[Recap] Never-Before-Seen Scenes in “Our Times”

I remember earlier this month/year that particularly one cut scene in “Our Times” became a hot topic on Weibo thanks to Joe Chen for reposting it hihi. It was none other than her cut scene with Jerry Yan. It was posted almost everywhere but I insisted on waiting for my DVD just so I wouldn’t feel like I spent a lot of money just to see it haha!

As promised in my previous Our Times-related post, I took up the courage to understand what’s been happening in the cut scenes without subtitles. I categorized it as a recap because I’ll be dissecting all the almost 12 minutes of (11:42 to be exact!) cut scenes from the film. This time, I have a better quality of screencaps thanks to my beloved DVD ❤

CUT SCENES #1: Lin Zhenxin and Ge Ge’s relationship

Screenshot 2016-01-31 20.56.34

Remember Lin Zhenxin having an older brother with a pretty girlfriend? Well, he wasn’t really remarkable in the film itself but these cut scenes showed that he was actually a good brother even if Zhenxin hated him at first.

Screenshot 2016-01-31 01.24.49

Screenshot 2016-01-31 01.25.04

He was going to escape a night out for a date and Zhenxin wasn’t going to be quiet about it. However, she just let her brother be which was a good decision because she needed her brother to do the same for her some time after…

Screenshot 2016-01-31 01.25.34

Screenshot 2016-01-31 01.25.54

And that’s how Lin Zhenxin was able to meet up with Xu Taiyu despite her being grounded which appeared in the film 😉

Screenshot 2016-01-31 01.26.31

CUT SCENES #2: Xu Taiyu the Bully (with a heart!)

I think a lot of you won’t be too happy to hear that there were many scenes with Xu Taiyu (played by Darren Wang) didn’t make it into the film. However, not all hope is lost as I’ll be recapping his cut scenes now!

Screenshot 2016-01-31 20.57.54Screenshot 2016-01-31 20.58.23

Our male lead was basically being a bully just because. He punched the poor kid playing in the arcade because he wanted to play it himself. *Facepalms* You’re still charming though ❤ haha!

Screenshot 2016-01-31 20.59.44

Food-Stealing Scene #1: Getting from people’s lunchboxes just because!

Screenshot 2016-01-31 20.56.59

Food-Stealing Scene #2: Getting from people’s lunchboxes for a cause…

Screenshot 2016-01-31 21.00.27

Screenshot 2016-01-31 21.00.35

If I’m not mistaken, this was the guy that he punched earlier. If it wasn’t him, it’s probably one of the many classmates that he bullies to work on his homeworks. So he was basically Robin Hood, stealing for a cause 😉

Screenshot 2016-01-31 21.01.55

Who could forget the time when our leads escaped during school hours for some retro roller skating fun?! In this set of cut scenes, we get to see what happened while Zhenxin was thinking about her decision.

Screenshot 2016-01-31 21.02.08

to go back to class? OR

Screenshot 2016-01-31 21.02.18

join this beautiful young man?! because according to him, you haven’t really lived life until you have escaped wearing your uniform 😉

Screenshot 2016-01-31 20.58.43

Including this mini scene because I don’t think we saw this in the film. It was just basically Lin Zhenxin being part of the top performers in one of their exams. Who else could have made it possible? 😉

CUT SCENES #3: More Camp Out scenes

Remember when Xu Taiyu and Lin Zhenxin isolated themselves and talked about their futures? Well, this was happening while they were gone:

Screenshot 2016-02-01 00.02.56

They were sharing ghost stories and scaring each other until Ouyang Fei Fan realized something…

Screenshot 2016-02-01 00.41.32.png

Two chairs are empty 😮

Screenshot 2016-02-01 00.42.04

Which basically explains the cliche scenario of the second male lead discovering that the female lead was spending time with the male lead aka her true love 😉


CUT SCENES # 4: Bad Luck Chain Letter

Remember when Lin Zhenxin embarrassed herself by shouting in the middle of class because of the unlucky chain letter? These happened after that:

Screenshot 2016-02-01 01.00.36.png

Of course our female lead was still paranoid about it and told her friends that they’re lucky for not having received it yet. It should be fake according to her aka she’s just comforting herself. Haha!

