[Review] TW-drama: In A Good Way (2013)


“Do you have a dragonfly on your shoulders? The beautiful moments of youth, are like those moments in the movie where the dragonflies were frozen forever. Even though right now I don’t know what kind of dragonfly awaits me, but after a while, I’ll miss this time”.

Title: In A Good Way aka My Freedom Years
Native Title: 我的自由年代
Genre: Slice of Life, Friendship, Romance, Drama
Country of Origin: Taiwan
Airing Date: November 15, 2013 to May 16, 2014
# of Episodes: 26

Channel:  Sanlih E-Television

Main Cast:
Lego Lee as Liu Shan Feng aka Liu Chuan

Lorene Ren as Lin Jia En
Jay Shih as Zheng Ren Wei
Smile Weng as Bai Xue

Hello Good Morning, Hard City! Here I am writing about a Taiwanese drama that deserves to be written about. This is a drama that I should have watched back when it was airing except that I was not an avid drama fan when it aired.Even so, I’m very glad that I got to watch this precious gem. Taiwan excels in creating slice-of-life dramas and this one is a good example of it. Read more to find out in this full-length drama review of Taiwan’s SETTV 2013 hit “In A Good Way”.

Note: I may or may not have given some spoilers in this review so I am apologizing in advance. It would be difficult for me to justify my rants and raves if I did not specify the context or situation that they were placed in. Hope you will still enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing it.



Feel free to read the usual plots or summaries given when you Google this drama since it won’t be revealing much about the story anyway. Since I don’t want to repeat what you will be reading from other sites, I will just be talking about what I think of the story in general.

This drama is all about freedom. Everyone who has watched (or is still watching) could probably get drunk if they would take a shot whenever the word “freedom” would be uttered in this drama. The setting of the drama started off during the year of 1995 in Taiwan and ended around 1999. It was a period wherein the country was finally free from injustices and dictatorship as the youth are enjoying what their elders have worked hard for. You might say, “Freedom is such a boring concept for a drama! Where’s my romance?” Oh that’s where you are mistaken, my dear friend. The concept of freedom in this drama has encompassed all aspects of the story. From friendship, family, and romance, freedom was able to touch on these without trying hard. We will be learning about it more as we get to know each main character more. As Jia En’s BFF Xiao Wei said, freedom is all about becoming a better person everyday.



Lego Lee as Liu Chuan is Cheng Dong University’s ultimate heartthrob because he’s a complete package. Looks? Check. Brains? Check. Athletic? Check. Personality? Check. He’s capable of solving any problem that he encounters. He sounds to be a very ideal man and the typical perfect male lead in dramas but he is more than that. What makes Liu Chuan so likable is that he has a lot of his own issues — which makes him very human and not just your usual dreamy male lead. He prefers keeping such troubles to his self even if he has his best friends by his side to support him.

Out of the four main leads, Liu Chuan is the one with the most aggressive and intense desire towards freedom. He wants to be free from the hands of his father, a famous legislator in the country. He desires to live independently, away from the perks of being a legislator’s son. With his intellectual skills and abilities, one would wonder why he ended up in Cheng Dong University instead of going to Tai Da (Taiwan’s top university). It was revealed that he insisted on entering Cheng Dong in order to fulfill his beloved grandpa’s request. He then made a deal with his father that he will have his four years of freedom in his chosen university in exchange of his father’s goal of sending him to Germany to pursue Master’s in Law. 

Liu Chuan may be excelling in almost everything but he was still learning the basics in the romance department and that even made him appear more charming and perfect in a human way. He fell in love with Jia En because she came into his life who didn’t really understand the concept the freedom — something he has been attaining for. Jia En had the innocence and the never-say-die attitude that Liu Chuan aspires to have. Lego acted so well that I can’t imagine another actor playing in this role. He embodied the perfect boy-next-door charm who had nothing but good thoughts for others.


Lorene Ren as Jia En is a country bumpkin who was already satisfied with her life in her comfort zone in Pingtung and with her childhood best friend, Ren Wei. She was okay in remaining status quo but after learning that Ren Wei wants to move to Taipei in order to start a new and free life, she decided to do the same. “Girl, do you have a life?!” is pretty much what anyone would ask her but she didn’t care because all she wanted was to stay by her best friend’s side.

