
  • I could already feel this drama ending really soon and my emotions are just all over the places.
  • When Dao Ming Si and Shancai were having hot pot together, I just loved how Dao Ming Si’s character development of being an immature boy to a wiser and more mature one was highlighted there. For him to credit everything to Shancai just truly melted my heart.
  • I loved how dramatic everything was in this episode. From how Shancai slowly walked to the car and attempted to leave Ah Si, how there are “no next times” anymore during their final date, up to the last scene when Dao Ming Si was zapped and Shancai fainted.
  • It’s funny how I feel like how the things that I want to say for each episode becomes lesser as the ending approaches nearer. These emotions of sadness, happiness, separation anxiety, nostalgia, and more are probably overwhelming me and thus, making me speechless.

Oh well, I will still be here watching and writing no matter how many delaying tactics I use to avoid this drama ending lol. So what did you think of this episode?


18 thoughts on “Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 41 Review

  1. dramamama

    Hi Dramarian!

    I cried the most in this episode. Dao Ming Si’s happy-sad face just guts me everytime, and Shancai trying to hold it in also makes my tears well up. I cried watching the episode, and I shed tears again while reading your recap. Really love the way these two did the hotpot scene that I will probably never look at a hotpot the same way again. I also appreciate the metaphor they used – like how they likened the 8 Treasure noodles to Shancai’s memory of Dao Ming Si – sweet, spicy, with a bit of sourness and bitterness. This is truly very meaningful considering how Shan Cai was inspired to create this dish in the first place.

    Lei is just wonderful – always being there for our main otp although he probably feels torn as well. It is very hard to share the limelight with someone like Dylan playing the role of Dao Ming Si but Darren is the perfect actor to play Lei. With his sweet smile and caring eyes, he is the calm to Dylan’s storm in Shan Cai’s life.

    Again, thanks so much for your recaps. I always look forward to reading your take on the different episodes. And yes, I also share your panic – the series is ending! What to do now?!

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    1. dramarian Post author

      I think a lot of people cried and felt the most emotions because of this episode. It was a great metaphor and how Dao Ming Si said that it was the memory that he gave to Shancai in a bittersweet manner,

      Lei might not show it to the viewers but we just all know how he was definitely struggling inside. I don’t think either Darren or Dylan is overpowering each other as they’re both so perfect in my eyes… haha! He is like the umbrella or the sunshine in Shancai’s life when Dao Ming Si becomes a storm or the rain in her life.

      I love how you never fail to say thank you. I feel like I don’t really do much but your gratefulness never fails to warm my heart. So thank you too! Right? Where do we get oxygen now?!! HAHA


  2. itstwons

    Another one of the best episodes, really. My heart felt really full, satisfied and heavy at the same time (though I have to admit the tasing thing was a little anti-climactic HAHA!).

    1. Another Lei-Shan Cai-Ah Si drama at the start! I can never really tell what Lei is thinking. After his (very casual) declaration of love to Shan Cai in the previous episode, I expected him to show a bit more devastation when Shan Cai got out of the cab. But then I guess that’s Lei for you huhu. Always supporting our main OTP while putting aside his own feelings. :c

    2. I usually have so many random thoughts whenever I watch series but I will just say: female cab driver! Awesome! I wonder how awkward it must have been for her to watch all this drama unfold (and without subtitles, THE HORROR) HAHA!

    3. The perfect date! They were super cute this whole episode. You can see the love in their eyes, but you also get a bittersweet feeling knowing that they only have one day left to spend together. Everything was perfect; I have nothing left to say. They even topped it off with the ‘Meteor Garden’ scene HAHA (I’m glad you pointed that out!). Random thought: I couldn’t help but think that I was watching another one of those DyShen BTS videos HAHAHAHAHA ugh.

    4. I loved everything about the hotpot scene. I totally agree with you: amazing dialogue and acting from both of them. I really loved how they were holding nothing back in this scene; they just told each other exactly how and what they felt (finally!). I guess my favorite part here is how they reminisced and acted like their immature selves while laughing and crying. Intense heartstrings tugging! Another random thought: I love how they kept referencing to previous episodes here – the Eight Treasure Spicy Noodles, the hotpot promise, the iconic DMS “if apologies worked” quote. Sigh. Why did it have to end?! 😦

    5. The London Bridge! The way they separated here was so heart wrenching; telling each other that the other should walk away first. I liked how Shan Cai was the first to call out to Ah Si here: throughout the series, it was mostly him reaching out to her. It’s satisfying how they’re balancing each other’s efforts now; just like what Shan Cai said before. Can’t wait for the next episode!! But before that, another random thought: Funny how Ah Si was singing here haha, what a cutie.

    Here’s to more drama and more delaying tactics before the end! 😦 Awesome recap (and screenshots), btw!

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    1. dramarian Post author

      The tasing was pretty random and I didn’t really feel much when it happened haha!

