Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 39 Review


It feels like it because there’s a huge storm that’s coming over…

It’s the start of the 7th week of this drama which only means one thing… We’re nearing towards the end already. Who’s joining us in London for this episode?



Such a cheesy line but since it was Dao Ming Si who said it, it wouldn’t really make you cringe *sighs*.


He told her that Shancai’s the only girl he knows who has the liveliest expressions when eating. Definitely not his mom, Zhuang jie, or Jing. She told him that they would always eat on such a long table that it would be difficult to see each other’s expressions.


She told him that the ideal setting when eating would be like in a Chongqing hot pot.  When they were making this plan,  I was already thinking of the worst scenario that this might actually never happen because I could already feel the storm slowly breezing through…


And yup, I was right! The storm has already poured down a small amount of showers. Dao Ming Si could not use his mobile app to pay for their food and he realized that it was all because of his mom’s doing.


I felt like a proud momma of Shancai when she was saying that this time, she is not going to step back. She will start fighting for Dao Ming Si and their future together! This is my favorite version of Shancai, and not the type to be a martyr in love.


Another date at the arcade! I love how this is one of their go-to date places.


Shancai asked Dao Ming Si if she should prepare lunch for him. This also happened in the 2001 version too with the same lines. See our Twitter for more parallels from the 2001 and 2018 version *shamelessly plugging*.


I can do it, I can do it!


Apparently, there are people aka your bodyguards…


Shancai told him that she can just kiss him next time. He said this cryptic line to prime us of where this story is going to take us…


His line seemed to work and she kissed him right away much to his delight. Look at that charming smile!


Right after kissing, these two lovebirds tapped their bracelets. Of course, you would be thinking of each other!


Just like in the 2001 drama, Dao Ming Si knew that his mom’s bodyguards have been following him around.


He dialed Lei’s number so that him and F3 could know where he’s going to be. It may be such a small detail but I loved how Lei was the one he chose to contact. He really is his best friend *sighs*.


F3 set an emergency meeting with Shancai to update her about Dao Ming Si’s whereabouts.


Like what he told you, “Sometimes there are no next times”…


She said that Dao Ming Si did so much for her which included protecting and loving her. This time, she said that she’s not just going to wait for him. So she will be following him all the way to London. Thank you for realizing these things, Shancai. It’s about time!


Look at Lei acting like a mom to Shancai saying things like “don’t lose your passport, wallet, bag, yourself, etc.” haha! That’s my boy.


2001 Shancai’s mom meets 2018 Shancai! This was the highlight of this episode, to be honest… HAHA! I won’t be saying much for their scenes together because they’re pretty much self-explanatory. This also happened with the ultimate goal of making the 2001 fans nostalgic and happy.


Didn’t you just enjoy these scenes? 😀 They were pretty longer and funnier compared to 2001 Shancai’s mom’s (Ms. Yue) scenes with 2018 Dao Ming Si back in episode 11.


It melted my heart when Shancai said this. It’s kind of true actually… So sorry if I have offended you, Shancai lol

Ms. Yue asked her why she was in London. Shancai told her that she was looking for his boyfriend. Ms. Yue then told her that her boyfriend must be really nice. Unbeknownst to them, they actually both know who this boyfriend is.


Look who’s here! It’s Thomas from episode 7. The pianist whom Shancai allegedly had a “scandal” with. He remains to be a good friend of Shancai and told her that he will help her look for Dao Ming Si.


One of the first things that happened to Shancai when she got to London was having her valuables stolen by thieves pretending to be nice street performers. They got her wallet, phone, and bracelet (omg I need this bracelet to come back please). Such an unfortunate incident for her but I still think that she somehow got lucky because those thieves are actually Thomas’ friends. They might have sold her valuables but at least she knows who the thieves are now and she is even going to live with them. HAHA!


Lei’s concerned that he could not contact Shancai. While Meizuo and Ximen think that she has probably found Ah Si already and that he felt so touched that she followed him there.


Here they are reenacting how their reunion could be like. I love it when they do this even back in the 2001 version. Such silly boys!


Lei thinks otherwise. This boy amazingly has a woman’s intuition. I think his next steps are going to be quite predictable for now.

In a nutshell,

  • I would rather stay here in Shanghai. Thank you very much.
  • When Dao Ming Si said, “Sometimes, there are no next times”, I just knew that something bad’s already coming.
  • With only a week left before this drama ends, I still think this episode was pretty uneventful. I know I will be eating my words because there will be more drama in the next episodes. If that’s the case, my dramasochistic self is still ready despite hesitating to go to London at first haha!
  •  I just loved how Wang Yue (actress who played 2001 Shancai’s mom) made a cameo again. Even though I’m forever bummed that not even one of the main cast also made a cameo, I’m still happy that Wang Yue did. Not to mention that her lines are just so funny! It has truly made the original “Meteor Garden” fans like me truly happy and nostalgic.

What are your thoughts on this episode? Are you the same weirdo as me who hates that they’re there in London but want to cry at the same time?


