Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 12 Review


Protect Ah Si at all costs! He’s extra precious in this episode *squeals*

Another candidate to join my list of favorite episodes! I had so many favorite moments in this episode. Hope you can join me fangirl during those scenes 😉



Ah Si will never get over it, Lei haha!


*sighs* this boy really got bitten by a love bug. His facial expression when he saw Shancai on the camera showed how much he was longing for her.


Tian Ye was touched after finding out what Shancai did just to get his Kamio leaves. He wanted Shancai to be more than his kitchen assistant. Enter Ah Si in to the scene (yesss!!!). Your boy is back to get you!


Apparently Tian Ye has been fooling people that he’s a hardworking poor man. When in fact, he is the heir to a famous Chinese medicine company. Okay, moving on!


She asked him why he came back from London (definitely because of you!).


Love his passive-aggressiveness here haha!


Aside from his handsome self here, I loved how his long legs were exceeding the bed’s length haha!


Aaaahhh this had me squealing and smiling! His jealousy will forever be unbeatable.


Shancai never answered him here but the way he asked these questions with his facial expressions were worth rewatching. I need a gif of it!


Definitely because no one can really see it, Ah Si… HAHA! I could see how those abs are slowly being developed, Dylan 😉


This scene came from the manga and I’m so thankful that they did it when the 2001 drama never did it.


His look of satisfaction after telling Qinghe what happened last night haha!


His best buddies are out there to prank him and everything was just really funny!


The Spiderman issue from their childhood is finally coming to an end! Both of my favorite boys were beyond cute in this scene.


Ximen and Meizuo will always be the supportive friends in the background documenting their friendship’s shenanigans.


Indeed! Especially this smile from Lei 😉


It was so refreshing to see F4 discussing about their lecture after class (I don’t think we ever saw this in any of the other adaptations).


So that’s what Ah Si got from their lesson! Although he was definitely talking about his feelings too… Haha!


More signs of Dao Ming Feng coming really soon! *Insert evil piano music*. Zhuang jie warned him that their mom would never like someone like Shancai. The type of woman that he must marry should be someone like Teng Tang Jing or Zhuang jie.


And this is why he’s researching for ways to transform Shancai! Other guys would have probably rushed to a dating site and get someone to pretend to be his girlfriend but Ah Si would never do that 😉


His look of concern for Shancai *hearts melting*. Just like in the 2001 drama, Shancai’s father gambled all their money to an investment leaving them with nothing.


The great difference that they did here was that Shancai did not ask Ah Si for money. Instead, he appeared like his guardian angel here and presented his hard-earned money. Again, let me repeat it for more emphasis, hard-earned money! In the 2001 drama, I was cringing for Shancai yet applauded her for her bravery of asking Ah Si even if it meant hurting her pride. It was also the Dao Ming family’s money which made it even more difficult for her.


So she can repay her by…


A Chinese cuisine cooking contest! If it were not Dylan as Ah Si who was leaning closer behind Shancai’s back, it would have been creepy. That’s not the case though so he had my bones tingling out of love!


Just on the cheek? That’s pretty easy, Ah Si! 😉


Zhuang jie returned to Shanghai again but this time, she was asked by Ah Si to mentor Shancai! This cooking contest will definitely be full of spices.

In a nutshell,

  • Ah Si is back!!! Well, we did not really feel that he left actually unlike in the 2001 version. His interactions with F3 and Shancai in this episode had me smiling from ear to ear.
  • The changes that they made from the 2001 version were just lovely to watch. Shancai did not ask for money but Ah Si insisted that they could borrow his own money. *Sighs* what a catch!
  • Yay for the Spiderman issue of Ah Si and Lei getting resolved! That was indeed one precious moment.
  • I just cannot wait for Ah Si and Shancai’s love line to become even more evident. My OTP!!!

So what did you think of this episode?


3 thoughts on “Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 12 Review

  1. the mad chatter

    I’m jumping around a lot while re-watching. I already have favorite episodes. Here are my observations.
    1. Si bowing in apology to Lei was a big moment and again I love the seeing the characters bow.
    2. What in the word were Shancai’s parents thinking? Si is clearly not a wolf in sheep clothing! He’s a wolf in wolf clothing! How in the world do you leave him alone with your daughter in a room much less her bedroom? Goodness!
    3. Qinghe, “My world is full of darkness.” Hilariously clueless
    4. Si’s sister calling and the shenanigans kicked this into another level. “He says he’s not here.” Also a quick mention that I like the score for most of the scenes. Sometimes it can be distracting but mostly it really helps establish the mood.
    5. Out of curiosity, what does a chinese keyboard look like? Si was typing on his laptop and I’m wondering about it so I’ll have to google. But if you know, let me know.
    6. How much game does our girl Shancai have that she is able to have 3 to 4 guys after her in just these short 12 episodes? Seriously, the girl has some special powers.
    7. The sad news scene between Shancai and her family was difficult to watch the first time because the acting felt stilted especially with the mom saying she wanted the divorce but on second viewing it was easier to understand.
    8. Your password should never be six zeroes. It made me laugh when he said it but it’s a great scene for him so we’ll let it go.
    9. The special effect of what sounded like a ketchup bottle being squeezed when Shancai touched Si on the chest was so yuck. I know it’s a small thing but the sound editor choose badly.
    10. This is a great scene between them when Si tells her about the cooking competition and asks for the “interest”. Every time he leans down to look her in the eye is very effective.
    11. And here comes bad ass Ms. Zhuang! She is everything! I have so many “feelings” about her! “Feelings, you know!” Zhuang disciplining a young Si by washing his hair is so funny. With floppy hair he is almost unrecognizable. And every time she switches to English it makes me think about the crossover intentions of these actors. Do you think it’s a goal for most of them?
    Ovearall I enjoyed this episode. Surely there are many books in the Boys Over Flowers series. There’s so much going on in this series that surely it wasn’t all in one book.

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    1. dramarian Post author

      1. I’ve always thought that it was such a special moment too!
      2. HAHA! The original drama had it even worse but hilarious at the same time.
      5. I have seen one when I was in Taiwan and it’s definitely overwhelming because of the characters. Some still have the Roman letters though above or below the Chinese character.
      6. I know right?! I want to get some of her special powers haha!
      11. I don’t think it’s a goal for most of them because China’s already a huge market even just staying there already makes them stable. It’s probably a goal for their really big stars though.

      Nice to know that you enjoyed this episode 🙂 It’s based on a manga that ran from 1992-2003 with 37 volumes!


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