Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 9 Review


Dao Ming Zhuang is in the house, everyone!

WOW, WHAT AN EPISODE. A total of 45 screencaps for this episode alone! The usual amount of screencaps that I get per episode could barely reach 30. This could be part of my list of favorite episodes and you will definitely see why.


Our episode started out with Ximen and Meizuo confronting Lei about his relationship status with Shancai. I really enjoyed seeing Lei’s neutral facial expressions with a dash of sadness in these scenes.


The word “friend” here was a shallow translation as it better translates to “brother” *holds back tears*.


I love how they added this to Lei’s character in this version. He would draw the face of someone who has been on his mind and just stare at it. It sounds weird but it just makes his character very interesting.


Shancai apologized to Lei for causing his friendship with Ah Si to fall apart. He told her that she should not apologize when it was him who wanted to kiss her. *Sighs* this just makes everything even more confusing for our heroine.




Shancai’s parents got starstruck by Lei’s looks and told him that he did not look like a typical Chinese person. Maybe because he’s Taiwanese? (oops, pressing some buttons there lol).


If only Lei did not look as adorable as this, anyone would have probably ditched this date with him. He told Shancai that he overslept and just wore whatever he saw… What a nice way to impress your date, boy! He also did not have any plans for their date lol SEND HELP.


I feel you, Shancai. This was a great remake of the 2001 version although that one even felt more awkward than this haha!


Shancai did not know what to talk about so she dropped the Jing bomb on Lei. Really, Shancai? You could have done better than that!


We could see that, Lei…


I’m not sure whether I agree or disagree with this one since all their personalities have its ups and downs.


This scene made me and Shancai smile like an idiot! *whispers Lei*


Shancai was telling Xiaoyou how she is so self-conscious when she’s with Lei while she doesn’t care how she is when she’s with Dao Ming Si. You should be able to figure everything out since you are aware of that, dear!


*tries to convince herself*


The amazing Dao Ming Zhuang has arrived!!! I have always been looking forward to her character to appear ever since I found out that it was going to be Dee Hsu who’s playing her.


In the 2001 version, Zhuang jie just subtly kidnapped Shancai and brought her to their house. Dao Ming Zhuang already knew what was going on that’s why she came home. For this version, it was purely coincidence that made her bring Shancai to their house.


As much as Shancai did not want Ah Si to see her, she was just out of luck.


Tally of kicks in this drama: Dao Ming Si – 0, Shancai and Dao Ming Zhuang – 2. HAHA! Love his sister forever!


Shancai had no choice but to stay there for dinner.


She said that she did not want to drink but she ended up drinking the whole glass of wine in one sitting lol


I just loved this scene! Drunk Shancai is really capable of saying anything.


He told her sister that Shancai was just his schoolmate. Jie jie told him that her and Shancai both have a sense of justice for saving someone who got hurt in the street.


He carried this “pig” because her sister ordered him to do so haha!


Dao Ming Zhuang — ultimate Shancai – Ah Si shipper


Best drama award sister really goes to this woman! Keep pushing for your ship, jie!


Just like the 2001 version, F4 is not disbanding because Qinghe is there to replace Lei.


2001 Shancai would never do this but 2018 Shancai did just that! I thought this would make Ah Si change his mind but it just made things worse for them.


He told her that she would have never done that despite her getting bullied a lot before. Ah Si saw that Shancai was apologizing because of her concern for Lei.


This was just so cute. Shancai looked through her photos from their vacation (that ended up to be no good for everyone!). Look at how cute those group photos were 😦


Shancai actually asked for Zhuang jie’s help and she was pretty disappointing there. Even Zhuang jie hit her on the head for being so slow… Zhuang jie told her that she was the one who caused this problem so she should be the one to solve this problem. If the original version had basketball to solve their fight, this version will have a game of Poker. Also, it was Ah Si who sent a Joker card to challenge Lei and Shancai whereas the 2001 basketball match was decided by Zhuang jie.


I loved this scene in the original version and Dylan’s Ah Si acted well here. I loved how he was staring deeply and quietly at Shancai but eventually turned soft and begged her.


He said that he felt stupid for liking someone like Shancai when he could have easily gotten any girl he likes. That is exactly why you fell in love with her, Ah Si!


Even though Dylan acted well here, I did not have the same intensity of feels when I watched it in the original version. Jerry Yan’s Ah Si was quite pitiful in this scene while Barbie Hsu’s Shancai looked so helpless too. Shen Yue’s Shancai remained to have a neutral facial expression here instead of almost falling into Ah Si’s trap.


Shancai told him that she is not backing down. She may not know how to play Poker but she will try everything to defeat him. I loved how Dao Ming Si said the line above because it gave such bittersweet feelings.


So in the end, Shancai was still torn between those two boys. She still cares about Lei but she also does not want to see Ah Si sad and heartbroken.

In a nutshell,

  • I think at this point of time, Shancai is really confused about her feelings. It is possible that she has feelings for both of our main leads. One is her ultimate crush while the other one is someone whom she hated so much but she is slowly developing feelings for. Can I please have the same problem as you?
  • More than Shancai with Ah Si or Lei, Ah Si and Lei are actually the real (Br)OTP here. It was definitely Shancai’s fault that’s why our boys had to cool off… Haha!
  • 3 words: Dao. Ming. Zhuang. Dee Hsu’s character is probably one of my favorites now! She is the most awesome sister ever! This is one consistent feature of all HanaDan adaptations, cool sister is cool! I just can’t wait to see more of her.
  • This episode is definitely going down in my list of favorite episodes because of how it was centered on our leads and Zhuang jie’s greatness.

How did you find this episode? Wasn’t it just a lovely watch? 😉


2 thoughts on “Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 9 Review

  1. January

    I think it’s weird that they continue the background of Lei having mild autism. Do you think it would be better if they tweak it having difficulties with social interactions? That way, people would realize that one can overcome it with the help of friends/people who care about them.

    Lei’s facial expressions are so subtle yet so strong! Sometimes I just want to hug and comfort him (especially when Xi Men and Mei Zuo asked him about Shan Cai). Sometimes I want to smile with him (especially when he bluffs his poker cards). Sometimes I do a face palm for his lines and actions (especially when he wiped himself than giving the paper towel to Shan Cai, who does that by the way?).

    @dramarian, I’m looking forward to F4’s background in this season. I hope you would continue help viewers with the character sketch. Thanks a lot!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      I agree. They could have also stuck with the manga’s description of him being “autistic” but not really diagnosed with the disorder. I don’t think getting out of the shadows of autism or “getting cured” from it is sending the right message to the audience. Not a good way to spread the awareness on this disorder if you ask me. Your suggestion of him having difficulties with social interactions is one effective way of telling the story too.

      That’s so true! He’s just so lovable. When he wiped himself and gave it to Shancai, that’s one manifestation of his autism (same goes to his weird lines/actions lol).

      I definitely will! If you have any suggestions on how I can help with the character sketch, please feel free to tell me. Thank you so much too! 🙂



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