[NEWS] F4 Vic Chou is Married to Taiwanese Actress, Reen Yu

Vic Zhou Reen Yu married


Happy belated Singles Day! Singles Day is celebrated on 11/11 every year in China because the amount of ‘1’s in 11/11 is like an amass of singles. It’s a big thing in China and promotions and sales on Taobao, China’s biggest online shopping retailer went through the roof on Single’s Day.

Vic Zhou Reen Yu married 2

Vic Chou: Mrs Zhou is so beautiful! Yes, we are married. Thanks, friends, for all the blessings.

But this Singles Day, it’s special.  Vic Chou (Zhou Yumin), affectionately known as Zai Zai, had announced his marriage through Weibo on the eve of Singles Day, crushing the hearts of millions. Vic Zhou is married to his long-time girlfriend, Reen Yu (Yu Hong Yuan).

Vic Chou Hua Ze Lei

Zai Zai as Hua Ze Lei in Meteor Garden

Vic Zhou, 34, has been a sensation throughout Asia since 2001 because of his first drama, Meteor Garden, which was insanely popular. He, along with the 3 other male leads in that drama, formed F4 and they were the dream of so many teenage girls back then. Even though F4 is now disbanded, they still remain popular and loved by the public.

reen yu

Reen Yu as He Xiao Mei in Black and White

Reen Yu, 28, first rose to fame in 2009 with her supporting role in Black and White. It was also through this drama that she met Zai Zai, who was the main character. Her most recent drama was Lady Maid Maid in 2012.

Vic Chou Reen Yu

It is said that Zai Zai had proposed to Reen Yu out of the blue while eating at home one day a while ago. They had chose to register the marriage on 10/11 because they both happened to be free. And with that, Zai Zai is the 2nd member of F4 to tie the knot even though he is the youngest.

Barbie Hsu Jerry Yan Vic Chou

Can you recognise Barbie Hsu, Jerry Yan and Vic Chou?

Jerry Yan, fellow F4 ex-member, congratulated the two while Barbie Hsu (Da S), Zai Zai’s high profile ex girlfriend, sent her well wishes too, saying, “Very happy for him! I hope the two have a son soon.”

Vic Zhou Reen Yu

I’m not out of my hiatus yet (soon, though!) and I thought Marian would be posting about this but when I realised she didn’t, I thought “I can’t let this news slip by!” and hence, here I am. I had known that Zai Zai got married on 10 Nov because I saw some news headlines but it’s only today that I realised that his wife is actually Reen Yu who was the main female lead in Love Buffet which starred Aaron Yan and Calvin Chen.

Love buffet Reen Yu Aaron Yan

Love Buffet starring Calvin Chen, Reen Yu and Aaron Yan

I hated her character in Love Buffet because she made the entire drama so draggy. Thus, I wasn’t pleased when I realised my dearest Zai Zai has married her. But I soon came to my senses and realised, “what am I thinking?!” That was just a drama, not her in real life. I should be glad Zai Zai found his happiness! And when I put the delusional fangirl in me away, Reen Yu do seem like a pretty decent partner. I wish them both happiness and bliss forever(!!!)

To end off, I shall share a cute weibo I saw regarding #Vic Zhou and Reen Yu marriage#

Random fan:

Male god Zai Zai is married and his wife is the rumoured girlfriend of the other male god, Aaron Yan? Alright, this lady must have saved the Milky Way in her previous life.

Looking at the number of heartbroken tweets on Weibo, I must agree with this, Reen Yu is one lucky girl with a lot of good karma. Congratulations Zai Zai and Reen Yu! Make sure you stay loving and blissful so you don’t waste all the sacrifice we, rabid fangirls, have made for you two!


6 thoughts on “[NEWS] F4 Vic Chou is Married to Taiwanese Actress, Reen Yu

  1. dramarian

    what made this news shocking was that I wasn’t able to write about it (haha!) so thank you for doing it, partner! I’m actually heartbroken about it that’s why I couldn’t write about it lol just kidding! Beyond happy for my first love and genuine happiness could be definitely seen from his face through these photos 😀 Hoping that they get to have a wedding banquet soon!


    1. Kate - skimmedmilkdrama Post author

      Haha yeah! I was half expecting to see a blog post up when I visited it xD Can’t imagine how you would be like if Jerry was the one to get married xp I’m really happy for them too. I think Vic isn’t too keen on a banquet but he’s leaving their parents to arrange it 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. dramarian

        Haha! Well your half expectation actually half happened lol! ohgosh, I can’t imagine myself too =)) let’s just hope that when it happens, he won’t be my #1 love anymore haha! awww that’s good to know! Hope that there would be pictures for us to see when that happens 😀


  2. rosalia montes

    Wow! Jerry and Ken was left behind hehehehe. Ken have a girlfriend but handsome jerry was loveless! Hope it’s maggie jiang for him, because they are perfect match for me. If i have all the power i will make them love each other hehehehe.


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