Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 8 Review


Airplane turbulence? No problem! You can always cling onto Ah Si’s arm 😉

Sorry to Ah Si but this episode marks our dearest Lei’s return! I had to put the spotlight on mine and Shancai’s first love for this episode. Say hello to my favorite love triangle!



After 7 episodes, Ah Si finally apologized for breaking Shancai’s phone by giving her a new one.


For those who have been diagnosed with second lead syndrome, our baby boy is back!!!


HAHA! Ah Si’s over-protectiveness because of jealousy never fails!


That is one genius way of getting to see your girl! Nice one, Ah Si!


Ugh that lucky @#$%! had me and Shancai spit out our drinks HAHAHA


Nothing new here. Hua Ze Lei’s character has been consistent from the 2001 version that his personality has drastically changed when he returned from Paris.


Oh Ah Si, I just love you!


Why not, Shancai?


*Looks at Shancai* Ugh I just hate it when you do that, Lei! Don’t give false hope to a girl that you know likes you very much 😦


Grown-up Ah Si or not, he will always remain to be an adorable boy!


Oh this boy! So gentle yet so aggressive when it comes to the girl that he likes.


I volunteer!!!


Here’s the start of Shancai and Hua Ze Lei’s rendezvous… He’s just so heartbroken and he was like a kid that needed comfort after getting a boo-boo.


As someone who’s pretty equipped with some knowledge regarding autism, I really have mixed feelings about this version inserting this in Lei’s story line. You can just ask me why if you’re curious as I do not want to talk about it that much in my recap.


You thought you were going to get peace now that Lei told Ah Si what happened last night. Nope! Shancai lied to him again and he is out there to catch them…


The rendezvous continues! They uttered the same lines as the 2001 version. We really don’t know, Lei. WHY?


Can you believe that?! Funny how Lei and Shancai’s first kiss was shot 100x better than her kiss with Ah Si… What is going on here, they could have done well for both!


*Insert intense thrilling music*. Dao Ming Si was beyond upset to have seen them kiss. He said that it was unfair that ever since the beginning, he has only set his eyes for Shancai while she could not do the same. *Sighs* you really cannot force feelings, Ah Si!


Shancai felt devastated too even though she does not really like him (yet!!). She ended up listening to Ah Si’s past audio messages and it made her sadder. She felt bad that she did not treat him well when he was so nice to her.

In a nutshell,

  • This episode was centered on Hua Ze Lei – Shancai – Dao Ming Si and to say that I did not enjoy it would be a big lie.
  • Just like when I watched this episode when I was a kid, Shancai and Lei’s rendezvous at the beach stressed me out. I know she was not officially dating Ah Si and I have always been more biased towards Lei. However, I still did not want Ah Si to get heartbroken.
  • I just cannot wait for this love triangle to become even more intense!

How did you like this episode?


5 thoughts on “Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 8 Review

  1. Lily

    Could you please explain your mixed feelings regarding Lei’s storyline, I have little knowledge about autism and I would love to learn more. Thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      Let me lay out the good points and bad points of them incorporating this into the story:

      Good points:
      – It makes Lei relatable given that it’s becoming a common disorder recently
      – Spreads awareness of a widely misunderstood disorder

      Bad points:
      -While they may be spreading awareness about it, it’s not necessarily the right information. In the drama, they’re basically saying that autism is “curable” when that until now is a major debate.
      – According to the story, his autism got worse when he was just locked up inside his room (could be but not really). That’s one really shallow perspective in looking at how one’s disorder becomes worse.
      – Jing got him out of the shadows of autism… Again, that remains to be debatable because having a “cool friend” does not necessarily make you become cured from the disorder.

      This is why I did not want to write my opinions in the blog post because people might think that I am taking things way too seriously. I know that it is just a work of fiction but the portrayal of a widely misunderstood disorder should not have remained status quo. They could have cleared it up by saying that he has become better because of his friends and just neglected by saying that he is “cured”. Another option for them would have followed the manga by just Lei having “autistic” features not necessarily one. I hope that helps! I tried to incorporate my knowledge of the disorder within the drama’s context. If you want to learn more about autism outside dramaland, you can still ask me! 🙂

      Thank you for dropping by!


  2. Sophie

    I think this episode is one of the most that I liked. As you said it is Lei’s come back and this “game” between Shancai and Lei is quite funny/interesting.

    I was wondering if you knew where the trip sequence where filmed ? Thank you

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      Really fun and interesting, right? Pretty underrated if you ask me!

      For this drama’s location references, refer to @MeteorgardenEye 🙂 they have all the complete details there!


  3. Guest

    I think Shancai’s action on the beach with Lei was inappropriate and inconsiderate…..especially when you take into consideration that Si paid for the trip and brought her, Shancai knows how Si cares about her. She was in the wrong…. just my opinion.



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