Screenshot 2016-02-01 01.01.24.png

But like true friends, they told her that it’s for real! This explains why she really pushed through sending these letters to those she disliked. *Slow claps*


Saving the best for last!! CUT SCENES #5: Adult versions of Xu Taiyu and Lin Zhenxin could have met earlier

Screenshot 2016-01-31 22.49.16.png

Our female lead walking along a street with tarps of her ultimate idol’s concert. I’d be so sad if this would happen to me too. Waited for so many years but still no chance to see him live? *sighs*.

Screenshot 2016-01-31 23.41.45.png

She sadly stares at his idol’s concert ad but wait!!! We see someone staring at it with sad eyes too. Commercial break: I was basically dying and I kept pausing while watching this set of scenes… HAHA!

Screenshot 2016-01-31 23.42.12.png

Adult Xu Taiyu (played by none other than Jerry Yan) was approached by his colleague. She said that it was very generous of Andy to have this concert that he especially came back to Taiwan for this rare event. She also said that it would be a pity if she won’t be able to see this. He said that he’s not expecting for her to come since he doesn’t know how she is now or how she’s even going to know about it. His colleague said that rehearsals will begin in awhile so they have to leave already.

Screenshot 2016-01-31 23.42.49.png

Both of our leads got their phones for different reasons.

Screenshot 2016-01-31 23.43.11.png

As seen in the film, she took a selfie with the poster. Haha! Fangirling at its finest 😉

Screenshot 2016-01-31 23.43.00

While our male lead had to pick up the phone because superstar Andy called him. Imagine if they included this in the movie? People would’ve been squealing haha!

Screenshot 2016-01-31 23.52.18

This phone call convo between Andy and Xu Taiyu made a lot of sense. Andy said that he wants to drink milkshake (not sure about the drink, I just know that it has milk haha!). And so our male lead told him that there’s a beverage outlet relatively hidden in the park and he’ll help him with the directions. This basically explains why Lin Zhenxin was able to stumble upon him in a small beverage stall 😉

Screenshot 2016-02-01 00.32.09.png

Lin Zhenxin talks to herself: This is what a couple looks like. They really match well. She’s a cute 30-something fangirl haha!


In a nutshell: The film took out the parts which could’ve shown a better relationship between Lin Zhenxin and her older brother. They also removed the parts where Xu Taiyu actually showed that he had a heart all along. Adult versions of the leads could’ve met earlier. Trust me, I was such a wreck watching it + my fave OST playing in the background ugh feels haha!

Despite the lengthiness of the film, I can’t believe that it was supposed to be even longer. I understand that they had to cut those scenes and also because the way they edited it was still flawless so no problem there at all.

So what did you think of the cut scenes? Yay or Nay? 😀 Hope I can see your insights about it below!





23 thoughts on “[Recap] Never-Before-Seen Scenes in “Our Times”

  1. archidisign

    I agree with you! I totally loved the movie, but also felt like it was a bit dragged (was the movie more than 2 hours, don’t remember..) So I was also surprised to see those clips appearing on my Youtube feed (but I decided not to watch them except the start with her bro). So cute!!! They should totally had put that Joe Chen+Jerry Yan scene in. It is so typical, but also so perfect. Look at Darren Wang becoming Jerry Yan. Awwwn ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      it was 2 hours + 10mins+ if I’m not mistaken! got surprised that it was uploaded so fast when I was still waiting for my package to arrive 😂

      Loved it so much! I was squealing like an idiot hahaha I’m one of the few people who didn’t have any problems with the use of these different grown-up actors. One major factor is that I’m really biased lol!


