[NEWS] Ruby Lin’s Star-Studded 40th Birthday Bash

I have found the luckiest girl in the world. And nope it’s not who you think, but it’s none other than this certain Weibo blogger who was able to attend top Taiwanese actress Ruby Lin’s 40th birthday celebration. Why and how lucky? All of my photos in this post came from her (so all the credits to her!). Before we start with this fangirling galore, let’s greet Ruby Lin and pause for awhile to think how could she look so youthful at 40?!


the lucky girl I’m talking about with our birthday girl!


She got a photo with Tiffany Hsu!! ❤ it’s completely wrong not to see this lady beside Ruby because these two have been inseparable as seen below thanks to the Best Drama of the 2015 Golden Bell Awards, “The Way We Were” , where she won Best Supporting Actress thanks to Ruby’s good producing/casting skills 😀


She also got a photo with Melvin Sia, another “The Way We Were” cast member ❤


and you know what’s better than an individual photo? a group photo with most of them! I will be immature and quickly assume that at least one of the main cast members isn’t on good terms with Leroy Young because he actually never appeared in any of their mini-TWWW reunions @_@ he’s isolating himself from the group just like how it was in the drama… life imitating art haha!


Here’s a cute “Drama Go Go Go” fan service! Ruby’s male lead in the 2012 C-drama attended her party! I find it touching as Jiro’s literally everywhere around the world but he still found time for this celebration.


New knowledge: the blogger shared the photo but I don’t think I’ve seen Joe Cheng and Ruby Lin work together. However, I guess they’re close enough that he was also seen in this party!


OF COURSE I’M SAVING THE BEST FOR LAST!!! My dearest Jerry Yan was there too!!!


Many reasons why I’m so hyped about it:

1.) They’re basically the hottest dating item in Taiwanese entertainment although they keep denying it (nooo). If you want a refresher, you can read it in my previous post here.
2.) Jerry was spotted in Tokyo the day before Ruby’s birthday and so I wasn’t really expecting him to come and much more have a photo taken (he’s one of the most low-profile actors I’ve ever “known” lol).
3.) Which most likely means that Ruby is really indeed Jerry’s good friend  (hihi I’m so delusional, right…). But really, for you to fly just in time for the celebration, that must really mean something ❤
4.) There must be a photo of them out there somewhere!! Come on party-goers, give some fan service T_T HAHA!

*based on the blogger’s account, Jerry said that he attended the party just to greet Ruby a happy birthday and he was drunk too (our man loves drinking haha!)



Another low profile actor and good friend/male lead of Ruby in “The Glamorous Imperial Concubine” flew from work in Mainland to Taiwan just to attend this celebration.

Jiro Wang, Joe Cheng, Jerry Yan, and Wallace Huo (and probably even more as I’ll keep updating it). Ruby, you’re a true goddess!

In a nutshell: I wrote this post just to emphasize that Ruby is already 40 but looking like half of her age, being friends with gorgeous people from TW-ent, and most especially because Jerry attended it. HAHA!

Hope you can fangirl with me below! 😉 ❤


18 thoughts on “[NEWS] Ruby Lin’s Star-Studded 40th Birthday Bash

  1. visionofjm

    Lovely pics! It’s been a while since I’ve seen Jiro, so seeing him there is nice. Almost forgot Ruby and Wallace were close friends. I remember how Ruby tried hard to convince him to be male lead for her period drama.

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    1. dramarian Post author

      Not really a fan of overly-PS Jiro 😦 I miss his old looks! Aww I guess Ruby’ expertise is dealing with people who are hard to convince and even being close friends with them haha!

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      1. visionofjm

        I hope the Jerry/Ruby thing turns out to be true. It’s not that I particularly ship them, but I just want Ruby to be with someone and get married already! Even my mom’s worried, haha.

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        1. Marilina

          Yes, you are right. Most fans of Ruby here in Canada are getting worried about her – of being so elusive to get hitch. . . Of course, most questions to ask now is “Who” will be the lucky guy? Ruby is one such well-accomplished person to pursue that we believe guys felt overwhelmed by Ruby’s stature in Taiwan . . .

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    1. dramarian Post author

      Not really familiar with her so I wasn’t able to include it :-s but thank you though!! 😀

      It goes to show how Ruby’s valued by her friends so much and I think it’s because that’s what she does too ❤ huhu yesss and I'm 20!! Unfair T_T


