Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 43 Review


You won this time, Ah Si! You had us all completely fooled.

Just when you thought that this episode was going to make you cry, it just ended up making me laugh and smile like an idiot. Well-played, MG2018, well-played!


Shancai is worried sick after rushing Dao Ming Si to the operating room.


She’s just so lucky that Lei is comforting her and staying by her side. Ugh Lei, why do you have to do this to my heart 😦


Of course, he ends up to be fine except that there might be side-effects… Uh-oh.


Dao Ming Feng went back to her heartless state and just decided to return to London now that her son has recovered.


She reminded Shancai of what she has told her before and said it back to her.


Shancai told her that she won’t leave Dao Ming Si until he wakes up. She said that she also won’t leave unless she hears it from Dao Ming Si himself.


Ooohhh here we go! I don’t know why I kind of grinned when I was watching this scene. Maybe my dramasochistic self was so excited for more heartaches to come?


Dao Ming Si seemed to have remembered everyone except Shancai… Selective amnesia?


She reminded him of all their wonderful memories — how they first met, his gifts, and more


While watching this, my heart could not help but feel sad then be numb after. Wasn’t it just a bittersweet touch that it was Lei who was saying all of these things?!


Let us all silently reminisce how Shancai was so brave and confident confessing everything that she was feeling to an amnesia-stricken Dao Ming Si.


It sucks that it had to come to this before she gathered enough courage to tell all of these to Dao Ming Si… *sighs*. Although this was also the case for 2002 (season 2) Shancai.


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. This drama was trolling us all along. Dao Ming Si didn’t get amnesia… LOL.


Why did it feel like he didn’t? Or maybe he was just acting really well haha!


You’re a true genius, Dao Ming Si. He just knew that he was not ever going to hear it from her unless he had to come up with this brilliant plan lol


Dao Ming Si thanked Lei for saving his life. Ximen and Meizuo told him that he needed more than just a “thank you” because they would still think about saving his life if it were them. True friends!


Dao Ming Si told them to go home and reflect on what they just said. He’s grateful that out of his 3 friends, someone still has a conscience.


YESSS, IT IS. NOW, KISS! HAHAHA. I really ship these two more than the other ships to be honest…


Xiaozi reminded Dao Ming Si that his true love was just in his hand. Aww man, why did you have to cut my Lei-DMS moment so short? Kidding! Everything was just so cute actually.


Greatest friend award really goes to Lei (I’m serious this time).


Shancai was telling Dao Ming Si how she was so scared when he was rushed into the hospital. She said that all she prayed for was that he could stay alive. She never thought that he could be well and alive, but could actually forget about her. Trust me, 2002 Shancai really had this life and it took her a long time before finding her happiness back *sighs*.


He told her that he could never forget about her. Ugh I’m so bitter because we never got this in the original version. Again, I would like to thank this version for correcting the past version’s mistakes!


Such an interesting simile. Out of all the possible things in the world, why a velcro? LOL. I wish he used a more relevant one for their situation. Oh well, they were so precious in this scene so I would still take it.


Meizuo talked about how Shancai and Dao Ming Si’s love had to go through a series of obstacles and tests before finding out that it was true love after all. He said that he was feeling envious about it. Ximen disagrees because he said that he doesn’t want to go through such tests just to find out if it’s true love.


Lei agreed with Meizuo about this kind of view on love. Meizuo then told him that he had experience similar to it with Jing that’s why he could say it so easily.


Ximen even told him that his love with Jing was like porcelain that broke with just one touch. He then told his friends that what he had with Jing was something beyond love. Remembering the best about each other, loving each other forever despite not having each other. So painstakingly beautiful. In the end, Ximen, Meizuo, and Xiaozi saluted him for having that kind of love. They all wished to find the same love as he did.


Zhuang jie asked her brother what her name was. I just love the interactions of these two!


He never really got over what Shancai said about him even when we’re already nearing towards the end of this drama already… HAHA!


Dao Ming Si asked Yu Sao’s permission to be discharged and that he will be staying at his lover’s , I mean Lei’s house. Haha! He was delighted to find out from Yu Sao that his mom won’t be coming back anytime soon.


