You Are My Glory Wedding Scene Crashes Tencent’s Server + Series Review: It’s over!?

I literally laughed out loud when I saw an article reporting the news. And before you start doubting, this actually happened and made it into Weibo’s Hot Searches on 16 August.

Tencent took it upon themselves to declare on Weibo that: “The wedding was crashed by everyone. We’re fixing the problem at full speed right now.” I guess not only the reporters are interested in Jing Jing’s wedding, eh? The whole internet wants to attend!

The most absurd thing? The wedding wasn’t even that impressive… or was I not paying enough attention?

As part of the internet that attended the wedding, I’ll share some thoughts about the drama. Instead of doing a standard review and probably never getting around to publishing it because of all sorts of procrastination, I’ll do it in a brand new format (read: lazy manner) where I just throw out random thoughts I had while watching the drama.

In case you didn’t know yet, here’s a rundown: You are My Glory is about the refreshing love story of a passionate but struggling scientist, Yu Tu (starring Yang Yang) and dazzling but unpretentious actress, Jing Jing (starring Dili Reba). She confessed to him when they were in high school but he, the class genius, didn’t take notice of her. She ended up being an accomplished actress and is now the most successful person from their class while he pursue his passions as an overworked and lowly-paid scientist. A game of Mobile Legend reconnected them. She remembers him as the genius he always has been and they began the journey of being each other’s glory.

“What a refreshing and sweet love story!” I won’t bother repeating what I blogged about previously.

“OKAY I HAVE BEEN SCAMMED.” The makjang began in the episodes right after I published the previous blogpost. There were stupid ‘noble love’, misunderstandings and separations. Good thing it didn’t last too long. And Yang Yang’s good looks and gorgeous brooding moments made up for those.

“Hot, hot kisses!”
And so many suggestive scenes! Ahh, I’m blushing! Asian romance drama has came a long way. Or has that got to do with the fact that our lead characters are in their 30s and had healthy romantic histories with other people? Realistic characters! Indeed shows the improvement in drama standards.

“Dilireba is gorgeous! gorgeous! gorgeous!”
The more I look at her, the more I think she is gorgeous. Look at that face. Those features. Urgh! How can someone be so good looking? This role of a gorgeous star fits her so well.

“Ahhhhh, Yang Yang *melts* Still as amazing! I will always be a fangirl!”

“What a well-received drama. I underestimated the prowess of Yang Yang…” I just mentioned my concern for Yang Yang in my previous post and how he needs to start taking on different type of roles to change his stereotype before being eliminated by fresh young things. Piak, piak. Look at me slapping my own face. Look at how crazy the audience is over Yang Yang again. Pardon me if I’m wrong but this might be a bigger hit than the 2016’s Love O2O?

“Dilireba is really pretty… I can also imagine her taking over Zheng Shuang’s role as Bei Wei Wei in Love O2O.”
And guess what, Dilireba actually fits the description of Wei Wei! There were many unhappiness about Zheng Shuang getting the role back then by readers of the original novel and I understand where they are coming from even though I did enjoy Zheng Shuang’s portrayal of Wei Wei. I will secretly add (at the risk of being cancelled) that I was quite sad I’ll never get to see Zheng Shuang acting again after all that baby abandonment drama, or so I assume. It was only after watching You Are My Glory that I felt… Dilireba might have made a good Wei Wei too.

“The pace of the drama was actually really slow…”
I was watching on 2x speed and there were still parts I felt like fast forwarding. Yeap, I didn’t get the part on the gaming. Neither did I understand anything much about Yu Tu’s lofty ambitions and work. But guess what? It was still….

I binged the episodes upon release every week! And then I check back every now and then hoping for an update just like an addict even though I know there weren’t going to be any.

“Waaaaaait, what? That was the last episode?”
Such an abrupt ending! I didn’t realise Episode 32 was the last episode even after I finished watching. It was only after I saw the news about Tencent being crashed by the wedding that I took another look and realised the drama status was “Completed”. Also, said wedding that crashed Tencent?… I didn’t even find it THAT amazing…. Yes, it was pretty. But YU TU AND JING JING ARE GORGEOUS IN THE WHOLE DRAMA. That wedding scene… was just one of the scenes. Personal opinion though, feel free to disagree.

