Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 11 Review


As much as I love you Dylan, I think Jerry is still more handsome than you… Haha!

Dao Ming Si has decided to leave everything behind and went to London. This episode was not really as eventful and exciting as the last few episodes. I need him to be in Shanghai right now!


The Dao Ming matriarch wants to have her son in London.


Ah Si was denying that he has decided to go because of Shancai. He told her sister that even before the Bridge competition, he has already made the decision to go to UK.


I found this funny (well, Ah Si’s childishness is always funny!). He really made it a point to tell Lei when Lei was not even asking. Talk about being so defensive lol.


Shancai confronted Dao Ming Si and got mad at him for not telling her about his plan. Oh man, do you really owe each other anything? Such a confusing relationship dynamic!


Ah Si ordered everything at Frankie’s restaurant (Shancai’s new part-time job) and demanded to see her.


They told him that he should just wait for Shancai to get off work before he could talk to her. Hot-tempered Ah Si was disrespecting Tian Ye so Shancai asked him to leave. His facial expression when he heard that was well done. Anyone would really feel sorry for him.


You really know Shancai well, Li Zhen! Li Zhen even told Shancai what Dao Ming Si told her when she brought him to her house. She could never be Shancai because Shancai would never betray her own heart.


And so Ah Si got a long and strong pinching on his ear from Zhuang jie. Go, sister!


He was really trying hard not to care until Lei whispered some intriguing statements to him…


This scene was just epic! Loved how he was pounding his fists and calling Lei a son of a b*&^%$. What even made it better was Zhuang jie knocking him out so he could shut up. I love this sister – brother pairing!


Shancai was walking around with her deep thoughts aka denying that she could never like someone like Ah Si. Keep convincing yourself, Shancai!


Right after arriving in their London house, he told his sister that he needs to return to Shanghai. His sister wanted to beat him up because their mother ordered her for Ah Si to stay there.


This is definitely foreshadowing Dao Ming Feng’s appearance in 5-7 episodes’ time! As much as you don’t want your mom to control your life, newsflash: it will be one of the most difficult challenges that you will ever encounter.


This made me smile like an idiot because I have always loved this scene ever since in the 2001 version. Thank you for telling him right before he boarded the plane, Lei! He definitely did it on purpose to get back on Ah Si. *Evil laughs*.


Since he misses Shancai so much, he called the restaurant and pretended to be her dad. Aww just please get together already 😦 Too bad Shancai hung up the phone. It was one subtle precious moment when Ah Si did not blame her for doing so since she did not know who he was anyway.


Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s Wang Yue aka Shancai’s mom in the 2001 version! Yay for this cameo from the original cast.


Yes, Dylan. Jerry Yan is handsome! Loved this mini-tribute to the original version. Hope we get to see more!

In a nutshell,

  • Loved that they really showed Dao Ming Si’s life in London. We saw how bored to death he was and how Shancai was just on his mind. In the 2001 version, we just saw him suddenly return from the US.
  • Did you notice how I did not really recap Tian Ye’s arc? Sorry but it just produced ZZzZzzZ… for me. I did not quite get the hype over him (yet?) and I did not want him to steal my Lei and Ah Si’s spotlight. Can they please return it to them right away?
  • Yes, people! That woman Ah Si was talking to was Wang Yue, Shancai’s mom in the 2001 version. It’s like she has never aged! It was our only source of information that Shancai and Dao Ming Si got married when she was referring to a certain son-in-law.  *Happy sighs*.

So what did you think about this episode?


10 thoughts on “Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 11 Review

  1. le_magster

    “I need him to be in Shanghai right now!” – I read this as “I need him to be in Shancai right now!” and had to do a double take LOL. That aside, loved the cameo from Wang Yue!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Liz

    I like the sister-brother dynamic! They are both obnoxious, it’s hilarious! Reminds me of my brothers. No matter how cool they look to their peers, they are no match when big sisters are teasing (or high kicking)! 😏😎

    Liked by 1 person

  3. lol

    ok, i know i probably sound like a complete idiot but how do you know they were dubbing lmao? I only realised some time in ep 12 because the mouthing didn’t match the words lol. Also why would they dub in the first place? Thankss

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    1. dramarian Post author

      No, you’re not! Aside from the mouthing, I have watched Shen Yue in “A Love So Beautiful” where she used her own voice so I know how she really sounds like.

      Reasons for dubbing:
      1. One of China’s regulations is to standardize the language in dramas so everyone can understand. China has so many dialects and accents (e.g. Dylan’s from Sichuan, Yue’s from Hunan, Darren’s from Taiwan, etc.) so dubbing would really help everyone understand what’s going on. Not to mention that the voice actors that they usually hire are experts of the language.
      2. It is pretty costly to use a sound-proof device when filming outdoors. Sounds from the cars, airplane, etc. could not be easily blocked so dubbing over the characters’ voices is a lot easier.
      3. It is also costly and hassle logistics-wise to gather the actors again to say their lines or re-do their scenes when something needs re-editing. Although some actors are willing to do that.

      There may be other reasons that I was not able to mention but hope that gives you an idea why they do dubbing 🙂


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