Even though he could go straight home since his mom’s not there, he still chose to stay at his best buddy’s house. I love these two forever!


See, he said it again!


*SQUEALS*. Look at how far we’ve come with you, Ah Si! You already explicitly said how you want to marry the girl of your dreams. Awww.


He’s such a cutie saying this! Dao Ming Si did not care much about Lei’s opinion though because it’s Shancai who’s not going to be fine with it.


So how did your mom block your mobile payment app then? People are contesting to me about this and I also don’t know how to answer it haha!


Dao Ming Si was kind of mocking Lei for knowing Shancai so well.


“Not this time, bro!”


So first part of Ah Si’s plan is to marry Shancai then transform the Dao Ming Group’s hotels into a new concept. Lei asked him what his secret plan was but he did not tell him and just went straight to Lei’s bed. Haha!


We ended the episode with an interesting twist of fate with Xiaoyou being classmates with Xiaogeng in the “Way of Tea” unknowingly. She took a selfie with Xiaogeng to be posted on her QQ/Weibo for sure so let’s see what the next episode will have in store for us.

In a nutshell,

  • This version became savage when it subtly mocked the original “Meteor Garden” season 2 for its amnesia arc. I really thought we were going to have that arc here but I guess Angie Chai and her team just knew how to correct their past mistakes.
  • I found it cute how F4 had similar views on love with Ximen as an exception. Ximen has always had a different point of view about love even back in the original drama.
  • I wanted to give a standing ovation while slowly clapping for Lei when he was talking about the kind of love that he has with Jing. I really hope that despite being in that kind of love, he could still find a way to be completely happy. That’s all what I wish for.
  • I would also like to thank this drama, especially this episode, for never failing to give us some Ah Si – Lei fan service! Ah Si even said that what he has with Lei is true love. Aww, don’t do this to my heart! But really, this is the only version that I have seen that gave such great importance to their brotherhood/friendship.
  • I can’t say that I’m proud of Shancai for confessing her love to Dao Ming Si because she thought she was already in a worst case scenario that’s why she had to let everything out. Dao Ming Si never needed an excuse to tell her how he feels so it’s pretty sad that there was an excuse for her to say those things. Oh but who cares about it now because…
  • DAO MING SI WANTS TO MARRY SHANCAI, EVERYONE. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. I need more oxygen to breathe. So I’m kind of confident that the next episodes won’t be making us cry anymore but maybe tears of joy? I just hope that the next ones end up to be beautifully done and well-thought of.

21 thoughts on “Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 43 Review

  1. Chrisver

    Yay for doing away with amnesia! It’s truly the worst drama trope! Whoever gets SELECTIVE amnesia by being stabbed, or in other versions, by crashing one’s car or by banging one’s head on a rock ? Not this 2018 DMS! And that means no more annoying girl to come between our cute couple. Not counting out monster mom, though.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      Call me weird but amnesia’s my favorite cliche drama trope haha! It just always gets me lol but yes to no more annoying 3rd parties! I’d choose his evil mom over any other annoying person haha!


  2. le_magster

    HAHA bless the scriptwriters for getting rid of the amnesia arc!!! If this is their way of repenting for their past sins in Meteor Garden 2, I gladly forgive them.

    On a more philosophical note, I have to disagree with Lei & Meizuo about needing to go through these tests to determine if it’s true love. The younger me (who was prob under the influence of wayyyyyyy too many dramas hahaha) used to masochistically wish for my own dramatic love story with all these trials, but now I think that’s so silly. It’s true that long-lasting love is dependent on commitment and communication, but no one should have to go through kidnapping, attempted murders, amnesia, oppressive in-laws, etc (lolol) to prove you have a love that can last… Furthermore, these qualities can be developed. Not everyone is born with the ability to communicate flawlessly from the beginning :p

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      I guess they felt so bad for everyone that had to go through the hells of MG2 haha!

      I also think that it’s up to the person what he/she considers as a “test” or “trial”. Maybe it doesn’t necessarily mean those extremes of amnesia, attempted murder, etc. It can probably be as simple as missed timings, different dreams, etc. but I totally get your point 😉 I also believe that everyone can develop such qualities.


