Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 24 Review


We’re already halfway through this drama and we still need more of these two being happy!

The previous episode has set the bar so high that I ended up being very disappointed with this episode. If I likened episode 23 with a rainbow cake, episode 24 was a cake that was left to become a mold in the fridge. Join me to find out why I’m not eating this cake anymore…



I started this episode with high hopes since Shancai and Dao Ming Si looked so happy together reminiscing their funny Haunted House mishap.


I guess I spoke too soon when I said in my previous recap that this version made this double date better by letting Dao Ming Si stay calm despite getting insulted. He has reached his quota for being calm for the day when the douche told him that Shancai was pathetic. He just could not stand the jerk insulting his girlfriend and even playing around with other girls.


Our nth time of seeing Dylan Wang topless in this drama!


F3 heard that nothing good was happening upstairs just when they came from a date. Hua Ze Lei thought that they only lasted for four days and the other two quickly pushed away his thought.


Just like the 2001 drama, Dao Ming Si did not want Shancai to know why he punched the jerk. He just told her that he was furious so he hit him. I love how his character was willing to risk how Shancai looked/thought of him just to avoid Shancai knowing what the jerk said about her. *Sighs*. True love!


Silly F3 was mocking Shancai and Dao Ming Si fighting and I just couldn’t stop laughing!


Shancai punched Xiaoyou’s douchy boyfriend after seeing him with someone else. Xiaoyou ran away crying in a park where Ximen found her.


Ximen called his back-up aka Ah Si while Xiaoyou told Shancai that she was in a bar.


Just like in the 2001 version, Ximen brought Xiaoyou to the bar where her ex was.


Dao Ming Si gave him a beating again which was just a “massage” for him. Love his arrogance haha!


Shancai told them that she punched the douche right when she saw him with another girl. Dao Ming Si thought that she was being a hypocrite since she told him that it was wrong to hit a person.


Shancai was concerned about Xiaoyou being taken home by Ximen. Dao Ming Si quickly dismissed her worries by saying that Xiaoyou isn’t Ximen’s type at all.

It kind of broke my heart when Dao Ming Si said those lines and the following ones to Shancai. Like really, Shancai… What are your priorities, girl?


Baby boy 😦 He said that he has been feeling anxious about it because one month will be over soon. Sometimes, he would even wonder if it’s already over between them.


Shancai ran to give him a hug from the back. Aww… I was so proud of Shancai for doing this because I would never expect it from her. She said sorry that she accused him wrongly when he hit that jerk. She told her that it has not been a month yet so…


YES!!! My babies are finally official!!!


They reviewed each other in their study date and everything was just perfect.

We never even got a study date in the 2001 drama for the following reasons:

1.) Dao Ming Si doesn’t study or to make it simple, we never really saw any of the F4 members in a classroom setting unlike in this version. 2018 F4 actually works hard on their thesis and would even have post-class discussions. Like WOW.
2.) He has no care at all since his mom is one of the board members of the university anyway. In this version, Dao Ming Si is a scholar, a top student, and a stock market genius.
3.) Shancai isn’t smart or someone who would study hard despite her poor economic conditions. As for this drama, the changes in her academic lifestyle are not as obvious as the ones we saw with F4. However, she would still get high marks because she got help from Li Zhen (2001 Shancai did too).

My only point here is that, the 2018 did such a marvelous job in instilling the importance of studies/education in this drama as reflected by the characters. I can’t believe seeing a study date scene would trigger me to write these things haha!


Shancai was thinking of rewarding him with some snacks from her favorite store. Oh come on, Shancai! You should know that a kiss is already enough to reward your gorgeous and smart boyfriend 😉


James Li Quan (recently appeared in “The Singer”, a famous Chinese singing competition), a talented Chinese musician, made a cameo here. Pretty random actually especially that I thought he would appear here because of Hua Ze Lei. I guess it still made sense as he was looking for him.

Apparently, Meizuo was the organizer of James Li’s recital and made sure that Zhou Caina would sit beside him. They got drinks until she got drunk and an ex-lover went to the same bar and was trying to reclaim her. I have already ended my recap here because I was just so bummed when the drama decided to focus on Zhou Caina’s background… Did they really just do that to us fans?!

In a nutshell,

  • What a disappointing episode. Despite the fact that Shancai and Dao Ming Si’s relationship has already been made official, the production team annoyingly added Zhou Caina’s story line. Let us just all forget that the last 15 minutes of this episode happened. If you do care about her story line, I’m sorry if you’ll get offended by my comments. To be honest, I think it was just a waste of screen time when it should have been given to the characters who needed it more. Like why would we even care about her past relationship with Mr. Old Man?
  • Moving all my negative thoughts aside, Shancai back-hugging Dao Ming Si and telling him that they should make their relationship official was worth watching this episode even just for that.
  • The study date part was also the cutest! I really thought we would get more lovely scenes of them as a cute couple but I guess we will have to see the next episodes for more.

What did you think of this episode? Were you disappointed with this episode too? Or maybe you thought it wasn’t so bad?

8 thoughts on “Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 24 Review

  1. vespa

    You are right about the last 15 mins. The only interest is how old the “old man” is because he looks really old. I’m old, and I thought eeeewwwwwww I hope he’s not younger than me. = ) Why put this in when we could focus on Lei….that scene with the chopper was fantastic.

    Anyway back to the important stuff, so does official mean that they are no longer on the 1 month trial? I love their scenes.

    Thanks for your brilliant recaps and thoughts. I really enjoy reading them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      He does look old. I have a feeling it was mustache that gave him old man vibes too. Right? I wish they focused more on Lei like we barely know what’s going on with him now that he’s always in the background now. Sorry but I might have a short-term memory gap, what was that chopper scene? Haha!

      Yes, that’s what it meant! 😀 Sorry if I was not able to clarify that in my recap. Sooo in love with their scenes!

      Aww thank you very much! No problem and I thank you too for sharing your thoughts 🙂


      1. vespa

        hehehe I meant the chopper as in the meat cleaver. And I think you are right its the moustache.

        Thanks for clearing it up. Awwww she’s waiving the trial period. No you didn’t need to clarify, I should have understood.


  2. le_magster

    I was always frustrated with why Dao Ming Si wouldn’t explain why he hit Xiaoyou’s boyfriend to Shancai… I thought it was just another case of bad communication. But the way you explained it makes so much sense! That’s actually really sweet of him, haha.

    Liked by 1 person


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