[NEWS]: The Amazing Race 3 China brings 2 F4 Members Back Together!

Which F4 members are set to team up for The Amazing Race? ;)

Which F4 members are set to team up for The Amazing Race? 😉

I seriously don’t know what to feel about this news because nothing is ever certain in the world of Chinese entertainment. Let me rephrase that, nothing is ever certain when you get a piece of news that is just too good to be true! Read more to find out about what could be next year’s biggest reality show in China.

Shenzhen Satellite TV recently presented their shows for the upcoming year last October 14 with their line-up of shows are titled as, “Shenzhen TV Amazing 2016!”.  I feel like they launched it pretty early but  I guess they want people to be more hyped about their shows once they have finally started airing.

It’s really going to be an AMAZING 2016 once everything has been set in stone for the third season of China’s version of The Amazing Race. Why amazing? Just check out their line-up of stars! And hope you can cross fingers with me that we will get to see the names listed here on the day of its premiere on June 17, 2016 (!!!).

One major requirement for a team to have is that these two people must know each other for 10 years or more to create interesting stories and because knowing someone for a decade or so can only mean that they understand each other well enough.

Liu Xiang and his friend (someone update with the name of his partner please lol). I actually didn’t know until prior to writing this post but he’s apparently one of China’s top athletes. With that premise, I’m already scared for the other teams to be eliminated right away haha!


Li Xiao Peng and his wife Li An Qi. Just like Liu Xiang, Li Xiao Peng is another big threat to all the other players because of his background as an athlete.


Mark Chao and Shawn Dou. I’m actually a fan of these two but I wasn’t aware that they’re actually close friends nor know of any projects that they starred in together. Anyway, they can make this reality show even more watchable!

images (1)


Jerry Yan and Vic Zhou. Don’t mind me. I’m not crying, I just have tears in my eyes… This is totally not the reason why I’m writing this news post haha! If you’re still not aware, Jerry is my greatest Asian/Taiwanese love while Vic is my first Asian/Taiwanese love all because of the “Meteor Garden” and F4 phenomenon. So if ever this really pushes through, I’m just going to die a happy death lol 😀


Just some pieces of random trivia, Shenzhen TV was one of the channels that aired “My Best Ex-Boyfriend” starring Jerry Yan. These two have shared the screens with the same ladies over the past years and from what I can remember, they were Janine Chang, Ella Chen, Ivy Chen, Barbie Hsu, and Ariel Lin. Let’s not forget the famous child actor Xiao Xiao Bin too! Jerry’s the oldest member of F4 while Zai Zai (what his fans fondly call him) is the youngest. They did not only share the same screen with the actresses that I’ve mentioned but they shared the same endorsements as well. Jerry opened a IWC store in Taipei 101 a few years ago while Zai Zai reopened the same store just this year. Zai Zai used to endorse a bottled tea brand with Ariel Lin in which they passed the torch to Jerry and Cyndi Wang. Yup, I talked too much again about my biases haha!

Guo Degang and Guo Kirin. If we have long-time friends and partners, we also have a father-son team joining the roster of teams!


Allen Lin and Linzi Hao. We have another father-son team right here!

download (1)

Amber Kuo and Yu Shasha. I have watched some of Amber’s works but I’m not really a fan of hers. I’m not familiar with Yu Shasha’s works but maybe I’ve already watched her before but I just haven’t really noticed. With the dominance of men in terms of number in this season, their girl power must be unleashed!

Innocent Taiwanese singer Amber Kuo Tsai Chieh wallpapers 1024x1024 (07)


Wang Kai and Wu Lei. I’m sorry for not being familiar with these two but one thing is for sure, the latter has starred in multiple shows already. Thanks to Google for making me realize that haha!

images (2)


Handong Jun and Chen Yao. These people look TOO young that it makes me doubt that they’ve actually known each other for 10 years or more… haha! Chen Yao looks so familiar to me while I’ve already watched Jun in “Under the Hawthorn Tree” (in which Shawn Dou is the male lead who’s also a contestant here).



Ye Si and Wei Han Dong. Ye Si’s apparently one of China’s top fashion bloggers while Wei Han Dong is an electronic sports champion… This pairing is probably the most bizarre so just feel free to correct me if I’m really wrong about this!

download (2)


If you could see, the first two athletes mentioned are actually part of next season’s theme of Olympics synchronizing with the 2016 Olympics. This is why all of these teams will be going to different Olympic host cities/places in the past such as Athens, Rio de Janeiro, Atlanta, Tokyo, Munich, Moscow, Los Angeles, and Mexico among others! Such a big budget @_@

A total of 10 interesting teams and I already can’t wait to watch them all in action! If ever this really pushes through with Jerry and Zai Zai in it, you can trust me to write recaps for every episode of it starting next year (June 17 and the following Friday nights after). Oh wait, didn’t I just warn myself not to expect too much?! Jerry was rumored last year to join China’s “Dancing With the Stars” for this year. They even showed a video teaser showing his face and name so I really thought it was going to come true since they reportedly paid him millions.

Another heart-breaking situation was when he was rumored to join China’s version of “We Got Married” or entitled as “We Are In Love” with Chinese top supermodel Liu Wen. While many people didn’t want him to join because he’s already a big star, some wanted to see him in a reality/variety show since it would probably be more enjoyable to see a very low-profile actor who just mostly acts in dramas to appear in a reality show like WAIL. In his recent drama’s presscon, he admitted that he was invited to the show but he had to decline it because of the schedule although he really wanted to.

Given that, I hope that both Shenzhen TV and the people behind “The Amazing Race” were really able to get both Jerry and Zai Zai together because that would just be beyond AMAZING 😉

How about you? Are you going to check the 3rd season of Amazing Race China? Or are you half-hearted like me who’s just waiting for this news to be super confirmed?! HAHA! Let me know through the comments section below 😀

9 thoughts on “[NEWS]: The Amazing Race 3 China brings 2 F4 Members Back Together!

  1. archidisign

    Haha. Wu Lei? OMG, he is so young though to be an such a competitive show. My baby :’D I am surprised Mark Chao is not teamed up with Lin Gengxin, his real life BEST friend as everyone knows them for!
    Not trying to put some shades, but I heard that Mark Zhao and Vic Zhou have a REALLY bad relationship since filming for Black&White (TW-drama) and Vic was mad that Mark who obviously acted less well than him got the big award at the end of the year. I am just saying, it is risky for the show to put those two on the same screen again! Hope I am wrong though

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      I got surprised too that he didn’t pair up with Lin Geng Xin. It would even make this 10x more watchable haha! I have yet to watch Black & White but I remember being turned off with Vic when he wasn’t a good sport about it. But maybe if I watch it I’ll understand him more? haha!

      No worries! These two have recently made up all thanks to Mark’s wife Gao Yuan Yuan 😀 She starred in Don’t Go Breaking My Heart 2 with Vic so she acted as a bridge to those two. They even invited him to their wedding but he couldn’t attend it so he sent them wishes instead 😀


  2. Jane

    Jerry Yan on Amazing Race….so excited. but the problem is where to watch it. Thanks for the update and please keep updating about Jerry. Sucks that after My Best Ex-Boyfriend no news about him 😦

    Btw that DATV Japan fans day show you mentioned i’ve been searching in YT but can’t find a video of it. I really want to watch it

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      As long as this pushes through with a lot of big stars, then we’d have no problem about watching it 🙂 I also promise to write episode recaps if Jerry will be in it for sure just like what I did fot MBEBF. There are clips on Weibo so it’s a good sign that it’ll be posted on YouTube soon. Will try to link it to you when I can!


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