Jia En matured quickly after spending meaningful days with Liu Chuan. He taught her to stop limiting herself in a castle that she built for Ren Wei and instead, build a new one for herself. She was oblivious to the fact that Liu Chuan was having feelings for her or we can say that she was pretending that she didn’t know at some point. She was also not prepared to face her own feelings as she never experienced having such feelings before. Even though she stopped depending on Ren Wei and eventually learned to become independent, I wanted to pull my hair out when she was willing to sacrifice her future for Liu Chuan. It was definitely because of love but c’mon Joan (her English name), you’re better than that!

Lorene Ren’s acting was simple and pure just like the character. Although there were times when I wished that she could have acted in some scenes better. I forgave her easily because her chemistry with Lego was just off the charts!



Jay Shih as Ren Wei appeared to be some kind of a douchebag in the first few episodes. I was basically rolling my eyes on him. It was annoying how all he did was to pine for Bai Xue and you would also get drunk for drinking a shot each time he said her name. Though I really love how such pining ended with the tables turning around for him.

Just like Liu Chuan, he has his own daddy issues to take care of or should I say, to be freed from. This is the reason why he wants to be free from his life in Pingtung and made him crave so much of studying in a university in Taipei. If I were Jia En, I don’t think I would forgive him right away for what he did especially that it concerned my future. However, I love how Jia En thanked him instead because it was a beautiful mistake (brb crying again). We also have to recognize the fact that Ren Wei let Jia En take his virginity (nope, it’s not what you’re thinking) but it was because of Jia En that he peeled shrimps for someone for the first time, and that he let someone ride his beloved bike and brand new car. It definitely speaks a lot about his deep and enduring friendship with Jia En.

Jay Shih acted the part of Ren Wei well. Despite his obsession over Bai Xue, he remained to be a loyal friend not just to Jia En but also to Liu Chuan and his Three Musketeer friends. He knows his limits in interfering in other people’s affairs. He has grown to become a real man and someone that you could entrust your problems with.


Smile Weng as Bai Xue is basically the female version of Liu Chuan. She is the perfect campus heartthrob and yet she has her own troubles that she keeps to herself. She has been longtime friends with Liu Chuan and has been secretly hiding her feelings for him. This girl hid it so well as Liu Chuan told her that he never got a clue when she confessed her feelings for him. 

I remember ranting on Twitter when I was just starting this drama that I found the second female lead annoying – both in looks and acting (pretty harsh of me). Although I’m pretty sure that anyone would at first. She was basically just popping her eyes out and only seemed to care about Liu Chuan in the first few episodes. She even left her xue mei just to attend to an “emergency” when it was nothing close to it. It’s hard to blame her when seeing Liu Chuan is more than an emergency. 

She then became very praise-worthy of eventually letting go of her feelings for Liu Chuan and ended up conquering her acrophobia. I wish I could be brave as this girl because I can ride a cable car but I don’t think I’m ready for some intense bungee-jumping yet!



If there is anything that Taiwanese dramas are good at, it would definitely be their excellence in picking the right OSTs. “In A Good Way” was no different and even invited Taiwan’s music legends to perform in one episode.

Adrian Fu’s “Good Morning, Hard City” is currently playing as I’m typing this which was the drama’s opening song. I even play it every morning before going to work to absorb all the good vibes. It’s the perfect choice for a drama that exudes positive vibes because of the powerful combination of youth and freedom. Watching the official MV gives me endless feels so go click the hyperlink 😉

Freya Lim’s “Hidden Love” for the ending theme was just okay. I still listen to it although I think I wouldn’t listen to it if it was not part of the OSTs.

Screenshot 2016-10-23 22.57.50.png

Out of all the featured songs by Taiwan’s iconic legends, Wu Bai’s “On My Mind” gives me an overflowing amount of feels. It has the perfect mellowness for our OTP who was just getting to know each other and ended up developing pure romantic feelings for each other. It was also the song playing when they hugged for the very first time *brb crying*. It was definitely an unforgettable scene and it made me squeal like an idiot. Kisses are not really necessary to show how much a relationship has progressed or how good the chemistry of the leads are. This drama has shown that it only takes the perfect song to play for a beautiful moment to take place.


Screenshot 2016-10-25 22.24.33.png
I will definitely watch this drama again. In fact, I’m finding a way to rewatch Liu Chuan and Jia En’s beautiful scenes. I have to admit that I was playing some games on my phone while watching (short attention span is real) so I have to watch some scenes again so I can savour the moments more. On a more serious note, episodes 20-26 were just disastrous. How I wish I could go back in time and I would have stopped those writers for making those episodes happen.