      1. Right?!! I was expecting him to show more emotions or that the drama focused (even just for a while) on how he was feeling 😦 I agree, I’d like to think that he just tried so hard to keep everything to himself huhu

      2. Noticed that too haha so cool! I wonder if she knew what she was going into lol

      3. They were just so perfect! It didn’t look like they were acting at all when they were strolling around. I felt like I was intruding in their date haha

      4. That was painstakingly beautiful. I’m so proud of this version for having such a scene! That’s so true, I felt like it was a small tribute for the fans who have been watching the drama from start and until now (up to the end!)

      5. Yeah omg nice that you pointed it out! That’s how it should be now, Shancai compensating for all the times that DMS was the only one reaching out to her. Dao Ming Si singing was like Dylan singing and being annoyingly cute in real life haha!

      Yes, if only we could have more delaying tactics! Thank you so much, dear! Love your insights 🙂


  3. Eliana

    I LOVE this episode but I also hate it coz it made me cry SO much! But then I had to rewatch it just to cry again. Does it make sense? And yes, i’m having separation anxiety too. I can’t wait for the next few episodes but I also don’t want it to end.

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  4. vespa

    This episode was so emotional. That hotpot scene. I agree with Dramamama, your stills capture it, I felt like crying (I don’t cry) but almost did while watching it, then caught my breath at the stills. This scene is so sad and they are putting on this facade that’s so cracked. Dylan and Shen do a fantastic job here.
    Yes you are right, so glad they highlight how much Shancai has changed him. So cute that she asks him to revert to his old self as well as she loves all sides to him.

    I don’t know what it’s going to be like when it ends. *sniff sniff*.

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    1. dramarian Post author

      I always love an emotional episode haha! It’s so nice that a drama like this and specifically this episode could make someone like you feel like crying. Their acting was so amazing here! She has definitely learned to love all sides of him now *tears up*.

      Same, I’m still in denial…


  5. Dee

    I’m so glad you mentioned how horrible Meteor Garden 2 was. I thought that I was the only one! I always see posts about how people loved Meteor Garden (2001) and how it brings back their childhood, etc. But no one talks about how horrible the second one was. SPOILER ALERTS AHEAD: I thought that the amnesia plot line would resolve itself quickly. It didn’t. Not only did it last the majority of the season, but he picks the other girl over Shan Cai when he gets his memory back! REALLY?! Even if he supposedly fell in love with this other girl who only had so long to live, the fact that he chose to travel with her instead of being with Shan Cai and apologizing for everything he put her through really made me turn on him. The whole purpose of Meteor Garden is the love story between the two main characters, not how they have romances with other people and are living seperate lives! Meteor Garden 2 was a total mess. I was so upset with Shan Cai when she ended up accepting Si when he comes back after the other girl dies.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      I could not go on without mentioning that horrible drama. That’s how bad it was, people got selective amnesia and chose not to talk about it anymore. Haha! Although I have to say, it was such a realistic situation. My friend on Twitter had a discussion about how the plot was not ideal in dramaland but in reality, it’s pretty challenging to regain your feelings when you’ve lost your memories. Ye Sha became a part of the new Dao Ming Si’s comfort zone. But yes, I really thought that the amnesia back then wouldn’t last the whole season. CRAZY. I don’t remember her dying though, did she? I just knew that she was already happy with her life when Ah Si decided to be with Shancai. I must admit that I’m not all hate with the drama though because the epic scene when Shancai confronted Ah Si about his lost memories just never fails to get me. I would cry every single time… *sighs*


  6. Zaza

    This episode nearly did me in. It was incredible acting by DyShen and felt so real. My SO had to comfort me as I watched these scenes because he saw I was tearing up big time. To feel better post viewing, I had to have some nutella chocolate to cheer me up, lol.

    Agree with everyone – will studiously bypass earlier MG2 – as it was universally panned.

    Been watching the 2001 MG concurrently with this 2018 version – and I have to say that Barbie Hsu + Jerry Yan are awesome!

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    1. dramarian Post author

      They were amazing in this episode! Aww you’re so cute!

      With the disaster that MG2 was, I think it’s relatively easy to surpass the drama now haha!

      I’ve been doing the same just because I always rewatch that drama haha! Love those two forever huhu


  7. Mei

    This episode is my favorite of the entire drama! Oh my God, so much drama and such superb acting from DyShen. I cried through most of it and totally agree that Dylan’s portrayal really matured here, in his facial expressions and the way he delivered his lines. Their chemistry is so solid and I loved every minute of it. This episode was perfect. From Lei’s letting go, to Shancai’s determination, to the best date ever, to the tears around hotpot. My God and the bridge scene. Sigh. I don’t want it to end!!! It’s 2:30 am here and I can’t sleep! I’m going to miss the drama and coming to this site to read and share 😭

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    1. dramarian Post author

      Such an amazing episode, right? Still can’t believe that it has actually ended already. I don’t know what to feel anymore 😦 aww will definitely miss you and your lovely thoughts!


  8. Rindu

    my fave episode in the whole series ❤❤❤
    we witness how daomingsi transform from a brat/bad boy toward a mature man ❤❤❤
    quote: my dramasochistic heart was satisfied 😁

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  9. Maan

    I watched this episode last night and was crying the whole time. The hotpot scene will be my fave forever. Agree with all of the above comments. I thought I was the only one who cried while reading your recaps. I appreciate them so much!

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