Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 46 Review


Hua Ze Lei wearing a dog hat is my kind of aesthetic

This episode would have been more entertaining if we have seen the bark-tastic bachelor party take place. Looks like Ah Si’s mama would not leave us alone by leaving some more drama!


We started this episode with this happy couple strolling around the city and getting tripped… It was just so awkward and embarrassing for them and I felt that too haha!


It turns out that Shancai’s shoe was already broken causing them both to trip. Of course, Dao Ming Si carried her on his back because he never really missed a chance for that to happen.


Shancai had to stop Dao Ming Si from badmouthing the shoe store (I assumed that they were the secondhand and/or fake ones!).


And you would think that the Dao Ming family would spend millions for a wedding gown or have an heirloom of a bridal gown. Well, not in this version because of China’s regulations haha! At least they added a warm touch by having Yu Sao as the dressmaker.


Ximen told Xiaoyou that she was like Xiaogeng who loved sweet things too. Oh no, he didn’t! Comparing your current with your ex? *facepalms*.  It was so cute though when he said that he does not like sweet things but he likes her so he will still eat the cake. Aww!


It was the first time that we have ever seen Ximen so stressed and agitated just because Qinghe failed in preparing his surprise for Xiaoyou.


Ximen’s face was just so funny in these scenes. He just did not know how to react to what was happening anymore.


They kissed again with the heart background that he was stressing about. Biggest surprise of this version too was that Qinghe and Li Zhen developed feelings for each other and so they kissed as well.


Two couples down and now we have our main one having their own version of Valentine’s Day (it wasn’t but they were all acting like it was lol).


Let us have our heart eyes ready for some sweetness from these two!


Dao Ming Si told Shancai that he is willing to do everything for her but with only one condition: she will be with him for the rest of their lives. *Sighs for the nth time*. They just love each other so deeply that I feel nothing but happiness for them!


F4 came in full force to support Xiaoyou during her first day as the milk tea shop’s manager!


Meizuo was talking about how Shancai ended up to be pretty and cute, Lei told everyone that he wishes to kiss Shancai out of nowhere. Oh Lei, please never change!


He did not even care that his best friend aka Shancai’s fiancee was already giving him a death stare… HAHA!


Look at Lei even subtly mocking Ah Si and asking if he was jealous. I just could not stop laughing! I thought Ah Si was already over his jealousy phase over Lei but it turns out that some things will never change.




Ah Si was ready to attack Lei right away then Ximen told him that it was just a kiss. He replied to him saying that he could kiss Xiaoyou then! HAHAHA. That makes so much sense. So they ended up running around the shop as Ximen was protecting Xiaoyou from Ah Si. Way too funny!


Shancai finished preparing her cooking happily until Dao Ming Feng told her that she and Ah Si won’t be coming to their house. They were all supposed to eat and meet together about their marriage plans but evil mom was just being evil all along and lied to everyone. Knew it!!!


Isn’t this just the best concept for a bachelor party? Thank you so much for this, Meizuo! HAHAHA.


Shancai came to the bachelor party telling the boys that Dao Ming Si won’t be coming. Ximen called his phone only to be picked up by Yu Sao who was demanded by Dao Ming Feng not to say anything regarding Si’s whereabouts.


As Ah Si mentioned in one of the previous episodes, only F4 knows the secret entrance to their family’s mansion.


In the 2001 version, there was a funny background music as they were rummaging in the mansion gardens. Yu Sao also discovered them and called them idiots as the key was not in the usual spot anymore. For this version, Ximen easily found the key under the mat in the back door and the scene was quite short (and sadly, not funny!).


F3 saw Dao Ming Feng watching over her son who was sleeping. The boys were insulting her as she was to them. I just love Lei for always being the gutsy one in dealing with this evil witch ever since the original version.


Looks like the He – Dao Ming alliance has no end as Xiaozi’s mom was helping Xiaozi pick the right dress for her wedding with Ah Si. Her mom was even explaining how this wedding would not really benefit their family as much as it will to the Dao Ming family. However, she was guilt-tripping her daughter because she knows that Xiaozi would not want Dao Ming Si to be in such a helpless state.