“I did love that ending though.”
One scene that I really liked: Yu Tu expressed regret for being stupid in his youth and not realising how Jing Jing is the person he can work hard with and missing out on all those years they could have been together. (PS: That was the reason he gave for rejecting her confession in high school – he wanted someone who would work hard together alongside him and probably thought that Jing Jing was too frivolous.) Jing Jing responded with, “But I don’t regret that. Or else I would probably not have became an actress and achieved everything I have today. What is ten years when we still have the rest of our lives together.” You go, girl! Smitten but still independent and strong! This is the Jing Jing I fell in love with in the earlier episodes. The brave girl who is not afraid to chase after what she wants.

“This is not a brainless love story.”
Writing this post made me think: I know why Jing Jing is smitten over Yu Tu. He has been outstanding since young and it’s not hard to have a crush on someone like that. She truly believed in his greatness. Plus, part of her (pardon my lack of a better word) obsession over him was fueled by his rejection and her regret of how she did not manage to get into the same university as Yu Tu to show him that she was someone worthy of ‘working hard together with him’. Of course, that bright and cheerful girl is nowhere near psychotic but when a coincidence brought them together again, it is hard to control those hidden feelings from resurfacing…

But how did Yu Tu fall in love with Jing Jing? Was this an illogical act written for the sake of story progression? Probably not. When he reconnected with Jing Jing, he was going through a rough patch in life. Did he only want to associate with her now because she has became a rich celebrity? Probably not, he just needed something to take his mind off his career struggles and she happened to be there. Plus, who can resist such a adorable and lively girl? What really sealed the deal though, was her belief in him. When she said that, “Of all people, I’m the one who wish that you continue being a scientist the most.” Even when he doubted himself, she did not. She provided him with strength and comfort through a difficult period.

Also, fun fact if you didn’t know: as much as I was completely disinterested in Yu Tu’s actual work in the drama, I believe this drama was also in partial tribute to China’s Space Program success. I have been seeing this theme in a couple of dramas but this one has a real huge focus on that. Maybe the success of the drama might have had something to do with that too… After all, I imagine this is a drama the Party would approve of.

That wraps up my review on You Are My Glory. PS: I finished watching the drama and completed writing this post on 22 Aug but I procrastinated reviewing and adding images so it’s only published now… Hope you enjoy it regardless 🙂

2 thoughts on “You Are My Glory Wedding Scene Crashes Tencent’s Server + Series Review: It’s over!?

  1. Jo

    Thanks for writing up your review and including all those photos of the gorgeous leads. This was definitely a fun drama to watch, though there was practically no drama. Yu Tu and Jingjing were so low-key about everything, and I think they only had one major argument/misunderstanding…? I thought the trope of the ex-boyfriend and ex-girlfriend causing trouble would come up, but neither ex reappeared later in the drama LOL. Not complaining, though, because the OTP was so cute.

    I wonder if this drama was partially funded by China’s space program or something, or at least hoping to recruit people to become aerospace engineers. The last shot of the drama was very unexpected for a romantic series.


    1. Kate - skimmedmilkdrama Post author

      Hi Jo, thanks for the comment 🙂 The leads are really gorgeous, I don’t remember the last time where I just spend half the drama questioning how can the leads look so gorgeous xP Yeah, I really like how they took the effort to introduce the exes but they didn’t turn out to be trouble. I guess it helped in building them as humane and realistic characters.

      I’m not surprised if the drama was indeed funded by the space program. I did saw a few other recent dramas mentioning China’s space program, although not at this extent. I thought it was to celebrate a space milestone by China. And of course, it is not surprising that dramas approved by the Party (such as something like this) would be given more exposure. In fact, I wonder if the great success this drama had got anything to do with government support for its theme. Of course, that was just a fleeting thought because Yang Yang and Dilireba together is enough to create such hype. I agree that the last shot was very unexpected – to the extent that I didn’t realise the drama ended and was waiting for Ep 33 to be released… But the ending was thoughtful and sweet. A nice tribute to the people who spent their lives and neglected their family for the greatness of China’s space program.



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