And not Skimmedmilkdrama.wordpress.com any more 🙂

We took the jump and registered for our own domain because it seemed like the cool thing to do 😛  Keying in skimmedmilkdrama.wordpress.com should still redirect you to our new site. I’m just pretty excited about it and wanted to share this happy news about reaching a new milestone even though there will be probably be not much differences.

[EDIT]: Together with the change in url, we also have a new theme for the new year! Trying to go for a cleaner look 😛 Tell us what you think about it!

Thanks for the support in the past 7 months and you can follow our blog on the sidebar >>> via email or your wordpress account if you haven’t 🙂

You can also follow us on twitter at @SMilkDrama.

On other unrelated news, I’m back from my holiday and I’ll be picking back up my Legend of Mi Yue recaps as well as translation for Tiny Times novel. Pace of translation for CounterAttack will depend on the other translator of the facebook group 🙂

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About Kate - skimmedmilkdrama

The name is Kate and the love is Show Luo. Permanently located behind the laptop blogging for skimmedmilkdrama.com and tweeting at @SMilkdrama. Obsessed over Taiwan variety shows & Mainland China reality shows. Likes to read Chinese novels in an attempt to look wise. Always ready to launch into discussion about Taiwanese and Chinese entertainment and dramas. RIP Kimi.

16 thoughts on “We are now SKIMMEDMILKDRAMA.COM

  1. archidisign

    OMG! This is so exciting! We also wanted to do it for a while :3 So now that finals are over, we signed up this morning. Great to hear your will keep recapping Mi Yue. I enjoy those a lot


        1. Kate - skimmedmilkdrama Post author

          I’m actually way far behind but I’m enjoying it well thus far. Might help that I have anticipated for this drama for the longest time because of Zheng Xiaolong and Sun Li’s previous success in Legend of Zhen Huan. Hopefully Viki will purchase the license soon!


          1. The Drama Bear

            Yes!! Hopefully Viki will purchase them soon and hopefully other sites could then take the subs because Viki isn’t available in my country :'(. Another question would be whether this is more similar to Zhen Huan or NIF?


            1. Kate - skimmedmilkdrama Post author

              Oh yes, I hardly watch on viki too because half the shows aren’t available for my country. I haven’t watch NIF but Miyue isn’t similar to Zhen Huan. Zhen Huan was more about the intricacies and plotting the palace while I guess Mi Yue is about country against country. Probably more similar to NIF (at least according to what I read in the summary for it :P).

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  2. vanilladreamcream

    I’ve wondered about registering my domain for a while. How has it changed for you as a blogger. Is it a lot easier to personalize your blog? With the recent wordpress update, I found that the layout doesn’t look as pretty when I link photos from photobucket because I can’t change the size of the photo. I’ve actually considered using blogger instead since I wouldn’t have to worry about media storage. thanks for any input


    1. Kate - skimmedmilkdrama Post author

      Hey there! Honestly, I don’t think there’s much difference about personalising my blog. I purchased just the domain via wordpress and didn’t opt for the package which unlocks premium themes etc. I don’t feel any difference in blog personalisation, but maybe that’s because I didn’t explore. Tbh, I moved my domain for the vain reason of having a nicer url and also to sign up for Wordads. So I’m afraid I won’t be able to give you much advice… All the best in collecting input though!

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