Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 40 Review


It was only just a dream. We didn’t really see much of these two in this episode.

As much as I love seeing Dao Ming Si and Shancai together, my heart was still beyond happy to see Hua Ze Lei being there for Shancai. If you are a Hua Ze Lei fan like me, then you will most likely love this episode as much as I do!


Through Thomas’ help, Shancai found the Dao Mings’ mansion. Yu Sao was there to welcome her and lead her to Dao Ming Si.


Unfortunately, Dao Ming Si wasn’t very welcoming to her which she didn’t expect at all.


He had to suddenly take a 360 degree character change…


As always, Shen Yue cried so beautifully in this scene. She could not believe that Dao Ming Si was pushing her away. It would be the last reaction that she expected from him after flying from Shanghai to London alone.


As expected, Dao Ming Si had to do it because of his mom.


*tears up*


After being comforted by Thomas, there was a Prince Charming waiting for her. Look at how cute Lei is aaaahhh!


It turns out that Dao Ming Si had to sacrifice his relationship with Shancai in order to save the Dao Ming Group from being bankrupt. He really is the poorest Dao Ming Si/Domyouji out of all the versions. It suddenly reminded me of Dylan Wang’s funny answer when he was asked what his opinion was regarding this lol


Shancai had a picturesque dream that Dao Ming Si took back everything that he said and that they ended up reuniting in each other’s arms. *Sighs*.


What a nice view to wake up to! Shancai was apparently sleeping for 12 hours, a major sign that she’s totally heartbroken.


Lei gave her a phone being the sweet and caring friend that he is.


She thanks him for everything that he has done for her especially now that she’s having tough times in a foreign country.


I really feel bad for Shancai because all she ever wanted was for her and Dao Ming Si to live life as an ordinary couple.


I know I have said this again and again but Hua Ze Lei is really the best second male lead to exist in dramaland 😥


Shancai asked him why he went to London. He’s just always concerned about her 😥 and sadly, it’s not a two-way street.


He’s taking her out so they could make use of their time to have fun instead!


Dao Ming Si’s just stuck in his bed and basically hating his existence.


He said that he misses Shancai so much 😦


Back in Shanghai, Ximen thanks Xiaoyou for everything that she has done for him. He also likes her haircut!


Lei treated Thomas and his friends (lol it’s the animated TV series haha!) to an expensive dinner. He did this to thank them for taking care of Shancai when he wasn’t there.


I love him for casually saying that he likes her. Ugh.


If you remember episode 7, Shancai got so drunk that she thought Thomas was Lei when he was playing the piano. This was my favorite scene from this episode and I loved how Shancai was feeling awkward talking about it.


Oh you guys, please don’t do this to my fragile heart. You’re doing this just because Dao Ming Si is currently missing in action. You know what they say, out of sight, out of mind!


Even though Shancai didn’t answer them properly, they all still went on and cheered for her happiness. Aww such gentlemen!


Lei lost his wallet when he was buying ice cream for Shancai before going to this restaurant. Since no one else had enough money to pay for their bill, they thought of a great solution…


They all played in a band with Hua Ze Lei playing his violin so charmingly. It took me a few seconds before the chorus to realize what they were playing. It was none other than the ever-popular “Meteor Garden” theme, “Qing Fei De Yi”. The start of this episode may have been full of sadness and heartaches but at least this scene was full of happiness, fun, and nostalgia!

In a nutshell,

  • I’m so happy that Ximen had a change of heart regarding Xiaoyou. He doesn’t push her away anymore yay!
  • As much as I was feeling sad for Shancai and Dao Ming Si, I got to quickly move on thanks to my dearest Hua Ze Lei following them to London. He is just everything! Shancai’s beyond lucky to have someone like him in her life because he can be considered as her constant when things don’t go right with Dao Ming Si.
  • This episode just showed how great of a friend Hua Ze Lei is. Even though he was bringing in so much happiness here, I could not help but feel sadness for him. We all know that Shancai’s not going to choose him but I just really hope the best for him.
  • I wonder how Lei’s going to be once Dao Ming Si gets to break free from his mom’s shackles. Speaking of Dao Ming Si, I wonder how he’s going to fight his mom for his love. I am so curious about so many things and it only means one thing: time to keep watching!

What did you think of this episode? Do you have a Hua Ze Lei syndrome like I do? If not, it’s okay because I love both Lei and Ah Si haha!


10 thoughts on “Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 40 Review

  1. vespa

    Again thanks for guiding us through this series. I was sooooo shocked with the way Dao Ming Si’s reacted to Shancai’s visit. I felt so bad for her. He put on such a stern face. Even if it was for the threatened bankruptcy of the company, it seemed extreme. What would I know, I’ve never run a company.
    Thank goodness for Lei’s appearance, he’s just so beautiful. You are right though, he’s so concerned about her but she’s not really for him (as a friend I mean). I love the subtle inflexions in his face, and the humour with just the tiniest of smiles. He’s such an unfazed constant in her life, she’s so lucky, so is Si. Yep I’d like to join the fan club. : )
    Oh and what did Dylan Wang say about this being the poorest Dao Ming Si, please? Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      You’re welcome! 🙂 Thank you so much for always dropping by here too. That was really some great acting for him because it worked so effectively for Shancai lol

      Your descriptions about Lei are so on point. “Unfazed constant” is the perfect way to describe how he is to Shancai. We all need a Hua Ze Lei in our lives *sighs*.

      He wittingly said, that’s why this Dao Ming Si had to chase after Shancai for more episodes compared to the 2001 version. HAHA! Love him and his witty answers.


  2. Zaza

    Echo, thanks lots for the great epi guide thus far, Ms. Dramarian! Literally froze when DMS was so cold to Shancai. Musical scene at the end of this episode lifted my spirits. HZL rocks as the best second lead of any Asian drama / rom com series I’ve caught this year. He indeed is just everything! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      You’re welcome, dearie! I loved his acting there because it felt so real. I would’ve reacted the same as Shancai too. Aww true, Hua Ze Lei is the best!


  3. vespa

    Dylan Wang is a really really good actor, it really got me. So is Shen Yue. One day, but not yet (not ready yet) I’ll watch the 2001 version but in my mind this cast is stand out, i can’t imagine another cast as yet.
    Dylan’s Si is sharp and prickly like a ……., Lei is the perfect opposite and Shancai, yes lots of face palms but that’s part of it, she’ll fight for Si but just can’t express it to him. Even Ximen’s moodiness/coldness and Meizou’s cheeriness.
    So glad we have a place to discuss all of this, Ms Dramarian!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      I think all four did great (especially Dylan and Darren) for me that they have overpowered Shen Yue in this drama. Yeah, I understand. I’m curious as to how you’ll be seeing the 2001 version actually now that you got to watch the 2018 version first.

      I’m glad that I was able to create a discussion thread for everyone here! 🙂


  4. Mei

    Loved your recap, thank you!! I didn’t shed a tear until Daoming Si did, and then I sobbed. I’m pretty sure it’s the first time he cried in the whole series and so poignant with just one tear. His coldness toward her was jarring because even in the beginning, he was arrogant and playing around with her, but not cold. Goes to show how attached I’ve become to the cast.
    I loved the ending and the musical light hearted ness! They really didn’t give us a chance to stay sad. Lei and Thomas stepped in and totally started to make her feel better. Awww I can’t wait to watch the next one !

    Liked by 1 person


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