Screenshot 2016-10-25 22.45.34.png

Let me use Liu Chuan’s romantic words as my description of feelings towards this drama. The drama was mostly uneventful and slow-paced but it was done in a good way (see what I did there). Like I said earlier, episodes 20 up to the ending were just a mess and I had to drag myself in paying attention. It was indeed tiring to watch irrelevant plot lines when all I wanted to see was our wonderful OTP blooming in love. Despite my feeling of “tiredness” with this drama, Lego Lee’s Liu Chuan was just there to save me. How could I even resist this amazing man?!

The development of the characters was done nicely and while there were still some unrevealed aspects in each character, they were shown very subtly. For example, towards the end, we saw how Bai Xue had actually developed feelings (finally!) for Ren Wei. I even shouted at my screen and told her that, “it took you 26 episodes to feel that?!”. Another special feature of this drama is its natural way of veering away from cliches. In dramaland, when the heartthrob likes the average girl, a jealous second female/male lead would interfere and do all that they can in order to break them up. It was never the case in this drama, Ren Wei and Bai Xue’s characters were created to be mature and understanding young adults.

I don’t think people would forgive me if I end this review without talking about the most crucial and hair-pulling moment in the drama which is none other than the ENDING. HOLY?!! A lot of people warned me about it and told me that they just didn’t want to burst my bubble. Despite their warning, what was I supposed to do? I never leave a drama unfinished but to be honest, I was feeling very anxious while watching the last episode. I was scared that it would just end abruptly in which it did, much to my dismay. It’s similar to what happened in Taiwan’s “Hana Kimi” where it had an annoying ending because there was supposed to be a sequel. This drama was supposed to have a movie after but everyone seemed to have amnesia and forgot that they owe so many fans a better ending. Just thinking about it is breaking my heart T_T

Let me just share with you one of my most favorite dialogues in the drama:

Screenshot 2016-10-23 22.52.07.png

The dialogue was not uttered during this scene. I just wanted to include it here because it was such an epic scene 😉

Jia En: I feel this is so unreal. We’re actually together.
Liu Chuan: Do you? It’s the most real thing of my life.

It showed how both characters’ perspectives differed from each other but they still complemented well. For Jia En, she was not as prepared as Liu Chuan in dealing with one’s feelings but when he confessed to her, it was more than what she could have imagined. As for Liu Chuan, it could be seen that he has been harboring his feelings for Jia En for a long time and his life eventually became more true and meaningful with her by his side. Such a simple dialogue revealed so much already about the main characters. This is why I want to give all the awards to the people behind this drama. Although I’m more willing to give them if they gave us a proper ending or a movie/sequel as the best option haha!

Putting the ending and draggy episodes aside, I’m giving it an overall rating of 9.7/10 (rounded-off to 10 in MyDramaList). I don’t want to deprive a good drama of a perfect rating just because it had its faults in presenting an ending or some plot lines. I already gave perfect 10’s to some dramas which had draggy or faulty stories like “Autumn’s Concerto”,  “The Hospital”, etc. so it would be unfair to a drama like “In A Good Way” not to get a perfect rating when it has fully captivated my heart.

I don’t usually write full-length drama reviews because of time constraint and the tediousness of the process but this drama has unleashed all my drama-writing passion again. I hope I can watch more dramas that can make me feel the same way. Have you watched “In A Good Way” or are you planning to watch it? Hope to see your opinions about it here! Let’s rant and rave together 🙂


24 thoughts on “[Review] TW-drama: In A Good Way (2013)

  1. Kate - skimmedmilkdrama

    I actually started watching this drama when it first aired! But I stopped at about episode 19 and never went back again… partially because I got busy and also because of the ‘dreadful ending’. This was a pretty slow paced drama and the (side) characters were annoying at first but the character growth made me love them all, especially Bai Xue & Ren Wei. I even started to semi-root for Ren Wei at some point (but of course I couldn’t bring myself to betray Mr Perfect Liu Chuan haha). Need to agree with you about the choice of music of this drama was fabulous. It brought back a lot of old music and made me learn how to appreciate it. Reading your tweets about In A Good Way made me miss seeing Lego Lee on my screen so I’m watching another of his drama now 😛