  2. Tofubyu

    I think I’ll have to rewatch the extended version just for these cuts! I think the movie was perfect even without the extra bits though! Like you said, it’s been edited so well that it flows perfectly even without the extras. Such a good movie ❤ Being able to bring in Andy Lau was a perfect touch too because I think being able to see your childhood craze in real life really adds so much sentimental value. Also, I think what Andy Lau wanted to drink was pearl milk tea (珍奶) haha. Thanks for the great post! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      trust me! I watched this for the first time last November with tears in my eyes. Watched it twice again this year and obviously, I will never move on haha!


      1. totallyclueless

        I always complain that I’m too old for love stories such as this but ugh school-themed movies will always be my favorite. I cried buckets watching this, I still get teary-eyed until now esp when I hear the OST.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. dramarian Post author

          School-themed/nostalgic forms of entertainment are my weakness!! I’ve probably replayed Hebe’s “A Little Fortune” for thousands of times already 😭 best OST ever!

          Liked by 1 person

  3. Mary

    Hi marian, can I check if the scene of Jerry Yan in this movie is very short? I downloaded the movie and do some browsing but unfortunately I can only see his face on the last scene where Andy Liu starting to do his concert. Please let me know as im a bit hesitant to watch it. Thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      Hi Mary! It’s really short since it’s a special cameo 🙂 May I know why you’re a bit hesitant to watch it? I think it’s worth watching with or without Jerry 🙂


  4. miloskilos

    this cut scene actually shouldnt be cut. i can watch this movie till the end even if its takes 3 hours. thank you for sharing the cut scenes, now it makes sense of the puzzles i had earlier esp at the scene where adult lin truly met andy lau and adult tai yu.

    note: watching from malaysia 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. melinalee

    best movie I’ve ever seen. I cried a lot after watched this movie. ♡♡ Thankyou for recap this unseen scene!! ㅠㅠ
    Oh btw where did you buy the dvd? I’d like to buyㅠㅠ thankyou in advance.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      Hi Melina! Thank you for dropping by and for this comment! 😀 It’s the best Taiwanese movie I’ve ever seen, or Asian film for that matter ❤ you may get it at yesasia.com 🙂 hope you get to buy one as well! You may also want to read my full article on the DVD https://skimmedmilkdrama.com/2016/01/28/unboxing-the-our-times-deluxe-edition-dvd/ it'll probably help you decide if you should buy it or not (go buy it!!) haha!


  6. Little Ahjumma

    I have to agree that these deleted scenes really tears my heart!
    In fact, I was also wondering how could lin chenxin came out to see hsu taiyu (who bothers to come despite he’s hospitalized, aww) when she was grounded earlier.

    Btw thanks for letting us know these deleted scenes! it’s such a luxurious thing where taiwan movies dvd don’t really selling well (like hollywood) in my country!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      A lot of scenes eventually made sense when the cut scenes came out 😀 HAHA triggered for life!! Don’t worry, it’s the same with my country! That’s why I had to ship it from YesAsia just so I could get a hold of it haha! Thank you again for commenting! 🙂 ❤


  7. Eliana

    I can’t seem to find the DVD with the deleted scenes in Singapore. Nor could I buy it online! This is one DVD worth keeping. Tks for the Eng translation. It really helps. I guess I’ll just make do with the clips on YouTube. 😭😭😭

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Eve

    Thank you very much for this. I know it’s been years, but I just watched this movie on Saturday last. I fell in love with it and the actor. When I saw the adult Xu Taiyu I said ‘Mmmm…I’ve seen him before’ (Meteor Garden, duh!) so I was even more excited.
    This movie had it all, and even if it didn’t have a kiss, I think it wasn’t needed. We can all be sure these two high school sweethearts had a great night and the talk of their lives.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. mintchee

    I NEVERRR THOUGHT THAT THERE WILL BE A CUT SCENE LIKE THISSS!!!, it’s 2022 I’m freakinggggg shoutinggg hereeee while reading this articleeeee huhu, I miss our times. My forever comfort movie


  10. yen

    omg how come i didnt knew about these deleted scenes. i have seen this film a lot of times and it always brings tears to my eyes. i love the cut scene on joe and jerry though



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