Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 3 Review


Welcome to the Gen Z’s version of Meteor Garden! In the advent of social media, nothing is left unknown now.

My reviews from the first two episodes came from the TV version and it has led me to some confusion when I continued watching using the DVD version. The episode 2 that I watched ended with a transformed Shancai while our main boys were enchanted by her. For this episode, I will continue where we left off from episode 2 since they all happened in the second half of episode 3 anyway. If you are just as confused as I am, don’t be! Just fast-forward episode 3 to 22:45 to be exact and/or just follow this recap because I think I have solved this confusion crisis by myself haha! Let’s go!


Someone got way too mesmerized when he saw the girl of his dreams flashing before his eyes!


Not sure why there was a countdown but in the original version, it happened because the two evil girls wanted to kiss the F4 boys. For this instance, Dao Ming Si and Shancai felt lonely and awkward as they were just staring at Lei and Jing being sweet together.


Someone accidentally pushed Shancai and voila!!!




*low-key judging and jealousy from Hua Ze Lei*


Shancai felt way too embarrassed and just ran away.


These silly friends called Shancai a new name, “First kiss Shancai”, and for some reason, Qinghe did not know about it so they had to tell him what happened. Ah Si was just beyond proud as he was recounting the story.


Shancai just made me face-palm by running towards Lei to explain her side. Ugh really, girl?!


Dao Ming Si and Qinghe bonded/battled it out through squid-fishing as the latter’s acceptance of the Joker card from the previous episode. This gave a chance for Qinghe to reminisce about his friendship with Shancai which we never got from the original version given that they had a swimming competition.


Here comes the heartbreak! Nothing much changed because I have always hated watching Lei with Jing and having Shancai’s heart broken because of it ever since I was a child.


Dao Ming Si and Qinghe ran into a crying Shancai (there was just sand in her eyes, boys!) and Ah Si’s concerned look was just everything. This is how it ended and it was a great ending because of Shancai’s realization. We just cannot wait for Ah Si to bring more warmth to Shancai’s life!

In a nutshell,

  • This episode made me see Dylan Wang in full character as Dao Ming Si. His facial expressions were very reminiscent of Jerry Yan’s portrayal and I just fell in love!
  • I feel like this episode was really owned by Dylan as Ah Si and I just can’t wait to see more of him!
  • Shancai was very emotional in this episode and no doubt that Shen Yue played it well but I saw her acting more like Chen Xiaoxi (her famous role in 2017 hit, “A Love So Beautiful”) than Shancai. Maybe it’s just me so don’t dwell on this thought of mine too much lol
  • Putting that aside, my heart got broken when she was crying because of heartbreak too. Wasn’t she just so relatable when you had your heart broken for the very first time?
  • Lei is forever giving mixed signals but we all know how this is going to end up…
  • The ending of this episode warmed my heart because of how Dao Ming Si unexpectedly made Shancai feel better without him knowing and even if she hated to admit it.

That was a great episode to watch! How did you feel watching this episode? Please tell me in your comments below!

14 thoughts on “Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 3 Review

  1. whengenithwrites

    yes me too!!! but I guess even though the tv version is longer, but I realize the dvd version don’t have any cuts.. so It’sokay. I was worried they’d cut a few parts on the dvd version since it’s shorter. Which they didn’t right? or it’s just me?

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  2. Mei

    Hi! I love TW dramas too and I’m watching Meteor Garden on Netflix!! I too hate the dubbing. It totally takes away from the full experience. Keep up your reviews because it’s so refreshing to dialogue about non-Korean dramas. I’m here because I’ve never seen the original version with Jerry Yan 😭 Do you know where I can watch it free online? It’s not on Viki or DF…….

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    1. dramarian Post author

      Hello there! I love TW dramas too 🙂 I had some difficulties watching C-dramas when I was still starting because of their dubbing. Thank you so much! We definitely will since that’s our goal, spread the love for TW/C-ent!

      Good news for you because all the episodes are just on YouTube! Omg you totally should although you might feel that it’s too outdated now haha but it’s such a classic!