    Liked by 1 person

  2. dramarian Post author

    I think episodes after 19 are worth the miss as I’ve mentioned 😄 though I admire how you can live without finishing it! No matter how bad a drama is, I always make sure to finish it 😂 not sure if it’s a blessing or a curse tbh. Right?! They were really annoying at first but I eventually became interested in their storyline. I have to apologize for that, my tweets sounded like I had some obsessive/addiction-related disorder 🙈 I will hunt you down, Lego!!! HAHAHA. I’m currently watching Love Cuisine, what are you watching? 🙂


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  5. aruzhan

    I love it! but I did rush/skip from the 20th episode on (til 26?).
    Can I ask what date that you posted this Review and when did you finish watching this drama?
    I’m weird like that coz I’m curious. Coz I finished this drama 5 months ago in October. I’m over the drama-hangover but still in that stage “pass withdrawal”.

    This show introduced me to Wu Bai songs, and I like Rock Record (Taiwan’s youtube channel)
    and that’s where all the TW-pop songs are too. I legit can’t rave enough of that song “Lingering”. It skyrocketed to my top 5 favourite romantic songs list. “Lingering” is among “Led Zeppelin – Whole Lotta Love”, and “Led Zeppelin – Dazed and Confused”. Okay, that was only three songs in my top 5. (Facepalm) Haha whatta silly list. It needs 2 more songs, but i’m so good at nitpicking; that’s why all year I couldn’t find more songs to add. LOL

    I even thought I wanted to play Led Zeppelin – Dazed and Confused at my wedding, just kidding, the lyrics tho. . . not suited for weddings.
    Lingering is so romantic that Blue and Rock became my fave music genre months ago.
    I never cared about genres before. I’d listen to almost everything, but now I know what to look
    for: it’s blue and it’s rock!

    P.S. I’m yuyamatsushitafan From Mydramalist (in your friend list). I finally got around to know how to comment here.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      Hello! Thanks for dropping by and it’s also good that you figured out how to comment here haha! I watched it from Sep-Oct then posted it on Oct 31 😊 my love for this drama is just so intense and overflowing! Wu Bai’s “On My Mind” aka “Lingering” never fails to tingle my heart!


        1. dramarian Post author

          I rarely get to visit it but I saw your message but it was too late too when I already saw you commenting here haha 😊 I think the same too, that song and the feels! Do you have Twitter? We’re also more active there so maybe we can also talk about dramas there too 😊


          1. aruzhan

            sorry I couldn’t reply down there. IDK why.
            I have Twitter but I don’t dig using it.

            About Marry Me or Not, it was good. The first half was entertaining.
            Probably coz I haven’t watched rom-coms for so long that I found it entertaining.
            I watched it on Viki and paused to read every comment the entire 15 episodes.
            I legit read almost everything, every comment, pausing a lot. I spent twice the time of watching a show. Double it! 15 episodes became 30 episodes’ hours.
            So I thought I needed to speed up my watching-game, but the comments there are so good.

            I legit think it is an underrated series for 2015. Not a lot of people talked about it. Even, I, have just watched it this year. At the end I love the chemistry of the actors. I like every actor there. I even like the antagonists. Roy’s acting is good. The chemistry is on fire. The bed scene is too awesome. The kissing scenes are awesome.

            All in all, you should watch it immediately for the bed scene!
            While browsing youtube one day, I saw this. It was this random vid that got me searching to watch this drama: https://youtu.be/yWkLL0Z4kZk
            Also, I think this video would kickstart your watching https://youtu.be/t-Si7fJb1tk?t=29s

            I also think you’d get hooked on the first episode coz the first episode was LIT.

            I like the behind the scenes too. https://youtu.be/Mml2hosiA_E?t=3m33s

            In the end, a few cliche plot here and there, and everyone’s makeup is on point, wake up in the morning flawless, etc. I couldn’t really complain. I can’t complain that they look perfect all the time, can I? 😅

            Can you understand Mandarin? Also, if you could decipher this for me coz I can’t understand Mandarin. A lot of people tend to think Alice Ke (Main Girl/ female lead) is not attractive whether they wrote in English or Chinese in the comments like a comment on this vid here. https://youtu.be/ACcGh_B7cos
            and people agree. 😱
            I saw a lot of this kind of comments both in English and Chinese.
            So I assume both most Chinese and international fans don’t like Alice Ke’s looks? What’s up with that? Coz, I might be the only one on Earth that thinks that she is HOT. 😳
            I’m female, and between female to female, she is pretty.
            If they can like Gong Hyo-jin, and other Korean actresses, etc. What make Alice Ke unattractive to their eyes? Does Alice have a lot of haters in Taiwan? I saw the same kind of comments (many) in Mandarin. 🤔


  6. aruzhan

    When I was watching this show in October, I thought wow I was three years late to the party.
    So when did you watch it? recently?

