[Review] C-drama: Eternally Loving “Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms” (2017)


Lead actor Mark Chao got criticized for getting this role because “he wasn’t handsome enough” UGH whatever, people.

EPIC, AMAZING, FANTASTIC, BRILLIANT, BEAUTIFUL, ADDICTING, and all the other positive adjectives you could think of.

Yes, I’m officially part of the millions of people who got drunk with peach blossom wine. If you have been following us on Twitter, you could have easily seen how rapid the system of “Eternal Love” was eating me up. It is now one of the dramas that I consider very close to my heart since it has saved me from a drama slump (suffered for 3 months or more lol). If you want to know more of my thoughts regarding China’s biggest hit drama of the year, then go on and read some more.



You can definitely find a lot of the synopsis/plot online so I will not talk about it here. Instead, I will be talking about what I think of it. This drama had so many elements and I have never seen a drama this complex but still as good as how “Eternal Love” came out to be. You have immortals coming from Qing Qiu, Celestial Tribe, Ghost Tribe, and even from minor kingdoms like North Sea, Chang Sea, etc. I was actually scared that my mind could get messed up because of the various story lines wherein many immortals and their mortal counterparts were involved in. Luckily, nothing became too confusing for me. If only I could have some superior editing skills, I would create a diagram of all the relationships of the stories and the characters in a heartbeat!

Things were definitely not confusing, but they became too addicting! The stories were weaved together seamlessly and I thought that aspect of the drama was brilliant. Every story became an opportunity for the characters to develop and not just develop out of the blue like what other dramas are guilty of doing. Moreover, I felt that nothing was too predictable in this drama. In fact, I did not even have an “I knew it!” moment. Maybe I only had one and it was when I knew that I fell into this rabbit hole of fantasy worlds haha!

The drama has romance, fantasy, drama, and a little bit of comedy as its genres and I would watch any drama with romcom elements and swore to myself that fantasy isn’t a genre for me. Look who I am fooling now! Now I just can’t help but daydream about becoming a High Goddess/Immortal too! People who have read the novel in which this drama was based from said that this drama is so much better than the book. Now that’s a rare feat! The film version starring Yang Yang and Liu Yifei isn’t any better as well according to those who have seen it. I know I may not have explained any aspect of the story descriptively but it is only because I want you to see it for yourself 😉



Yang Mi as Si Yin/Su Su/Bai Qian

I have always thought that Yang Mi wasn’t a really good actress. I thought that she was only popular for headlining hit dramas and for her fashion. I was too quick to judge her even if I’ve only watched her in the film version of “My Sunshine”. Little did I know that she actually has the talent for acting. Playing three different roles in one drama isn’t easy at all and I learned to appreciate her more when I was watching their behind-the-scenes clips. A very hardworking and dedicated lady to her craft! Not to mention that she brought basically almost everyone from her production company like Dilireba Dilmurat, Vengo Gao, and Vin Zhang among others.

Moving along to the characters she played, she definitely hit the right notes in being the God of War’s favorite disciple despite being mischievous and carefree. When his Master took the sufferings during her heavenly trial, she never forgot about it and promised to herself that she would repay him a thousand folds. When she had her first heartbreak, she drank all her sorrows away and decided that it wasn’t worth it and focused on other matters instead. Now that’s a fighter! Let’s now talk about her mortal counterpart, Su Su. Su Su was a very innocent and caring character. She definitely embodied the perfect lover/wife and mother that any man especially Ye Hua could dream of having. Unfortunately, all the luck turned the tables for her and her story didn’t end well.

This leads us to her character for most of the drama which is High Goddess Bai Qian, Queen of the Fox Tribe. A personal favorite that it has become my dream role in an alternate universe as an actress. Bai Qian isn’t a goddess for nothing, she can kick butts and even dig your eyes out (like literally). She also loves to drink her sorrows away and she actually did it a lot to comfort herself. When she had another heartbreak, she drank to forget about it and this is why I don’t really consider her as a strong female lead in that aspect but who can blame her. I would probably do the same! I waited for a long time for her to open her heart to Ye Hua but it was worth it. The girl just had some internal crises to deal with but once she has settled everything, she was ready to love again. I wish to see more characters like her in future dramas.


