Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 32 Review


I just love you, Lei!

What a wonderful episode! Perhaps another favorite of mine? It’s been a while since I said that. Some of my favorite scenes from the original drama happened in this episode but with some fun twists. Let’s have lots of fun and feels in this recap!


Xiaozi asked him what he plans to do now since Shancai is being pursued by Lei. He said that he does not care about everything else. All he cares about is Shancai’s feelings.


Yes! Go get your girl, Ah Si!


Shancai said a lot of things that would lead to rejecting Lei but he couldn’t care less. He just always wants to be there for her. *Sighs*. We need a Hua Ze Lei in our lives.


He asked Shancai how she is living alone. She said that she doesn’t notice it much since she tires herself out until she doesn’t realize the loneliness. It reminded Lei of how Jing was when he visited her in France.


Shancai asked him if he had any regrets. His responses were so heartbreaking that you just wanted to give him a hug.


He said that he should have held on longer and maybe things would have ended differently with him and Jing. He advised Shancai to hold on and not end up like him.


I was initially confused with this floor graffiti. I actually thought that it was Ah Si who drew it. For the reason that in the 2001 drama, he set up a lot of pretty lights including the design of the meteor necklace that he gave Shancai just to send a message that he’s not giving up. As for this version, it was definitely Lei’s drawing (refer to the previous episodes on how he drew faces lol).


Lei told her that he’s pretty sure that Ah Si is still holding on to their love.


His old self is technically his new self. Welcome back, love struck Ah Si!


Please never change.


Ooohh looks like we’re having some intense bed scene here… HAHA!


Lei isn’t letting his best friend have it easy! He will just keep testing him 😉


Oh Lei, what is really going on inside your head? Ah Si searched everywhere for Shancai, but she was actually just held up by Xiaoyou as ordered by Lei. They’re all so silly!


Almost there!


Shancai asked Lei why he asked her to turn off her phone. He told her that she will need time to relax as he’s sure that Ah Si has been searching for her everywhere now.


He has finally found Shancai! My heart fluttered when he was saying these lines that I had to replay the scene.


This will always get me. 2001 Dao Ming Si said the same thing and I don’t know how anyone could resist when someone like Ah Si would ask you this.


Now there’s the iconic bus scene! It’s not a Meteor Garden adaptation if you don’t have this scene 😉


I actually loved that this version used Lei to accompany Shancai in the bus. It had more emotional impact and significance to the story and the dynamics of their relationships. Although the 2001 version was more dramatic and I could feel my tears wanting to fall, I never really understood why it had to be Ah Si’s older cousin who accompanied her in the bus (it was in the manga though if I’m not mistaken). This is why I loved them for choosing Lei to be with her even though it hurt.


Their reunion was immediately cut short because…


When Shancai was missing, Dao Ming Si actually reported a “crime” to the police just so they could help him find her. HAHAHA. This drama is trolling us.


I know I said this already before but I’m just so in love with this cute face of Dylan! He looks like an innocent puppy and it really reminds me of how Jerry Yan used to do it too.


Now there’s the hug that I was waiting for!



Yes, both of you are flirting! They are just the cutest. I made a parallel of this scene with the 2001 version in our Twitter and they were all just so adorable.


Because he doesn’t want her to ever run away from him again! So cheesy but you can’t deny that he can just sweep you off of your feet. *Sighs*


We found Lei reflecting by a fountain lake outside with tears in his eyes?! Ugh I’m just so sad that my precious angel was feeling sad. The drama gave us a flashback of how he asked Shancai if she was already sure with her decision.


Our boy-man is out here to live his life fully with Shancai! She wasn’t so open about this idea yet because she felt like he’s rashly making these decisions.




Shancai was tightly clenching her fist because she wanted to confess her feelings to Ah Si already but she just couldn’t. I didn’t know if I wanted to pull my hair or her hair…


Same, Ah Si, same. We’ve probably already lost count on how many times that Ah Si said this line implying his dissatisfaction with the things that Shancai’s been telling him.


Here’s Ah Si again trying to tell Lei to back off. Oh I live for these scenes!


Lei mockingly asked him if she’s already his girlfriend again. He then told Ah Si that he doesn’t think so which means that he still has a chance. Oh Lei, I just love you!


Keep being cool, Lei! You know that Ah Si can’t keep his cool for too long haha!


Where did that come from, Ah Si? Haha! Love can make you say crazy things.


