Unboxing the “Our Times” Deluxe Edition DVD

I may have mentioned in my previous posts regarding “Our Times” aka my all-time favorite Taiwanese film that I pre-ordered the DVD last year. My long wait’s over as I have finally received my precious DVD today! I knew what I was going to receive but I was just beyond happy to receive the package. I’m not really sure how people create an “unboxing” blog post but I’ll give it a shot here 😉

My sincerest apologies for posting such low quality photos, I seriously need to buy a new phone T_T lol but I guess you already understand that it’s much better seeing/touching this beautiful box in real life haha!

Just in case you’re wondering where I got it, I got it from YesAsia aka your one-stop online shop for all your fangirling needs 😉

So here’s what’s inside this beautiful tin box:


Of course we have the DVD case itself which is inside a beautiful tin box with the cover as seen in the photos above. It contains 2 CDs with the first DVD containing a never-before-seen teaser, trailer, and the film itself. I got the Taiwan version of the DVD instead of the Hong Kong one because I got scared that if ever there are no decent subtitles, I’ll still be able to understand Mandarin (and not Cantonese lol). Good news is, there are English subtitles and in a pretty large font too yay! Not liking the style of the font though so just in case you’re like me who’s a picky font person, then play it in KMPlayer instead of the usual WIndows Media or VLC player.

Screenshot 2016-01-28 23.22.07.png

Here’s what the 2nd CD contains: BONUS FEATURES!
It’s just such a bum that the 30-minute BTS containing snippets and interviews of the director Frankie Chen, Andy Lau, Jerry Yan, Joe Chen, Hebe Tian (OST singer), and the main + supporting cast didn’t have any English subtitles *sighs*.

ALSO, I think we need to talk about the 11:41 minutes cut scenes with 107 seconds of Jerry Yan and Joe Chen *cries lots of tears*. I might dedicate another post for this, something like a recap aka I’ll be doing my best to make people understand based on my own understanding if that makes any sense… HAHA! So tell me if you want me to push through with it 🙂

And here are the fun souvenir items:


Who could forget the chain letter that started it all? Aaahh just beautiful! And yesss, I’m already playing the DVD just in case it malfunctions so I can return it earlier lol but aside from that, I was just savoring the HD quality ❤


I didn’t know about this being part of the package but a free notebook? Yes please! *_* there are a few pages filled with notes and behind-the-scenes photos but the rest are blank pages. I wonder what I’ll be writing there lol


Lastly, autographed mini-photos of the main cast! Actually thought I was going to get one of Jerry Yan & Joe Chen boohoo but I guess that’s too much to ask lol



What do you think of this DVD set? Yay or Nay? It’s obviously all yay for me (except for a few nays huhu) !!! ❤


20 thoughts on “Unboxing the “Our Times” Deluxe Edition DVD

  1. archidisign

    Yay! Omg, you sound so excited! xD So lucky you got all those (surprise) goodies! Those pictures of Darren Wang are so awesome. I would be like fixing them all night 8D dreamyy
    That chain letter though… Are you going to start sending them out too and start your own love story? hehe

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      haha I did? I’m such a fan lol love that comment of yours!! Coincidentally, the director posted her own copy of the DVD on Weibo signed by Jerry huhu, I want that!! lol


  2. Kate - skimmedmilkdrama

    Ooooh, this unboxing thing is going to be a trend soon! I think the boxset is yay but… it would be YAY if there was Jerry Yan & Chen Qiaoen’s signed autograph 😛 You can totally use the notebook for drama scribblings! Or leave it untouched and simple admire the beauty of it HAHAHA. The chain letter is such a nice touch though! Send it to your Li Daren soon! xP

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      really?? then we should save a lot of cash so we can have more items to unbox T_T HAHAHA I was seriously expecting that when I read the contents of the box 😦 especially that I saw their autographs affixed on their photos during the premiere of the film huhu

      Ooohh omg thank you for that wonderful idea! I might just do that 😉 I was thinking of putting my Psych review notes but lol that’s not really a good idea =)) yesss that literally made me laugh ❤


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    1. dramarian Post author

      Hi! Go to yesasia.com and you can find it 😊 it ships to everywhere in the world if I’m not mistaken! the package comes from HK which is relatively near to where I’m from so there wasn’t really any shocking additional shipping charges haha!

      Liked by 1 person

            1. dramarian Post author

              it’s around P1,200-1,500 sorry my memory sucks 😂 but you have to take into account that the film’s quality is in HD composed of 2 discs with one disc containing all the other extra scenes 😊 then the container + other memorabilia are just amazing 😍

              Liked by 1 person

            2. dramarian Post author

              it’s okay! you can keep asking 😊 mine was pre-ordered last December but the DVD itself was really set to be released on the last day of January and I got it the same time as Frankie Chen (the director) got it lol! so I supposed it would only take days if you get to order now 😊 once you get to buy, it will say the estimated time of delivery.


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