Mark Chao as Mo Yuan/Ye Hua

If you have been following our blog for quite some time, then you might be aware that I have always loved this man. He never failed to star in such amazing works like critically-acclaimed Taiwanese drama “Black & White” and wonderful films like “First Time”, “LOVE”, among others. So to hear about the Chinese audience criticizing him for his looks, I just wanted to become a ball of fury! Good thing it was settled right away as they started retracting their criticisms and started becoming Mark Chao fangirls haha! Unlike what I initially thought of Yang Mi, I’ve always thought that Mark is one of the greatest Taiwanese actors of his generation.

Let’s start with his first character as the God of War, Mo Yuan. He is a man of few words and did not have enough screen time to leave some kind of unforgettable impression on me. However, his strength and power as a High God definitely gained a lot of respect and admiration from everyone especially his disciples and his favorite, Si Yin. He cared so much about his people that he risked his spirit/life just to save them from the hell brought about the Ghost Tribe’s old Ghost Lord. During the last stretch of the drama, I just loved how we got hints of love from him towards Bai Qian/Si Yin. Although this was never addressed as the story ended, it still said so much about his character of being mature and caring to those around him.

It’s time to talk about my dearest Crown Prince, Ye Hua. Oh Ye Hua, Ye Hua, I lost count how many times you made me squeal. Mark Chao as Ye Hua showed such raw emotions and you know that such emotions could only come from someone with best acting accolades. I think we all deserve to be loved by someone like him, he only loved Bai Qian/Su Su and no one else. Like Mo Yuan, he is also a man of few words but he definitely had a lot to say when he’s with his greatest love. He did not only surpass Mo Yuan in terms of heavenly powers and achievements, but also managed to solve so many conflicts with a snap of his fingers. Too bad he could not do the same with his love problems but at least he still solved it in the end and continued on being such a great parent to their Little Riceball. His love for Bai Qian/Su Su will go down in drama history as one of the most heartbreaking and heartwarming stories ever.


Dilireba Dilmurat as Bai Feng Jiu
Carefree, curious, and childish, Xiao Jiu is definitely Bai Qian’s niece! I loved her for always defending her dearest aunt even if there was a time when she used it to forget her heartaches haha! I wish I had the chance to hit her head and tell her to move on from Dijun but we know that not one character managed to be successful in doing so. Even Dilireba said in an interview that she would never pursue someone the way Feng Jiu did with Dijun. Like grow some tail, girl! Oh wait, she had one cut for love *facepalms*. Despite her Dijun obsession, she was still an endearing character and you could see why Bai Qian doted on her so much.

Vengo Gao as Donghua Dijun 
If you have been following my tweets, you would know that I wasn’t a fan of this actor or character. I don’t hate Vengo or anything but I thought that maybe another actor could portray this role better. Although I could be wrong since this character is just really bland for my taste so maybe if Dijun was played by a different actor, the outcome would still be the same. It’s an unpopular opinion as I read many comments who loved him in this role so it’s just really a matter of preference. Being the former ruler of Heaven and Earth and someone who claims being indifferent about everything, he never managed to capture my heart. But who am I anyway, right? At least he managed to capture the Little Princess’ heart but I still hated their story line so I was pretty much playing Candy Crush while their scenes were playing… Oops.


Vin Zhang as Li Jing
This smokin’ hot man from the Ghost Tribe is my favorite next to the main leads. His demeanor may have easily made him look like the villain but I never saw him as one. He is just like an ordinary guy who longs to be loved in return. He never forgave himself for losing his true love as it was his own doing anyway but I still admired him for it. He didn’t care so much about his status as a Ghost Lord since he was just set on finding the love of his life who went missing for 70,000 years to be exact.

Other notable characters (aka my other favorites):

Hummer Zhang as Little Riceball/Ah Li – This little guy may not be as epic as Xiao Xiao Bin’s Xiao Le in my dearest “Autumn’s Concerto” but he played a similar role in which he became a bridge for his parents to get together. I just loved how Bai Qian wholeheartedly accepted him as her “stepson” but who could ever resist? I think he deserved more screen time and also some quality time with his parents. Too bad his mom and dad would choose each other rather than to be with him haha!

Ken Chang as Zhe Yan – Bai Qian’s mentor, whom she believes should be more known as a skilled peach blossoms wine-maker instead of being a medicine expert, did nothing but good deeds in this drama. I would love to have a mentor like him and he gives me this “cool professor” vibes if I were to put him in a modern setting. Let’s not also forget to credit him for creating my dream place to be in: The Ten Mile Peach Tree Woods!

