Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 33 Review


I can keep watching these two and not get sick of them at all!

Time flies really fast because the 6th week of this drama is already here! It started out so great because it has become my 6th favorite episode of the drama. Also, I have 60 screencaps for this episode alone. That’s how much I loved it. What’s with this episode and anything to do with number 6 anyway? It’s literally the “Liu” (6 in Chinese) in “Liu Xing Hua Yuan” (“Meteor Garden” in Chinese). Okay, I’ll stop now. Let’s start reliving this beautiful episode!


It turns out that Dao Ming Si knew that Lei planned everything to help him and Shancai.


Lei’s got a point there! If he already knew, why did he still get mad at both Lei and Shancai? HAHA! These Lei-Ah Si scenes would make you think that you’re watching a BL drama if taken out of context… I swear, I enjoy their interactions the most in this drama.


See, they’re just so adorable! I live for these scenes.


I loved how Lei asked this to him. Dao Ming Si is known to be impulsive and easily acts on whatever is on his head.


Dao Ming Si told him not to care about him anymore and just worry about Shancai.


He told Lei to change his slogan because he’s always involved in other people’s businesses now. Oh you’re both so cute!


Look at how intense their gazes were. The sexual tension is real. HAHA! Don’t mind me, I’m just trying to entertain myself lol


Aww this was just bittersweet.


Hua Ze Lei is leaving 😥


Let’s just all take a deep breath and try not to get heartbroken for Lei.


I find it so cute that they paralleled Darren Chen’s with his character as Hua Ze Lei. They made Hua Ze Lei as someone who’s originally from Taiwan. I love realizing such tiny details in this drama, they’re like the hidden Mickeys!


Aww please be happy, Lei! 😦 And so the drama made a montage of Shancai and Lei’s happy moments together. I’m weak.


Shancai having some realization about her own feelings. This version didn’t have a lot of these scenes compared to the 2001 one so it’s also interesting to know what was going on inside this Shancai’s head.


Don’t worry, Ah Si. We also find you men so annoying too… HAHA!


Ximen, the self-proclaimed love expert, likened Shancai to a violin. He was so engrossed into sharing his knowledge on love that Ah Si already left them. LOL.


Shancai dragged Ah Si into a corner and brought him to the rooftop. Our girl’s about to confess her feelings!


Oh poor Shancai. No one else could help her but herself.


It’s so cute how we saw her struggling to reveal her true feelings towards him. She’s just really like any other girl. She still didn’t have enough courage to do it so…


She presented the bento box that she made for him instead!


Dao Ming Si was so happy to have received it from Shancai even though he didn’t know what it was. I made some parallels of this scene with the one in the 2001 version in our Twitter 😉


Shancai told him that she thought he was going to be with Xiaozi when she saw them together in the coffee shop.


I love how our girl is slowly becoming more courageous in confronting Ah Si. Keep going!


He totally didn’t expect that he almost choked on his food haha!


Dao Ming Si was pretty disappointed when Shancai told him that they should keep their relationship a secret first.


She said that she does not want his mom to break them apart again so they should take things slowly first and temporarily keep it a secret. At least she was already being honest with her feelings and telling him that she wants to be with him.


He just badly wants to kiss Shancai haha! But nope, not YET 😉


Yes, so please cherish every moment of that with him!


Meizuo was in Shancai’s area to pick her up as a start of his plan with Ximen to set her with Ah Si up. They discovered that Ah Si’s bodyguards were tailing her but they decided not to tell him first or he would start a fight again with his mom.


Ximen asked Xiayou on a date to trick Shancai and Ah Si. Poor Xiaoyou thought that there would be something more.


So Ximen and Meizuo tricked the two of them thinking that Xiaoyou went to Ximen’s house tasting tea. They locked them in a room and anything could happen *giggles*. It’s so cute how Dao Ming Si said that his friends could have just told him and he would be willing to join even without tying him up haha! Someone’s thirsty lol


Ugh this boy is just so stubborn and playful!


Which one? The “dumb look”? Haha! Apparently, that “look” would always make him want to kiss Shancai as implied in one of the scenes that came after.


*SQUEALS*. I had to keep replaying this because it was such a cute scene!


Shen Yue’s, I mean Shancai’s height caused his neck to break according to him! I feel like I was watching them in real life because they really looked anxious after kissing and how they were talking about their heights. Are you sure you guys weren’t acting?


HAHAHA. Only Dao Ming Si could say such a thing.


