Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 44 Review



I live for the hugs from these two!

This was a smooth-sailing episode for our main OTP as it focused on Ximen’s story line. It surprisingly ended up to be one of my favorite arcs in this drama. Read to find out why!


Dao Ming Si was smiling and laughing by himself when Shancai voluntarily offered herself to drink the shot that the boys were giving Ah Si. Adorable!


They all gathered to celebrate Ah Si’s recovery.


Ximen asked Xiaoyou if they were still friends. I would not know how to feel if I were her being asked this question.


Dao Ming Si wanted to leave his own celebration and be with his girl.


He told her that she only belongs in “Dong Shancai’s love corner”. Ugh so cheesy but wouldn’t you want your own love corner too? *cries*


Now, let us just enjoy the sweet screencaps of these two being happily together and just plain inseparable.


Thank you for realizing this, Shancai. You were a little bit late in doing so, but at least you’re aware of your mistakes now.


Shancai claimed to be the biggest idiot when she just recently realized that she loves Dao Ming Si when he almost died. He disagreed because he thinks that he’s just a plain stupid girl as he’s the only one who can be called as “The Biggest Idiot in the Whole Universe”.


Look at how cute and sweet these two idiots tightly hugging each other! *sighs*


Xiaoyou brought Ximen to her school’s Way of Tea club only to find out that she became a link for Ximen to meet his first love after five years.


Xiaogeng could not handle pretending to be fine as Ximen was conducting a class. So after five years, we got to find out that she still has feelings for him… *sobs*


The two of them decided to catch up on each other’s lives. I was a bit annoyed when Xiaogeng was inviting Xiaoyou too. Like come on, girl! This was your chance to talk to the love of your live privately *rolls eyes*. At least Xiaoyou knew her boundaries and rejected her invitation. Although it was obvious that Xiaogeng did that to avoid the awkwardness and so that she would not have to deal talking about her feelings to Ximen alone.


When Xiaoyou was saying these lines, I JUST FELT THAT. You will be okay, baby girl 😦 She was telling Shancai how she unconsciously helped Ximen and Xiaogeng to find each other again.


No thanks, Ah Si! HAHA.


Shancai asked Dao Ming Si to accompany her and Xiaoyou in their heartbreak KTV session. Dao Ming Si told Shancai to just tell Xiaoyou to give up on Ximen as he has always said.


Shancai was surprised to hear Dao Ming Si agreeing to be with them. She told him that he is especially reliable when she needs him the most. Like what Dao Ming Si said, how could she have only realized that now?


These two looked so happy to accompany Xiaoyou singing her heart out for hours. HAHA!


Even though Shancai was telling Dao Ming Si not to say anything, he ended up giving the best advice that Xiaoyou did not know that she was asking for. Who knew that Dao Ming Si could give such wonderful words of wisdom? He said that it was how he dealt with his problems (about Shancai for sure).


Xiaogeng called Xiaoyou to come to the rooftop only to find out that it was just Ximen standing there alone…


Ximen and Xiaogeng planned to see the rooftop sign like how she asked him to 5 years ago… It was such a bittersweet moment when the sign was not on the building anymore. Aaaahhh my heart 😦


Both of them said that they have already missed their “Once in a Lifetime” moment but Ximen told her that he still owed her a confession nonetheless. My heart was crying while watching this scene of theirs.


Xiaogeng told him that it was obvious that Ximen already has someone else that he will be spending his “Once in a Lifetime” moment with. So painstakingly beautiful.

In a nutshell,

  • As someone who does not usually care about the other story lines, I actually really liked this episode. I was so surprised at myself for being very emotionally invested in Ximen’s story line.
  • I still have not cried in this drama (yup, not even the hot pot scene or other DMS – Shancai scenes) but the Ximen – Xiaogeng story line almost made me tear up. Their love story was so realistic and brilliantly weaved. I’m so happy that this version made me like something I have never really appreciated back in the original version. I am really such a sucker for bittersweet endings!
  • Dao Ming Si and Shancai were the supporting characters in this episode but their small sweet moments were just too precious. We got such tight hugs from them that you would not want them to separate from each other ever again.