    I’m here like: why am I listening to Taiwanese dialect songs (is it Hokkien?) because I became a fan of Wu Bai.
    So I AM sort of stuck in 1995-2000s at the moment. Don’t mind me. ✌️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      We were both watching this at the same time and I couldn’t believe that I missed this too. Although I started watching dramas last 2014, so being late to it was inevitable. Yeah, it must be Hokkien. It’s okay, I never judge! haha!


      1. aruzhan

        LOL At the risk of sounding slightly stalkerish, i’m here like: why have I just found you! Where have you been all my life?!
        Just kidding – I don’t freak out – I just normally don’t have people to talk to about this Taiwan drama, and the people whom I know usually talk about K-dramas.

        Hey, I meant the Taiwanese Language/Dialect is so foreign to me. 😉
        Mandarin is foreign to me too. Still listen. . . .

        Hey, you just started in 2014? How come you have such an amazing knowledge about dramas? and you seem to know a long list of dramas. I see that just by what you posted on this blog. You are very quick if you just started in 2014.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. dramarian Post author

          Haha! And this is why we keep this blog running, drama fans especially for TW and C-drama fans to gather and discuss! 😊 while Korean is very foreign to me haha!

          To be fair, 2014 was when I became so obsessed but I was able to watch some back in 2003 already that’s why I still count 2014 as my starting year. My friends even call me a walking Taiwanese encyclopedia haha! I feel like it is the only thing I’m good at lol!


          1. aruzhan

            Hey, it is an achievement to be called that.
            I’ve just finished Mary Me or Not, another Taiwanese one! The eye candy Roy Qiu <3.
            I need to know more names. So i'm glad you are an encyclopedia. 😉

            Liked by 1 person

      1. aruzhan

        I just wanna say That above pic – Acting/casts – with Liu Chuan with a Ray Ban and swinging his bag over his shoulder like that! Best Pic! So swag! the most swag I’ve seen of Liu Chuan.

        Liked by 1 person

  7. struck

    I love that you covered this drama! I watched it summer of 2016 after Netflix gave me the drama bug them stumbled on IAGW on DF. Real life didn’t have any takers to discuss with and I was so so bummed that I couldn’t find many discussions about it online. (Thank goodness I got hooked on a Kdrama that still has its hooks in me.) One year later and IAGW is STILL on my mind and I find your review. I was so excited to learn that they intended to do a season 2 but after 2 years, 3 now, I’m out of hope. For now, I’m smiling to see there are other English blogging people who LOVE this show!
    Liu Chuan was just so cool and vulnerably quiet at the same time. I love Jia En’s simple country girl’s ability to connect with everyone around her. I love when the leads are not cocky jerks at any point in the drama. I love that this show was not shouty and always had low-key warm hearted undertones in all the scenes. I also learned that Adrian Fu was working in California, so close to me! That OST song gives me amazing nostalgic, shooting the breeze feels.
    You are so spot on in every point discussed in your review. I love it! Oh, and I love your name Dramarian. I had to do a double take because it reminded me of a book I was reading, The Hero and the Crown. So not related but connected only in my mind. Heehee!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      Thank you very much for this lovely comment! IAGW always holds a good place in my heart because of the simplicity of the story and how Liu Chuan and Jia En were perfectly matched. Maybe you weren’t able to find them but when it was airing, there were a lot of discussions going on about this drama. You can check Koala’s Playground, she had a lot to say about it.

      TW dramas don’t get the same attention as Kdramas too and this is why our blog was made, to write about such dramas and hopefully gain more connections because of it 🙂 the name Dramarian actually makes me laugh all the time as I forced my real name to be connected to one thing that I’m very passionate about — dramas! But thank you for appreciating it anyway 😀

      Thank you very much again for this and I hope to see you more in this blog!



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