Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 4 Review


Your happiness is also my happiness, Shancai! 

This was a fun yet controversial episode! The love lines are getting stronger, maybe too strong that it has caused someone to hit a wall… Let’s go on, shall we?


Fresh from squid-fishing with Qinghe, an energetic Ah Si is bothering everyone to eat some grilled squid for late night snacks.


This was just so funny! He was expecting to see Jing but ended up turning his back when he saw Lei open the door.


Here comes Lei randomly drinking from Shancai’s bottle *insert product placement*. He knew that Shancai saw everything and she was worried that he would hate her for that.


Ah Si just could not resist his best friend! Peace treaty in the form of a grilled squid yay!


Same, Shancai, same. But don’t you think you were in such an awkward position hanging out by that door while Lei and Ah Si make amends?


If this was supposed to be the epic Dao Ming Si dance, then I needed it to be longer because it was just plain short!


I was so glad that they kept this scene! This was one of my favorite bullying scenes from the original and it did not disappoint.


Look at how his friends were outright judging him with their faces haha! I loved this part so much.


You got it right, Meizuo! His friends know him best.


It was such a weird drawing, Lei. But okay, I still love you… I also don’t know why dusting off some chalk from someone’s hair took forever that led to the two evil girls taking a video of them.


“When you like someone, you follow them on QQ too”. Oh Gen Z babies! Again, I’m really enjoying the modernity of this version. His smile got ruined when the two evil girls showed him a video of Lei and Shancai on the rooftop.



The most controversial scene from this drama. 2001 version was definitely more intense with Jerry Yan’s expressions and background music that I got really scared for Shancai. In this version, I got scared for Shancai mostly because of her facial expressions. Acting was on point, Yue Yue!


Really? His friends really know him way too well…


Lei did not properly respond to this question and just continued cleaning his violin.


“Say Something” by The Great Big World was playing during this scene… Was I really watching a C-drama?! Lei was reminiscing the day that Jing left for Paris.


We ended this episode with these two opening the night with a romantic dance.

In a nutshell,

  • Many were disappointed that this version still included Dao Ming Si kissing Shancai forcefully and has even led people to boycott this drama. I am not saying that I support the drama for retaining that scene since I have always disliked that part ever since I watched the 2001 version. I still enjoyed the rest of the episode minus that part and I felt that it was still necessary to the story despite its inappropriateness to some people.
  • On the brighter side, I still enjoyed Dylan’s performance as Dao Ming Si here that I would laugh like an idiot while watching him do his childish pranks.
  • Lei is still being vague towards his relationship with Shancai since he only really cares about Jing… *sighs*
  • Most importantly, why were there so many product placements in just this episode alone?! We had the yellow drink, Wetcode CC cream, and the Bank of Communications lol. How I wish China would include banning product placements in their SARFT regulations too… HAHA!

What did you think about this episode? Tell me your thoughts below!

16 thoughts on “Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 4 Review

  1. Feliz

    I don’t like the character of Dao Ming Si because he embodies domestic violence. Especially the scene where he punched the wall, harassed Shan Cai then comforted her afterwards. But I admire Dylan Wang for his expressive acting skills! The scene was so effective that made me cry until they reached the bridge, both slumped.

    Shen Yue also did great for these scenes. She was confused, scared, then sympathetic towards Dao Ming Si. When she got home, she acted all tough in front of her parents.

    I think these scenes are essential, not only to show jealousy or bullying but to show how both can hurt each other unintentionally.

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    1. dramarian Post author

      Thank you for sharing such great insights! I can’t say that I dislike his character because it did not have a horn effect on me. However, I agree that he and Shen Yue did really well in those scenes!

      I agree with the importance of the scenes too. I also think that it was essential for their characters’ development.


      1. Feliz

        Yes to character development! I am glad that as early as episode 2, they showed the sweet side of Ah Si (especially when he touched Shan Cai’s forehead to check her temp– squuueeelll!).

        Horn effect– made me think twice. The writers indeed have a way to hate-love the character of Ah Si. Nevertheless, I still respect Dylan Wang as an actor. Kudos kiddo!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. dramarian Post author

          I had mixed feelings when they showed Ah Si’s softness right away but of course, I still enjoyed those scenes!

          They did that to play with our hearts haha! I agree, this young one has so much potential! I’m not even his huge fan or anything but I could say that I’m proud of him 😀


      2. Guest

        Obviously nobody wants to see a woman harassed like that, but I also feel it was necessary, and it also demonstrated his realization that he had gone too far which I think was important for the story. It made his transformation into a loving caring man more endearing.


  2. Dew

    Shen Yue’s acting is on spot in this episode. When she cried I feel like crying too huhu its so sad idk anymore and lowkey want to kick Daoming Si for being a jerk lol

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  3. Leah

    Regarding the “Controversial Scene”, I think Dao Ming Si’s initial personality was supposed to be cold and lacks empathy. For me, the scene was necessary as it shows how Ah Si’s personality dramatically changed after he met Shangcai.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      I get your point. I was not totally against it because I knew its significance to the story and the character’s development. Thank you for sharing your insight!


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