Apparently, Hua Ze Lei is the greatest troll of this drama…


Let me correct that, cutest and most adorable troll ever! He looked so satisfied now that Ah Si seemed to have passed all his tests.

In a nutshell,

  • I loved how I was expecting a hug right after the iconic chasing the bus scene but the cops ended up arresting Shancai. Way to make everything less dramatic haha!
  • Hua Ze Lei’s role in the love triangle was pretty confusing. We all know that he had his own motives so he could help both Ah Si and Shancai. However, his teary-eyed expression and telling Shancai to be firm with her decision were saying otherwise. Oh but what do we know, Hua Ze Lei has always been a difficult puzzle to solve no matter what HYD adaptation we watch.
  • I just want him to be happy and not always letting go of people just to make them happy. He should also think about himself too *tears*.
  • All the lines when Shancai was about to get off the bus were also uttered in the original drama. The only difference is that, you wouldn’t really feel anything for Ya-Men (Ah Si’s older cousin played by Blue Lan). As for this version, you wouldn’t actually know if you would be happy or sad because choosing between Lei or Ah Si will never be easy. Well, at least that’s how I feel *sniffs*. What about you all?
  • As much as I am excited for the next episodes, I’m feeling a bit sad that the next ones won’t be so centered on my three precious main leads anymore. I know this is unpopular opinion but I never really cared about the Ximen-Xiaoyou arc so I’m quite bummed that they will be sharing the screen time already. Oh well, everyone seems to be happy and excited about that ship so who am I to complain, right?
  • Moving that aside, this was overall a great episode and I just hope that this drama will go back to becoming better with every episode again.

13 thoughts on “Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 32 Review

  1. dramamama

    Hi Dramarian!

    I am a fan of the Ximen-Xiaoyou arc mainly because I absolutely loved both of them in the Korean version. The 2 actors playing them were also too cute. In fact, I found them cuter than Lee Min Ho (and I’m such a big Lee Min Ho fan) and Gu Hye Sun (whose portrayal of Jandi I found really annoying). BOF had a slightly different backstory but the 2 actors had me rooting for them.
    Once again, thanks so much for your recaps and screencaps.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. chouhelen27

      Hi I just watched bof too and I enjoyed the xiaoyou character. She was strong and independent. I don’t like how this xiaoyou acts “cute”.
      And jandi! Haha the first few episodes she really annoyed me, especially when she would be angry and eating but I think she really developed as it went on.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. dramarian Post author

      You were not the first person that I heard it from! Let me see if I could get to watching BOF before this year just so I could complete all the HYD adaptations haha!

      Always a pleasure and thanks for always dropping by too! 🙂


      1. dramamama

        Kim Go Eun (the Korean version) is my favorite Xiaoyou. She is cute, yet classy and Kim Bum (the Korean Ximen) really suited her well.

        By the way, have you noticed Dms’ appearing / disappearing earrings again this episode? Look at the screencaps above – when he tells her to not go with Lei (no earrings) – to when he asks her what he has to do to go on loving her (with earrings). Hahahaha =)

        Liked by 1 person

        1. dramarian Post author

          Omg I still didn’t notice it until you and some other people pointed it out haha! They called it as the mysterious case of the appearing/disappearing earrings lol I wonder what was going on haha


  2. Mei

    I loved this episode! I actually cried when Daoming chased the bus. The song and slow motion was so dramatic… and I had no idea she’d get off the bus. (Sigh) I’m so glad she did! And I was expecting a hug too lol the arrest was funny. I was so disappointed when all she said was Goodnight, but it’s classic Shancai right? And Lei was adorable at the end!! So did he really like Shancai or was he testing Si? Maybe both? Lei is gorgeous when he smiles with those dimples 😍. His character is so solemn most of the time I wonder what the actor is like in real life. I really enjoyed this episode!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      Loved this episode as well! The arrest just made everything less dramatic lol I was so disappointed too because Ah Si was totally expecting for something but it wasn’t just the right timing for her yet. I really think it’s both! Yesss, I looove Darren Chen omg he’s Hua Ze Lei personified. Apparently, Dylan said in an interview that Darren has the biggest contrast in terms of face and personality. So that already tells us something, he’s a bad boy in real life! 😉


  3. Leelee71

    Everything you’ve said and i agree!! But i can’t help but mentioning, did anyone notice that after ramen @39:50 Ah Si didn’t have his earring on? It’s making me crazy!!!

    Liked by 1 person


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