Kate’s Chinese Novels List

Hi everyone, I enjoy reading chinese online novels, especially those which dramas or movies are adapted from to better understand the story. I am extremely interested in novels with ancient setting but my command of Chinese is not good enough for me to understand those stories. Hence, most of the novels I read are of modern setting.

Currently Reading:
全职高手 King of Avatar (Original novel for King of Avatar, drama & chinese anime/donghua, translating in progress here)
凉生,我们可不可以不忧伤 (original novel for Liang Sheng, Can We Not Be Laden With Grief, drama)
庆余年 Joy of Life (translated here)
猎者天下 Reign of the Hunter (translated here)
超级红包群 Red Packet Server (translated here)
绝对单机游戏 Single Player Only (translations ongoing here, novel might never be completed as author went missing)
战龙 Zhan Long (translated here)

On Hold:
后宫甄嬛传 (Original novel for Legend of Zhen Huan, drama)    【Progress: 10/546】
小时代 Tiny Times by 郭敬明 (original novel of Tiny Times movies & tv drama) 【Progress: Book 1 Chapter 5.1】
至我们终将腐朽的青春 by 辛夷坞 (original novel for So Young, movie)

1. 左耳 Left Ear by 饶雪漫 (original novel of Left Ear, movie)
2. 匆匆那年 by 九夜茴 (original novel for Back in Time, drama, and Fleet of Time, movie
3. 杉杉来吃 by 顾漫 (original novel for Shanshan Comes to Eat, drama)
4. Online Gaming Love You 59 Seconds
5. Apartment from Hell 
6. Reign of the Hunters
7. Cultivation Chat Group
8. Superstar of Tomorrow
9. The Daily Record of Secretly Loving the Male Idol
10. Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu
11. Waiting for You Online
12. Agreement of Being Gay for 30 Days
13. Really Really Miss You

[Ratings in square brackets!]

1. ☀微微一笑很倾城 by 顾漫  [9/10]
(translated here, original novel of Just One Smile is Very Alluring, drama in production)
2. 何以笙箫默 Silent Separation by 顾漫 [7/10]
(translated here, original novel of My Sunshine, Cdrama & movie)
3. 光年 by 许正平  [7.5/10]
(original novel of Eternal Summer, movie)
4. 十七岁 Seventeen years old by 梦若妍  [7/10]
5. 沥川往事 Li Chuan’s Past by 玄隐 [7.8/10]
(translated here)
6. 一个黑道大哥的毁灭三部曲 The Destruction of a Triad Boss Trilogy by 无袖拢香 [7.3/10]
 (translated here)
7. 你是男的我也爱 I love you even if you are a man by Angelina (BL)[8.5/10] [Review]
(translating in progress here, original novel of I Love You as A Man trilogy)
8. ☀逆袭 Counter-attack (BL)[9/10] [Review]
(translating in progress here, Original novel for Falling In Love with A Rival, web drama)
9. 一生一世:美人骨 One Life, One Incarnation: Beautiful bones by 墨宝非宝 [7/10]
(translated here)
10. 何为贤妻  To be a Virtuous Wife by 月下蝶影 [8.5/10]
(translated here)
11. 红颜乱 Chaos of Beauty by 朵朵舞 [8/10]
(translated here)
12. 原来你还在这里 You Are Still Here by 辛夷坞 [7.5/10]
(translated here, original novel for So Young 2: So You Are Still Here, movie)
13. ☀那些回不去的年少时光 by 桐华 [9/10]
(translating in progress here)
14. 第三种爱情 The Third Kind of Love by 自由行走 [7.8/10]
(Original novel of The Third Way of Love, movie & drama)
15. 别那么骄傲 Don’t Be So Proud by 随侯珠  [8/10]
(translating in progress here, original novel for Don’t Be So Proud, movie)
16. 蜜汁炖鱿鱼 Honey Stewed Squid by 墨宝非宝 [7.3/10]
(translating in progress here)
17. 少年往事 Things of the Past by 安妮宝贝 [7.5/10]
(raw short story here)
18. 七月与安生 July and AnSheng by 安妮宝贝 [6.5/10]
(Original novel of Soulmate, movie)
19. 校草室友有剧毒 by 裤衩 (BL) [7.5/10]
(raw novel here)
20. 弟弟 by 人體骨架  (BL) [7/10]
(translated here)
21. 把爱错给了你 by 叶落无心 [8/10]
(raw novel here)
22. Online Game Willing Captured [7/10]
(translated here)
If you can read mandarin, you can google the names of these novels and easily get them online. 
English translations of completed chinese/japanese novels

7 thoughts on “Kate’s Chinese Novels List

  1. Tofubyu

    Definitely read Left Ear if you have the time! It’s not too hard a read in the sense that the author doesn’t use lots of descriptive,flowery words. It’s written simply yet the plot is quite fast paced because a lot of things happen. I read through the second book after I finished watching Left Ear and I think it really made me understand the story and the characters a whole lot better.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sofi

    Hey, do you kow the BL novel i want to be your man? Im kinda confuaed bc is read that they are on the i love you as a man movie but I also read that they arent; do you know anything about it?
    Btw, thank u sooo much for your hard work doing all the reviews, i love your way of expeeasing and your kindess answering everithing ^^


  3. Desak Wiyadhi

    Hello Kate.. I just watching counterattack and want to read that novel in english translation.. but when I click the following link. I can’t read their translation.. do you know where to find that novel ?


  4. Shalini

    Hello friends I’m searching a novel. Can you help me find it. The plot of the novel is . Male lead is the son of richest family in China. He lives alone with high security because he fear someone might kill him for his wealth,.but he was poisoned through food brought by his mother and loose his memory. After three years he regain his memory only to find out he is married and all these three years he stay with his wives family they treat him as fool. Then he starts his journey to get back what he lost all.these years.



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