Wang Xiao as Star Lord Si Ming – known as Dijun’s right hand, I liked his role simply because he was the one overseeing the destinies of people living in the Mortal Realm. They once described him as a great writer that he could be a writer of plays with the destinies that he has written especially for the immortals who will be experiencing the life of a mortal.



Chinese dramas usually disappoint me with their choice of music as it becomes very repetitive all throughout the drama. It wasn’t the case for this drama, even if there were a few songs in the soundtrack, they were played appropriately in scenes and suited the mood of the story. Though I can say that nothing was quite outstanding in their soundtrack but still nice enough to listen over and over again for some feels. With that, I recommend that you go on Spotify and place the drama’s Chinese title in the search bar. Voila! Unlimited “Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms” feels right through your ears.


“Eternal Love” in 1080p goodness!

If only I had a high-speed internet connection, I would have watched all of the episodes in high definition. I only did it for a few minutes and screencapped all the beauty to be seen in this drama. I was too eager to continue watching so I didn’t want my streaming to keep buffering and just settled for 360p haha! To say that this drama has an amazing cinematography is an understatement. It had this pure and ethereal feel when you’re in the Nine Heavens, dark and gloomy in the Ghost Tribe’s Grand Ziming Palace, and forever springtime feel when you’re in Qing Qiu. The character’s still shots magnified their feelings and emotions at certain moments. Of course this wasn’t possible if the actors couldn’t act well which wasn’t really a problem in this drama. Overall, the brilliant cinematography has made the Ten Mile Peach Tree Woods my favorite fictional drama location and I wish I could find one so I could just chill in one of the trees as Bai Qian’s seen doing most of the time.




COSTUMES! The photos above are my favorite Bai Qian attires. Pastels and florals are definitely fit for a High Goddess like her. No costume was too extravagant or flashy for me, they were just right for these immortals. Honorable mention for costumes goes to the sly Su Jin. Her costumes didn’t reflect who she was as she looked so pure and innocent with those gowns and I’m pretty sure that they really did it on purpose to deceive the people in the Celestial Palace.



The actors’ relationship. Yang Mi and Mark Chao have created such a wonderful friendship as colleagues. To be honest, I didn’t expect them to have such a great relationship off-cam. Yang Mi gave me some unfriendly vibes when I watched her in an episode of China’s “Running Man” while Mark also gave me some passive and introverted kind of personality. Good thing they proved me wrong and they are actually such dorky clowns on the set!




Will I watch it again? There is a chance but probably not the whole drama anytime soon. I sobered up pretty quickly and better than I expected after finishing the drama and watching all the behind-the-scenes clips that it just motivated me to write this post. I’m just thankful that Dramafever had some memorable scenes uploaded in their YouTube channel and maybe that’s the kind of rewatch that I will probably do for now.



 If you ask me which lifetime I loved the most, it would definitely be the lifetime with Ye Hua and Bai Qian (Mark and Mimi would answer the same thing too!). 58 episodes didn’t seem like it was such a long drama. In fact, I wanted more especially from the ending! If you think you can’t handle long Chinese fantasy dramas (I was like this too), then think about it again! This drama will definitely change your life and even set your standards high in what a Chinese drama should be like.

And just in case you haven’t been getting my eternal love for this drama, my rating would definitely be 10 baskets of peaches! This drama had everything that an avid drama-watcher could wish for: buckets of romance (with sides of squeals), liters of tears due to joy and sadness, heaps of laughter and fun, and sprinkles of magic! The last time I wrote a full-length drama review was last year when I wrote one for “In A Good Way”. In my last statement in that post, I said that I wish I could find dramas worth writing a review for. It definitely took a long time before I did but I’m thankful that it’s for a drama like “Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms” because if I didn’t write about it, I don’t know what other drama would be worth writing for.

That is all for now. Hope you liked my review and let us toast with our jars of peach blossoms wines!