Dao Ming Si was just lovingly staring at Shancai while she was feeling awkward and was thinking of things to break the ice. She then reminisced how she was stuck in the cold when they were in Canada. He told her that he saved her from that he would be willing to do it all again. Shancai was teary-eyed and just beyond grateful that she has someone like him in her life. You’re really lucky!


I hate how he could just casually tell him how he feels but she’s still having difficulties to do the same *sighs*. I completely understand her though, it just really takes time.


We all know why Shancai has mixed feelings about her situation with Dao Ming Si. Just like any other drama, and especially a drama like MG/HYD, good things easily melt. There’s just always the calm before the storm. Despite all that, we just want you to be more honest with your feelings and be with him happily already please!


In a nutshell,

  • A superb episode!!! So many Lei – Ah Si, Ah Si – Shancai, and Lei – Shancai moments that I just could not stop replaying their scenes (also to get perfect screencaps for this blog, of course 😉
  • It made me sad that Hua Ze Lei had to leave but I think they did it so that the story could be more focused on the main OTP.
  • Loved how they recreated the Ximen-Xiaoyou setting up Ah Si-Shancai scenes. It was totally different from the original drama and this version made it less conservative (*wink wink*). In the 2001 version, Ximen made it look like that he was in a hotel (owned by the Dao Ming family) with Xiaoyou. Shancai and Dao Ming Si’s date got interrupted because overprotective Shancai has always had this idea that she’s responsible for Xiaoyou. So they followed them to the same hotel and received a romantic candlelit dinner table which they assumed to be for Ximen and Xiaoyou. They availed of the service instead so that it wouldn’t get to Ximen because they believed that it was just one of his many tricks to make a woman fall for him.
  • Even if you root for Dao Ming Si to be with Shancai, you can’t help but feel bad for Lei because he’s someone who deserves all the happiness in the world *sniffs*.
  • THE KISS! I must admit that this version’s kissing scenes could never compare to the 2001 drama for many reasons. China’s censorship, actors’ lack of experience and age could attribute to why we never got the same intensity and amount of kissing scenes. However, I still loved Shancai and Dao Ming Si’s kiss here. It may not look much but it looked like it was really a kiss of a couple who have intense feelings for each other.
  • Speaking of feelings, aren’t we just all looking forward to the time when Shancai gets to confess her feelings to Ah Si? We’re all giddily looking forward to it.

What did you think of this episode? Did you love it as much as I did?


10 thoughts on “Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 33 Review

  1. dramamama

    Hi Dramarian!

    I’m like you.. I also loved those gazes Dms and Lei exchanged. I really, really like how this version places such importance on their bromance – an aspect I found lacking in the original and Korean versions. It also helps that Dylan and Darren are killing it in their roles.

    I was also squealing when Dms said that this certain “look” of Shan cai fascinates him so. I found myself giggling like a schoolgirl and I had to watch that scene again too.

    Aaah… what’s not to love about Dms? Nothing, absolutely nothing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      So true. Forever thankful that they capitalized their bromance and as you said, because Dylan and Darren are doing an excellent job in their roles.

      Right? I don’t think I’ve ever encountered that seductive line in the other versions that I have watched haha!

      I AGREE 100%!!!


  2. vespa

    Alright Ms Dramarian the screen caps 12 and 13, I WANTED to screen cap those screen caps. Yes this scene in MG was awesome, but I actually showed my husband the screen caps and esp those two. Hilarious! I totally get the Lei and DMS friendship, its so beautiful *Sniff*. I can’t believe I got trolled and thought the worst. *Insert Shancai’s dumb look*. : )

    Am loving the Shancai – DMS back and forth bickering or conversation, I don’t know where its going (often in a facepalm but sometimes not). I thought DMS was going to snap back when she presented the Bento box, but he just looked so grateful. Also the significant kiss and the following height teasing between them. So cute.

    Cinematography and acting of the Lei – DMS scene was amazing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      Go screen cap those screen caps haha! They have the most precious relationship in this drama.

      I love it too! I just never get tired of it haha! That kiss is one of my favorites. Aaaahh sooo heart-warming!

      I think Lei and DMS will always have good acting and cinematography just because they could carry any scene together haha!


  3. Mei

    So the kiss scenes were better in 2001?? I may have to watch it then haha 😉
    I was right in my other comment that Lei could’ve been faking his attraction to Shancai… and I was right! Thank you for not spoiling it for me!! 😍
    I liked this episode too, I hope there’s a lot more to come!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      Definitely! More action *wink wink* lol I don’t like getting spoiled so I don’t spoil people too haha! We’re all just waiting for more good episodes 😀



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