Kate’s Variety Shows List

Hi everyone! During my ‘one year hiatus for dramas’, I found extreme love for something else… Variety Shows! In particular, Chinese Variety Shows. What could be better than seeing all my favourite stars doing funny, stupid things with their real identity!? It doesn’t matter if ‘all these are k-variety rip-off’ like many claim, it only matters that I love and enjoy watching them! While there is MyDramaList to record all the dramas I have watched, there sadly isn’t any of such platforms for variety shows. Hence, I have decided to keep a manual record here! Everything is arranged alphabetically according to the year I watch it!

PS: the years in bold are the year I watched the show; the actual year the show was aired can be found under the Airing Date. Check out my Recaps Index for the the recaps/reviews I did for these variety shows 🙂


  1. 变形记 第九季
    Starring Li Hong Yi 
  2. Dinner Table 饭局的诱惑
  3. Go Fighting! 2 极限挑战 2
    Starring Show Luo Zhi Xiang, Lay Zhang Yixing, Sun Hong Lei, Huang Bo, Huang Lei, Wang Xun
  4. Grade One: Graduation Season 一年级 — 毕业季
    Starring Chen Jianbin
  5. Date! Superstar 约吧 大明星
    Starring Ethan Ruan Jing Tian, Xu Lu, Huang Jingyu
  6. Who’s The Murderer 明星大侦探
    Starring Gui Gui Emma Wu Ying Jie, Bai Jing Ting, Sa Bei Ning, He Jiong, Wang Ou 
  7. Grade One: University Season 一年级 —  大学季
    Starring Tong Dawei, Yuan Shanshan, Tong Meng Shi (Shitou), Xing Fei  
  8. Who’s Still Standing 一站到底
  9. Hello 女神
    Episode 4: Kimi Qiao. His last reality show, filmed 9 days before his death and aired 5 days after it.
  10. Diva Hits The Road 2 花儿与少年2
    Starring Zheng Shuang, Jing Bo Ran, Yang Yang, Ivy Chen Yihan, Ning Jing, Xu Qing, Mao A Min
  11. Challengers Alliance 2 挑战者联盟 2
    Starring Fan Bing Bing, Li Chen, Chen Xuedong, Evonne Xie Yilin, Xue Zhiqian, Chen Han Dian
  12. Go Fridge 拜托了冰箱
    Starring Happy Fridge Family including Jackson Wang Jia’er, He Jiong
  13. Burn U5 天生是优我
    Starring Show Luo as coach
  14. Give Me Five 高能少年团 (Youtube)
    Starring Liu Haoran, Zhang Yishan, Dong Zijian, Wang Da Lu, Wang Junkai
  15. War of the Singles 单生战争
  16. Big Brother China 室友一起宅
  17. Keep Running 5 奔跑吧 5
    Starring Dilireba, Luhan, Deng Chao, Li Chen, Chen He, Wang Zulan, Zheng Kai
  18. Diva Hits The Road 3 花儿与少年3
    Starring Tony Yang Youning, Chen Bolin, Zhang Ruoyun, Jing Boran, Maggie Jiang Shuying, Gulinazha, Lai Yumeng, Song Zu’er
  19. Fighting Man 我们战斗吧
    Starring Bai Jingting, Jackson Wang Jia’er, Jam Hsiao Jing Teng, Wang Kai, Yang Shuo, Jing Boran
  20. The Coming One 明日之子
    Starring Yang Mi, Hua Chenyu and Xue Zhiqian as competing coaches
  21. Go Fighting! 3 极限挑战3
    Starring Show Luo Zhi Xiang, Lay Zhang Yixing, Sun Hong Lei, Huang Bo, Huang Lei, Wang Xun
  22. Are You Normal 3 你正常吗 第3季
    Starring He Jiong and Henry as host
  23. Flowers On Trip 旅途的花样
    Starring Hua Chenyu, Lin Chiling etc
  24. Chinese Restaurant 老友记
    Starring Vicki Zhao, Huang Xiaoming, Zhang Liang, Zhou Dongyu, Jin Meng Jia
  25. The Inn 亲爱的客栈 (Youtube)
    Starring Liu Tao, Wang Ke, Chen Xiang, Ji Lin Chen, Kan Qing Zi
  26. Youth Inn 青年旅社 (Youtube)
    Starring Wang Yuan, Li Xiao Lu, Jing Tian etc
  27. Pretty House 漂亮的房子 (Youtube)
    Starring Wu Yanzu, Feng De Lun, Tang Yixin, Pan Pan, Yi Yi, Huang Rende
  28. Takes a Real Man 2 真正男子汉2 (Youtube)
    Starring Yang Mi, Wang Zitao, Tong Liya, Jiang Jinfu, Sun Yang, Shen Meng Chen, Lanxin