  3. The Mad Chatter

    Hello Dramarian,
    I am rewatching episode 3 and naturally I have a few questions.
    1. The scene where Jing gives Shancai a pair of shoes. Are we calling those shoes cute? Is that a thing or a product placement? They are also the ones she’s wearing in the poster, right? It’s so interesting bc I don’t think we Americans would consider those “cute” (at least not after all of Carrie’s shoes on Sex and the City) and so I’m wondering if it’s a cultural difference or just bad captioning.
    2. That outfit that Shancai borrows from Jing is just so unflattering on the actress. It conveys the difference to Shancai’s usual clothes but still a bad choice from the costume designer. It’s annoying and I let it distract me every time I see what Shancai’s wearing.
    3. How can Shancai not know that Qinghe likes her? Honestly!
    4. Is Fantasy Westward Journey really that popular of a game? I’ve since learned that that’s the game that Qinghe, Si and Shancai play on occasion.
    5. How realistic is Shancai’s home? Fairly typical? I need a point of reference. The fridge in the dining room just jumped out at me so I wanted to ask.
    6. Her mother’s reaction to Si at the door was so cringey to watch for me. But! I have since learned from reading your review that in the original that the mom had wanted Shancai to go to the school to find a husband. So in this version, the fact that the Mom opens the door and sees Si in all his Si-ness must have indeed felt like the mom had won the son in law lottery and thus her over the top reaction.
    7. Just when you think Si is doing something nice (visiting with a fruit basket, no less) he goes and does something douchey (insults size of apt). And the worst part is that it goes on for episodes! Oh the ups and down of this character.
    8. I’m not gonna lie, I love all the bowing. It can be respectful and it can be snarky. So when Si bows to her mom after accepting the dinner invite, I laughed bc it’s a little of both.
    9. Laughing is one of those things that’s a social construct and it’s not translating for me. Just about every laugh feels different bc of force of laughter, volume and length. I notice the laughs like jagged knives.
    10. I tell you, there’s a power shift once a boy knows that the girl’s parents like him. Right?
    11. “Your house is over there, tiny girl.” Is my favorite line/scene so far. It made me laugh and I watched it like 3 times in a row.
    12. Shancai yelling out car window= total cringe, that is all.
    13. Mini Cooper product placement? Also, this car is perfect embodiment of Qinghe just like Si’s is of Si.
    14. Who is Jack Ma and why is it important to point out the chandelier in the villa?
    15. Villa rental app-product placement? It’s so random if it werent.
    16. That yacht entering the marina while Shancai and Qinghe are in the boat, pretty epic. And I’d like a pair of all those sunglasses.

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    1. dramarian Post author

      1. I don’t like the shoes too but I don’t think it was product placement either.
      2. I actually loved that outfit but I think they really made it a point that Shancai would feel uncomfortable in it and that she won’t look good on them too.
      3. It’s meant to be funny too since there aren’t really supposed to be any layers within Shancai and Qinghe’s friendship. However, that’s not even surprising when Shancai didn’t even know that Dao Ming Si liked her when it was sooo obvious already lol.
      4. Not sure if the game is popular, It’s product placement too actually since the game’s also being endorsed by the cast.
      5. I don’t think I could really answer you or be much of help when it comes to how things are in China. So I don’t know about their house. The only point of reference that we could get is that of hers and Dao Ming Si’s given that they’re on the nearly opposite poles of the social classes.
      10. Yes, I agree!
      11. I found that really cute and funny too. They incorporated real-life into their characters haha
      13. I don’t know if it was but if so, then nice for them!
      14. Jack Ma is the richest man in China and Asia.
      15. I guess so? If it’s a bit obvious, then it must be.


  4. the mad chatter

    17. Would there really be english/american music played at a party like this in China? I was surprised by the music choice and so thought I’d ask.
    18. The striped drink glasses are so Pier 1 and made me laugh. It’s interesting to see the set design. In an American teen movie, we’d see everyone holding a bottle and the fact that drinks were the drink of choice was interesting but those glasses just killed me.
    19. Now Live product placement?
    20. The makeover scene improves on second viewing but I object to “Girls really need to dress up.” I OBJECT! At first viewing I was underwhelmed with the “change” but the second time around I had to put my american bias in check and realize that this outfit is really different and daring considering Shancai’s daily wardrobe. Interesting that both “makeovers” place Shancai in a white dress. I feel there’s a subliminal message here.
    21. Poor Qinghe needs to get some game. You can’t talk about about stomach issues around girls. Poor Qinghe.
    22. The dance scene extras are giving me “feelings” and not the good kind. Although big ups to the guy behind Shancai at the 24:43 minute who is giving us arm rolls. Thanks for going the extra mile, kid.
    23. The glaring between Si and Shancai before he walks over to her-hilarious. Especially the face she pulls. Hilarious.



    1. dramarian Post author

      17. I guess so? I don’t think they’re that closed to the world that they wouldn’t play American music. In fact, a lot of English songs have already been used in their dramas, movies, variety shows, etc.
      19. Maybe? Not even sure if it’s a real app haha!


  5. the mad chatter

    24. Let’s talk a moment about censorship. The scene where the dj is counting down and everyone is scrambling to find someone to kiss, then we see a freeze frame with couples in embraces. If you look closely most of them aren’t even trying to look like they are kissing as much as just hunkered close to each other. Is there some rule about kissing scenes?
    25. Now, how interesting is it that Lei and Jing are no where near each other when the lights come back on and everyone realizes that Shancai and Si are caught in the act?!? Mmmhmm,especially when you consider that Ximen and Meizou were with girls.


    1. dramarian Post author

      24. Yes, China’s really strict with their censorship in their entertainment industry. Not sure if they have a specific rule about kissing scenes. I guess as long as it’s not so long and vulgar, then it should be okay.
      25. Lol actually. I wonder where they were hmmm hahaha



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