  2. Marilina

    Wow! mi querida Dramarian! Como esta? I have been buried with tons of paperworks here and an online assignment when I thought of visiting your site. Now and at last, here we go again . .I am really so excited with your newest writings here. Donde esta la foto de Jerry Yan y Ruby Lin? Our group here is eager to see about some birthday shots of our beloved Ruby Lin with your handsome Jerry Yan . .. Can we ask that lucky blogger? Ruby have a special spot in your Jerry’s heart since he had to go back to Taiwan to attend our birthday girl’s celebration. Please don’t get jealous . . . . hahahaha
    My goodness, it seems I want to write so much here. We are so happy really. Ruby Lin is now 40 years of age and yet she still look so young and fresh . . Now you see the reasons why we all like and loved Lin Xin Ru? Ella es muy adorable! Look at her simple attire for her birthday and with a simple make-up? Such a classic Chinese beauty to treasure . . . no offense to your other favourite Chinese female stars. As you see, my dear – our Canadian group had only our eyes and hearts focused to Ruby Lin . . .
    And here is Wallace Huo! Don’t you know that we applied to be a member of Wallace Hou’s International Fan’s Club? Ruby and Wallace had a perfect chemistry and collaboration on the Sounds of Colors and in the Glamorous Imperial Concubine . . Have you seen those series? La historia esta llena de teatro – a so dramatic stories indeed . . If your Jerry Yan cannot make it with Ruby; the best candidate is Wallace – what do you think, my dear?
    So, have you seen that Drama Go Go Go, in its English sub? Jiro Wang looked so much different with his latest picture here. I hardly cannot recognize him . . One handsome guy in that Drama Go Go Go is Lin Geng Xin; he had a good part in Ruby’s heart there. Please note this cute guy there . .
    How about the 16 Summers or The Way We Were group? We wonder where is Leroy Young???? Gone for a date? He had that western education to boost with . .
    And here is Melvin Sia, a good-looking Malaysian actor who is getting popular among Taiwanese TV series. I have a good friend here, an international author, a Singaporean, who go gaga with Melvin . . . It seems that Ruby had always Melvin as an escort for some important functions . . .

    I wonder whose guy now is with Ruby’s heart . . . she is now 40 – a very high time to settle down . . or our guys are just too shy to propose to Ruby – Ruby is indeed so popular now and with a good business in Taiwan and China to deal with . . Business wise, Wallace is a strong contender – he is an actor, singer and producer – rolled into one, same as with Ruby. of course, we don’t want Jerry Yan to be left out – when it comes to music industry, he is the best. We want Jerry to sing a romantic lullabies to Ruby everyday of their lives, hahahaha – what a wish! With so many wishful thinking on who is the lucky guy who can charmed Ruby’s heart, we are now becoming delusional here . . . Our dear Ruby, please select now. You are now in the 40s period of your life . . Don’t let us keep guessing as there are so much eligible bachelors to select from . . Your fans, domestic and international are dying with your decision….. Por favor..

    It seems I have written much here. All what we want now is to see a picture of Ruby with Jerry Yan in this lovely birthday gathering. Can you found one? We should be gold hunting here . . . I know you have the connection, my dear . .

    Muchas gracias por las actualizaciones. Your updates here makes our hearts go crazy again for Jerry and Ruby . . You’re one such lucky girl to catch up this latest news. Our group is now your new fans . .

    Tenga un buen dia. May your day there be as lovely as you are . . . Todo lo mejor. Please don’t forget our request on that picture of our adorable couple . . or I say now – becoming a love triangle – Jerry, Ruby and Wallace! We all know of course whom you will side with hahaha

    We are grateful, my dear Dramarian . .

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    1. dramarian Post author

      Really overwhelmed with the length of your comment and I hope I can manage to reply to all of its parts haha!

      I’m still on a hunt for a photo but if there really was, then it should’ve been out the same time all of these pictures were released 😦 still hoping that there were people who took photos of Jerry greeting her or something hihi never lose hope, people! Don’t worry, I’m not jealous at all because I’m all for this pairing *_*

      I don’t take any offense! I completely understand why you love her so much 😉 while I’m actually a fan of a lot of actresses and actors out there but with top favorites hihi

      Unfortunately, I haven’t watched “Drama Go Go Go” and the one with Wallace and won’t be able to do so anytime soon because of my very busy schedule 😦 but I’ve been wanting to watch Drama Go Go Go because I’m a fan of both Jiro and Lin Geng Xin as you’ve mentioned. Love those guys!! Except that Jiro’s obviously been having a lot of surgeries on his face that we can hardly recognize him :-s

      Like I said in the post, I feel like some or at least one of them is in conflict with him as he was never really seen attending their mini-reunions. It’s always all of them minus him 😦 which actually saddens me because it would’ve been cooler if they all remained close!

      Melvin is one cutie when he doesn’t even look his age at all too! Wallace is one hottie although I need more time so I can watch him in more projects! Not really a fan of Jerry’s singing voice but I love his songs and probably it’s because I know it’s him singing that’s why I just love it lol! He’s delving into the field of production too! Trivia: He produced the Taiwanese drama “Fabulous Boys” starring Jiro Wang. It’s a small world after all haha!

      Despite my very busy schedule, keeping up with the latest entertainment news and blogging have been keeping me sane 🙂 so thank you for reading too despite your busy schedules as well!!