What did you think of this episode? Did you also like Ximen’s story line as much as I did?


8 thoughts on “Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 44 Review

  1. vespa

    This was a really good story arc. So many little truths you’ve mentioned above. Si giving really useful advice…I was initially thinking, why are you guys sitting as a couple while was Xiaoyou was heartbroken – and singing sad sad songs, and probably not wanting to see that, but she is so good natured that it wasn’t a thought (maybe only someone like me would think that 😌hehe). I was also thinking – gee that’s a bit rough that Xiaoyou was asked to accompany Ximen and Xiaogeng. And then inviting Xiaoyou to coffee to say she’s going to catch up with Ximen. Far out.

    Having said that, their ending was so sad. If Ximen was not so saddened by his parent’s marriage then……

    So I think they did this well. Thanks for the recaps and picking up all of these things to think about. And thanks for lingering on the Si and Shancai hugging. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      HAHA! So true. They would have made her feel more alone except that she didn’t really care but to just sing her out lol

      So true 😦 such a sad ending but really well done and something that happens in real life.

      No problem and thank you so much too! 😀 HAHA I just had to 😉


  2. Mei

    I didn’t really get into Ximen’s story as much and I think it’s because I don’t like the girl who portrays Xiaoyou. I definitely like Ximen more but I don’t ship the two. I thought he’d end up with Xiaogeng but alas, it is not so 😦
    The scene I totally lol’d was Daomingsi & Shancai at the Ktv room 😂. His expression and her lackluster singing … and they suffered with her… haha true friends! His words were wise, one worthy of an empire successor 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      You’re not alone. I never lived Xiaoyou (and the actresses) no matter what version it is but for some reason, Ximen and Xiaogeng’s love story pulled me in. I was so attached because of them, and not really because of Xiaoyou haha!

      They just all needed to be rescued from that KTV room haha! I loved it when he would give words of wisdom because it’s always surprising coming from his character.


    1. dramarian Post author

      In my opinion, Xiaozi in this version seems to be more genuine with her intentions regarding Ah Si and Shancai. I also think that she’s less childish/playful and I found her less annoying too haha! Not sure if others share the same sentiment because I know that some people got annoyed with her still. I have only watched the 2001 version and the Japanese version so this is where I was coming from.


  3. Zaza

    What great recaps, Ms. Dramarian, thanks again! 🙂

    Liked the toast that Meizuo gave at the beginning of this epi, lol – it reiterates the friendship of F4 and how DMS is like teflon man. Out of all the F4 guys, Meizuo is the most appealing boyfriend type in my eyes, if this were IRL, haha. He’s charming, funny, considerate & has the most sociable personality.

    Have recently liked Ximen, however, and his story arc within MG, especially with the once in a lifetime theme, is very poignant and thoughtful. It makes one truly think of all those moments in life when you wonder if things could have evolved in a different ~ possibly happier? ~ way. 😉

    Luv that our main OTP is going merrily along here! Nice to have a pause from the sturm and drang – lol. And to just bask in their cute and sweet hugs, plus appreciation of each other! 🙂

    Finished the HYD manga series this holiday weekend – and it was really interesting to see the contrast in storylines – between the original source and the various pan-Asian adaptations.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      You’re welcome! Thank you for being here again as well!

      Meizuo has always been F4’s constant in a sense that he just wants everyone to be united. I agree with you too, he’s actually the most realistic out of all of them lol

      I have only recently liked him too! I loved how they included his story line and made it even better compared to the previous versions. It can totally pull your heartstrings!

      Right? Sometimes, I appreciate their simple moments even more than their relationship milestones haha!

      Oh wow, I admire your patience for reading such a long series haha! How long did it take you to finish it?

      Cheers to you as well!



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