16 thoughts on “Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 39 Review

  1. le_magster

    Ok this is going to sound nitpicky but… When Dao Ming Si’s payment got rejected, I was pretty confused. In the original, his credit card got rejected, which makes sense since it was probably tied to his mom’s bank account (aka she controlled it and could easily freeze his card). But here, Dao Ming Si is supposed to be a self-made man, so the money is his own. Furthermore, I think he used WeChat Pay or Alipay, both of which are tied to your personal bank account. So I really don’t understand how his mom managed to make his payment invalid…

    I wonder if they’re going to leave out the amnesia plot point? I hope so!! There’s no way you can fit both the kidnapping/house arrest AND the amnesia into one week’s episodes… right? Right?! *starts praying furiously*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      Actually, that was pretty weird. Definitely a minor plot hole!

      Sadly, they won’t @_@ I just hope that it won’t be dragged long since we only have a few episodes left.


    2. dramamama


      I also felt that rejected password was erroneous, to say the least. The credit card should have been the one that was blocked and rejected, not the payment app since it should be individually controlled by him. I do think, however, that the sponsor (Bank of Communications), wouldn’t be too happy about that. Hahaha!

      Liked by 2 people

  2. vespa

    Anyone else jumping up and down when she talked to, let alone made eye contact with strangers in London. Hehehe, one of the first rules I was told. I kept on thinking “Your wallet! Your wallet! Keep it closer! ” *sigh*.
    I really like how they do a nod to all of the original Meteor watching fans here. Very cheeky.
    Oh your recaps are so funny. See a run of pics and then you “I’ll do it, I’ll do it”. and the Lei DMS bromance is the best.
    I think the whole Meteor Garden(s)/Boys over Flowers/ and Manga story line is so good. If they do the humour in the other versions, I’ll be so pleased. It’s just well done.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      I was so concerned for her valuables too! And just like that, her wallet, phone, and the bracelet (I’m mostly concerned about this!!) were gone like the wind.

      Yes, it definitely warms our hearts! If only they could have done more than 2001 Shancai’s mom appearing then it would have been way more epic.

      HAHAHA sometimes I would get confused if I should just seriously talk about what happened, talk about how I feel, or being in the character’s shoes. I learned that having a mix of everything works best lol

      The story line is really good which is why they just keep adapting it haha! the 2001 version was funny and so was HYD but I’m not sure if BOF is. I guess they all do!


  3. Zaza

    That cryptic line by DMS instantly put me on alert that something was definitely amiss. He realized this asap with his bodyguards being not the usual group. Luv how DMS is just so smart! In the military, this trait is called situational awareness. Also felt the same way as others here re: Shancai’s overall cluelessness in protecting her stuff as a foreign traveler in London. Went into full jie jie / elder sis mode when watching this episode, haha. Kept saying to the screen, be careful of your ID + wallet, Shancai!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      I have always found that DMS is a smartypants, especially in this version. Ooohh so that’s what it’s called! Cool 🙂 thank you for that!

      Shancai should’ve known better but I guess she forgot about the essentials as someone who flew to a foreign country just to find her boyfriend haha


  4. Zaza

    Lei is the absolute best friend to Shancai! He’s just a delight whenever he looks out for her and takes care of her. Everyone needs a HZL in their lives. 🙂 His smile is a knock out every time. Have massive second lead syndrome with Lei!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. dramamama

    Hi Dramarian!

    I was also grinning from ear to ear when Shan Cai finally met Ms. Yue. I loved how they referenced an “old TV series” as the origin of Shan Cai’s name and Ms. Yue’s resemblance to the mother of the lead actress. That was a small tribute to old fans =)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      It made me so happy and laugh the whole time! They even kept saying how it was so popular back then. If only they could have made more tributes, everyone would feel extreme happiness haha


  6. Mei

    I loved this episode! Daoming Si was in total control and I loved his phone call to Lei when he knew the bodyguards were there.
    I can’t believe she only kissed him on the cheek though after all this time. It’s like she’s in junior high and has no hormones…..
    Thank you for sharing that Mrs Yue was 2001 mom!! I wouldn’t have known that otherwise!! But isn’t she the Aunty that met with Daoming Si in an earlier episode?
    Did the same thing happen in 2001 with her getting her valuables stolen? Usually I have sympathy in dramas when someone is tricked but I feel like she should’ve known better!
    Anyway, only a few more episodes?? Say it ain’t so 😭

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      Right? Such a tiny detail but it just goes to show how this drama is so onboard with their bromance haha!

      LOL if it were us, that wouldn’t definitely just be on the cheek HAHA but that’s how it happened in the 2001 version as well.

      Yeah! I think it was just really a tribute to the old fans 🙂 yup, she was!

      I don’t remember if it ever happened in 2001 since it was already in the season 2 of the drama. A part of me says that it never did though because that season’s story shifted its focus to unnecessary plot lines lol

      Sadly, yes 😦


  7. Meteorgardenfan

    I liked the episode but I really cringed with the English dubbing – it sounded like they dragged some Eastern Europeans off the street to say the musicians’ lines! What makes it worse is that the actors are actually English…same with when dao Ming si speaks French, surely if he was taught French he could speak it more clearly?? Thomas though speaks English with an English accent – he’s the only one they didn’t dub I reckon!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      Leave it to Chinese drama production/dubbers to butcher the English language… They should not have dubbed them like what you said, they’re already actually English lol he was only taught French for that scene and in real life too, which means that everything that he has worked hard for ended up to be dubbed *facepalms*. Yeah, I don’t think they dubbed Thomas!



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