      Don’t worry, will definitely post it ASAP so let us not lose hope!! ❤


      1. Marilina

        Hola, mi querida Dramarian. I am just so inspired in writing those lines, inspired by your articles, too. Who will not be excited and thrilled that our favourite pair have time to see each other again?
        You see, your reply to my long writings were read today in between our time, when we are at the seminar for Canadian Taxation . . . most of the attendees there are all Accountants, who are now beginning to show some interest on Chinese and Taiwanese movies and TV series. You see, how much I influenced them?

        Anyway, I never thought that Jiro Wang will do something on his facial features; he looks more natural and original in that Drama Go Go Go . . .

        Our Ruby is an export in grouping all these hottie stars indeed . . what more can we say? But who will really captures her heart? This question sometimes send shivers to us, as Ruby might select whom we don’t like? We hope that your Jerry will make the necessary efforts on this? Tiempo para que el tome la decision correcta. Or we will let Wallace do the same? hahaha

        By the way, dear Dramarian, we read of that ariticle that Lin Chi Ling (?) posted her picture of 2015 with Ruby last week. Did you see it? Some hint of jealousy since your Jerry attended the birthday bash of our sweet Ruby? Que piensas? Any thoughts? We always love your ideas here…..

        Muchas gracias.


        1. dramarian Post author

          I love how you are able to influence them! It’s actually one of the main goals of putting up a blog site like this, to spread our love for Taiwanese/Chinese entertainment 🙂

          Btw, I already commented on the blogger/fan’s post if she was able to get any photos of Jerry and Ruby so I hope she gets to reply despite hundreds of comments already haha!

          Yes, I did! Her greeting was actually really sweet! She said something like to the best/most beautiful producer 😀 I’ll be honest and say that I’m not really a fan of Lin Chi Ling and so Ruby has already won in my favor if I’d be voting someone to marry my Jerry haha! My only problem is that I find it so weird if I were in LCL’s place that my best friend’s dating my ex-boyfriend of so many years. I don’t care if she says that she won’t mind but come on, anyone would at least feel a bit of awkwardness with that kind of situation. So that’s basically what I’ve been thinking regarding this issue :-s

          Hope I was able to let you know my thoughts well haha! 🙂


          1. Marilina

            Muchas gracias, my dear! Muy buen analisis on LCL. We only knew her through your previous column on last Dec 2015. I did some research about her and we learned that she got some of her education in Canada. However, we are surprised that she got involve on some stories on prostitution. We cannot tell if the stories are true or not, but those stories can damage tremendously a person’s character making a person – no una persona refinada.
            Anyway, I am sure that most Taiwanese who are passionate into their entertainment industry will favour more of our Ruby for Jerry; especially I am meeting some Taiwanese-Canadians here who rooted for the duo.
            I believe that LCL should done it in good light – by not posting her picture with Ruby – if she is not minding it . . She should kept a low profile or will not say anything . . Saying something will open to more speculations. . LCL’s beauty looks so ordinary and common looking for our group, we wonder why she was chosen as Taiwan’s supermodel . .

            I pray that your weibo blogger will have some access to Jerry and Ruby’s pic during her 40th b-day bash . . . I don’t think that Jerry will just come into the party without coming nearer and say Hi to our sweet Ruby. . . . This pair’s actions are becoming a mystery to us . .

            It is Monday again, time to go back to the routine of the weekdays. Thank you so much, our dear Dramarian for your time and updates. Cuidar de sí mismo allí. Take care.


  3. totallyclueless

    Oh my god I don’t know a lot of the younger TWcelebs these days so I was super excited when I saw these pictures because thank God I know them all. Except for Ruby Lin, just because I’m currently watching The Way We Were. Haha!

    I didn’t recognize Jiro. He used to be one of my favorites 😦

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    1. Marilina

      Dear totally clueless, I shared your sentiments on the younger Taiwanese celebrities…. There are so much lovely and younger actresses and actors now. Our group is very new on this aspects. We only knew Ruby Lin and every time she had movie or TV shows, we take turns researching on her leading actors, etc – so we can became familiar with them . . It was our good Chinese friend here who introduced us, for the first time – to Ruby Lin’s TV series: Schemes of Beauty with Sammul Chan – which is the starting point why we became enamored with Ruby and the start of our love affair with Asian shows.

      Our Dramarian here is really helping us to be more acquainted with the Chinese and Taiwanese entertainment industry and we have a good time writing our thoughts here.

      Thank you so much. Muchas gracias. Todo lo mejor. Best regards from Canada.

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      1. totallyclueless

        Hi! I can’t wait to “meet” the younger generation of Tw actors and actresses today. 🙂 The movie Our Times definitely made me want to watch more Tw movies and dramas too.

        As for Ruby Lin, I’m still getting used to her acting in The Way We Were. She’s really good there, IMO. It’s just sad that her male co-stars are not on her level, acting-wise. For me at least.

        Really thankful for this blog 🙂 It’s nice to discuss these things with people who understand. Hehe.

        Have a nice day! 🙂

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