  3. G Auntie

    I would like to thank you for your fantastic recaps! Even though I’m already ahead (I can understand Chinese so have been watching the episodes almost real-time), I really love your take and views on the scenes and how the story progresses! Makes me feel I’m not the only one obsessed with this show 🙂 (even though I’m like not young anymore haha)

    I love Dylan Wong as DMS! Didn’t expect this cause my fave DMS was the Japanese version, but Dylan really felt like a real life DMS (the youth, acting, age, looks), and honestly Shen Yue is my fave Shancai (she embodies the character more accurately somemore). My only gripe is that the kissing is not as good as MG2001 LOL, but the chemistry between them, and Darren as Lei, is fabulous!

    The amnesia storyline was inside the manga (MG2 changed and dragged it out) and I’m glad they took it out here cause I always felt selective amnesia to be a very unbelievable plot line.

    Looking forward to your comments on the next few episodes (far more cute scenes of our OTP not inside the manga), and I’m enjoying them and I am sure you will enjoy them too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      Good for you! I started out watching the raw channels but they wouldn’t be good material for my recapping purposes haha! Aww thank you very much! Glad to have found you here 🙂

      I never expected him to play such a great DMS too! He took in this role so smoothly that it could already be an iconic character of his even if it was just his first. Sadly, the kissing was just beyond their control. It’s really weird that it’s already 2018 yet it was the old version that still got the best kiss scenes… yes, I agree! They’re the ultimate OT3!

      MG2 had its own direction that I wished that Yoko Kamio stopped them from doing so lol

      Thank you again, dear! Can’t wait to watch the next episodes 🙂


  4. vespa

    This was a really funny episode. Very funny that the director was playing with us with the amnesia arc, gotta admit I only knew about it because of the recaps and the comments. I feared it greatly. heehee.
    They were all so cute here. How many times does Shancai need to be pranked by Si on a hospital bed? : ) Xiaozi’s “idiot” comment was probably related to her realising she needs to get in line after Lei and Shancai as the OTP for Si. Poor girl. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      Yes, they were playing with us all along HAHA! I only had a clue that he was pranking her just because he was on a hospital bed LOL. Poor Xiaozi, indeed! She’ll never have a chance with Lei alone… mwahaha!


  5. Zaza

    DMS is the cleverest boy ever – he really pinged one over on Shancai – lol. Extremely relieved they bounced away from an extended amnesia arc and fooled us in a good way haha.

    YESSS! DMS wants to marry Shancai. My heart is delighted! 😀

    HZL is absolutely adorable as usual!

    Thank you again for your great recaps, Ms. Dramarian! 🙂

    May have a case of MG 2018 withdrawal soon, however, I’m most glad to have found this very nice forum of MG fans to share the feels with this summer. Cheers! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      I admire him for being so smart and thought of that way to make her confess to him haha!

      Can’t wait for the next episodes!

      You’re welcome and thank you so much too for sharing your lovely insights!

      I think we will all do huhu. Glad that I unintentionally made one too haha! Thank you again 🙂


    1. dramarian Post author

      Aww thank you so much! It is indeed sad. Originally 48 but it’s apparently 50 now. Not sure if they added the number of special episodes in the original number to make it 50.


  6. Mei

    Ohhh glad to hear there’s more episodes! I thought after the *best* emotional Epi 41 that the drama was about to end.
    I would’ve never known about the amnesia arc if not for this site! I lol’d – that scene was well-played. And I agree that Lei is seriously king of subtle expressions.
    Xiaozi is my fave female actress here after Shancai. I think she’s a great character, and her delivery and expressions make her very likeable. The other gals in the drama are forgettable but these two ladies light up the screen!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      Yesss, good that that we still have more!

      HAHA! I’m one of the people that was attacked by the disaster that was MG Season 2 (2002). Lei is just the best huhu. I think she is too! I know some people who didn’t like the actress and/or her portrayal but I’ve always thought that she was okay and I never really found her to be annoying.



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