  1. Survivor Games 跟着贝尔去冒险 (Youtube)
    Starring Bear Grylls, Michael Tse, Bai Jing Ting, Janice Chang Junning and others
    Aired: 15 Oct 2015
  2. Challengers Alliance 挑战者联盟
    Starring Fan Bing Bing, Li Chen, Kris Wu Yi Fan, Lin Geng Xin, Chen Han Dian, Da Peng
  3. Go Fighting! 极限挑战 (First Impression)
    Starring Show Luo Zhi Xiang, Lay Zhang Yixing, Sun Hong Lei, Huang Bo, Huang Lei, Wang Xun
    Episodes: 12 (90 minutes each)
    Aired: 14 June 2015
  4. Off to School (China version) 我去上学啦
    Starring Wallace Chung (Zhong Han Liang), Jiang Jinfu, Sun Yizhou, Zhang Kaili & guests (Selina from SHE, Calvin Chen Yiru, Amber Kuo, Jiang Xin etc)
    Episodes: 12 (90 minutes each)
    Aired: 17 July 2015
  5. Real Hero 真心英雄
    Starring Liang Kun, Chen Xue Dong, Joe Cheng (Zheng Yuan Chang)
    Episodes: 12 (90 minutes each)
    Aired: 24 July 2015
  6. The Voice of China Season 4 中国好声音 《第四季》 (Recaps)
    Starring Jay Chou, Harlem Yu, Wang Feng, Na Ying
    Episodes: 90 minutes each
    Aired: 17 July 2015
  7. Up Idol 偶像来了 
    Starring Brigitte Lin, Ning Jing, Ada Choi, Athena Chu (Zhu Yin), Zhao Li Ying, Xie Na, Guli Nazha, Yang Yu Ying, Ouyang Nana, Kristy Zhang Han Yun
    Episodes: 90 minutes each
    Aired: 01 August 2015
  8. We Are In Love 我们相爱吧 [Recapped until ep 3]
    Starring Kimi Qiao Ren Liang, Xu Lu, Ruby Lin, Ren Zhong, Choi Siwon, Liu Wen
    Episodes: 12 (80 minutes each)
    Aired: 19 April 2015 – 17 July 2015
  9. Where are We Going, Dad? Season I 爸爸去哪儿 《第一季》
    Starring Jimmy Lin Zhi Ying & Kimi, Tian Liang & Cindy, Guo Tao & Shitou, Zhang Liang & Tiantian and Wang Yue Lun & Angela
    Episodes: 12 (90 minutes each)
    Aired: 11 October 2013 – 27 December 2013

Also watching long running variety shows: 100% Entertainment 娱乐百分百, If you are the one 非诚勿扰, Perfect Dating 非常完美 , Happy Camp 快乐大本营


  1. Diva hits the Road Season I 花儿与少年 第一季
    Starring Zhang Han, Hua Chenyu, Zheng Peipei, Zhang Kaili, Xu Qing, Liu Tao, Li Fei’er
    Episodes: 8 (90 minutes each)
    Aired: 25 April 2014 – 13 June 2014
  2. First Grade 一年级
    Starring Chen Xue Dong, Song Jia, Ma Haoxuan, An Qi’er, Xi Men Zi, Li Haoyu, Wang Zi Xuan, Chen Si Cheng, Lu Yu Lin
    Episodes: 11 (90 minutes each)
    Aired: 17 October 2014 – 26 December 2014
  3. The Voice of China Season 3 中国好声音 《第三季》
    Starring Na Ying, Wang Feng, Liang Kun, Chyi Chin and contestants
    Episodes: 14 (90 minutes each)
    Aired: 18 July 2014 – 07 October 2014

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