22 thoughts on “[Review] C-drama: Eternally Loving “Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms” (2017)

  1. Kate - skimmedmilkdrama

    Hurray! Such a detailed review. I loved every bit of Ten Miles of Peach Blossom too. I found the storyline ridiculous but I was completely hooked anyway haha. It had been long since I last watched such an addictive drama. Looking at this post makes me ashamed…. I have one post regarding Ten Mile of Peach Blossom lined up and half done since… half a year ago when I first completed the drama? And it’s still not done yet… Procrastination is real scary… Hahaha.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      Thank you as always, partner! Come to think of it, it was ridiculous but it wasn’t to the point of absurdity or more than we could take. Same feels, mate. Sooo addictive that I still don’t know what to do with my life haha! Omg and that’s how I fell in love with the drama, it made write a review and managed to finish it in 2 hours @_@ HAHA hope you get the chance to post it! Really want to know your views on it :-*


  2. Meiazza

    I love reading your review about this drama. I’m not a fan of fantasy-romance cdrama but this drama finally captured my heart. I found Mark Chao was brilliant. I don’t usually like Yangmi either but she’s really good and I admire her for having an agency to find a promising young talent like Zhang Bin Bin. Just like you, beside the OTP, I found myself care so much about Li Jing, he’s such a weak and pitiful character but actually he has a good heart. ZBB was able to make me care and symphatize with Li Jing. I was surprised ZBB is still new to this industry. Instead of chasing Donghua Dijun, I think Feng Jiu should be with Li Jing. The only story that bother me was Fengjiu story with Donghua Dijun, it was creepy enough to see a cute girl fallin in love with an old man LOL. I wish I have writing talent so I could write a fanfic about Li Jing and Feng Jiu.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      Yay thank you for your lovely insights! I thought I was the only one, really thought there was going to be a love line for Feng Jiu and Li Jing. My false memory must have played with me but it must have also been my unconscious mind that wanted them to be together lol hope we come across a nice fanfic of them! Mark being brilliant is an understatement. I just have so much love for that man! Thank you very much for this wonderful comment!


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  6. runningwiththecopier

    Scanning Nexflix not knowing what to watch, when I stumbled on this little gem. I’m not big on subtitles but decided to watch anyways. I’m glad they didn’t dub this. I totally enjoyed this series and fell in love all over again. Being an older woman it made me young again. Good on you Mark Chao. His expressions warmed my heart. If only. Sigh

    Liked by 1 person

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  9. QuantumFoam

    Very nice review, thanks. This drama was beautifully crafted, great production, amazing actors, fantastic music and well used during the drama, superb scenery. But I think this drama would not be so compelling without the characters of Ye Hua/Mo Yuan as performed by Mark Chao. Mark Chao is an excellent actor, the best I have seen, he acts with his eyes….not handsome enough? He was the most good looking guy in the drama. I give this drama a 10 out of 10…cannot be anything better….we need more closure, we need the wedding…..

    Liked by 1 person

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  12. magnolia cream

    What a great review! I love, love, love this drama! Mark Chao is the personification of a beautiful male god. What did his critics want? A shallow, pretty face? Mark Chao’s dignified air, depth and acting prowess elevated the quality of this drama to Nine Heavens.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Mia

    Did he really say if you don’t hunk I’m handsome, you need to watch this drama? That would have been so funny. I couldn’t find the interview in the first image of the post. I thought the actors were amazing.

    Liked by 1 person

  14. Wolli

    I just watched this amazing drama because of good reviews. I am not a fan of Chinese fantasy drama and this was first one I watched on Netflix. I found your review while I was watching it and it gave me so much more appreciation on the whole cast for their amazing performance and hard work. Especially Mark Chao, this was the first time I saw him and his acting skill was mind blowing. Funny enough, I didn’t realize he was being criticized not being handsome enough for his role before I read your review. Initially, I did think he wasn’t handsome enough to play Ye Hua when he played Mo Yuan at the first 10 episodes, and I thought Yang Mi as Si Yin didn’t do a good job as she acted very timidly. I remember one reviewer was saying hang in there, it would get better. I am so glad I stayed. Mark Chao made both his charactors alive! He looked so exotic as Ye Hua, like QuantumFoam said, he acts with his eyes. I became to like Yang Mi’s acting as the show progress when she played Bai Qian. I do agree Vin Zhang is smoking hot. Dilireba is the only actress that I think who needs a lot of improvement in acting. I didn’t like the story line about Feng Jiu and Dijun because it dragged on for too long, I fast forwarded their scenes and felt like didn’t miss anything. Overall, I love this drama. I look forward to your recommendations on good shows.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      Wow thanks for sharing your thoughts! So glad you watched it! It’s been 4 years and I’m still in love with this drama. Mark Chao has a great filmography so hope you can check out his other works too. Sadly, I don’t update much here anymore because of time constraints but I’m still recommending dramas on Twitter (@SMilkdrama) if you have one. Always feel free to say hi there and I can send in more recommendations!



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