In a nutshell,

  • Ximen and Xiaoyou’s story was just so cute and sweet that it could give me diabetes! Ximen really ended up to be extra attractive now that he is (finally!) in an official relationship. Treasure your man, Xiaoyou, you lucky girl!
  •  I might have spoken too early regarding Ah Si’s mom in my previous recap. I just knew that we would not be having our fairy tale ending that smooth and easy!
  • In true “Meteor Garden” fashion, it seems like this version is cramming everything together now that we’re nearing towards the end. I am just thankful that there was no amnesia arc or it would just be total chaos now.
  • It was already some episodes ago that almost everything from the 2001 version has already been recreated, I was pretty bummed that this version did not include F3 sneaking in the Dao Ming family’s mansion. It turns out that they did not fail me for including it although it was pretty short and it wasn’t really funny unlike how the original drama did it. Watch it to see why I found it so funny!
  • I still want to see that bachelor party with dog hats come to life! If not, I would like to have my money back please. I have never laughed this hard until that scene happened! I even loved how it was slowly building up to the boys wearing the hats when the camera was focusing on the dog stuffed toys first. LOL.
  • I need more of Lei wearing that dog hat in my life! Speaking of Lei, didn’t you just love how he shamelessly said that he wanted to kiss Shancai in front of her fiancee and their best friends? SAVAGE. It was so inappropriate, awkward, but also just hilarious.
  • I am not so worried about evil mom being the cause of Shancai and Dao Ming Si’s problems again because just like Lei, I know that they will be able to rise above any challenges that may come in their love.

What are your thoughts on this episode?


26 thoughts on “Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 46 Review

  1. Lieke

    Same concern as well! For me, this hunger strike arc is actually okay. As it is also in the 2001 version. But I disappointed with the F3 rescue mission. As what you said, in the original it was so funny that I was expecting more! In this version, it is there but yah okay. The comedic side was not there.
    Thing is, we also need more build up like from drugging to Si not wanting to eat. There should be confrontation between Si and his mom. So it really feels like rushing this scene. I know what would happen because I watched the original, but honestly this was a big plot hole. Also, just out of curiosity, why is Dao Ming Feng in Ah Si’s room during the rescue part? I mean we kinda need some background to that.

    But apart from my vents, I love the two previous scenes portrayed. Laughing so hard at the part of Lei insisting to kiss Shancai, and Si’s jealous stare. They’re juat such adorable kids!

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    1. dramarian Post author

      It was really disappointing because they just really made into an ordinary rescue mission which was definitely not the case in the original version.

      I agree with everything that you said! Not sure how MG first-timers saw this “plot hole” because same with you, I understood everything since I got to watch the original drama. We did not have a background as to why she was there but she looked like a creepy mom there tbh… My guess is that this version was really trying to show the human/motherly side of DMF so they showed her staying by her son’s side.

      That was indeed funny! I just loved Lei for saying everything in the most awkward/inappropriate manner and not giving a damn about everything else haha!


  2. Mei

    I loved the beginning banter in this episode! DyShen’s chemistry on point. They are too much 😍
    Yu Sao measured Shancai with her coat on haha. Despite that it reminded me of when my grandma measured me when I was little. She made me a lot of clothes. I’d almost forgotten about that and I thank this drama for reminding me.
    Ximen reprimanding Qinghe cracked me up 😂. He’s so likeable! And oh em gee he’s a hot kisser. Best kiss in my book goes to Ximen!
    Ah I knew Daoming Feng was too good to be true. It was weird seeing her in the room with Ah Si… sleeping? Or drugged?
    I loved loved seeing more of F3! They are so good together, and Ximen is my official fave male second to Ah Si.

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    1. dramarian Post author

      We will always love their banters!

      Aww it’s so nice that you have that wonderful memory of your grandma making you clothes!

      It was so funny to see him so stressed about it! Sooo adorable! And yes, truly a good kisser.

      As I said to the previous commenter, maybe the drama was showing her human/motherly side? So she was just there watching her son sleep…

      Right? We could totally have just a full episode with them alone and we would never get bored haha! Glad to know that he’s your official second fave!


  3. Mei

    PS I’m very curious (when you have time) for you to share which versions of each character (F4, Shancai, Jing, Xiaoyou, Xiaozi, Daoming Family, Yu Sao, Qinghe, etc) most resembles the manga, in your opinion. I have only seen this 2018 version but I can tell the aura of the leads is totally different than in 2001!
    And then another question can wait till the drama ends, which version do you like the best???
    Hope these questions are not tedious for you- I know the answer is subjective but I really want to know!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      Oooohh nice! Hope I can have a lot of time to do this! Sadly, I can only do this based on the TV versions as I have never gotten around in continuing the manga. Also, I will be starting the Korean version soon to make myself more credible (wish I had done this sooner lol).

      It makes me flattered that you actually really want to know haha! Thank you for that. Now I am more motivated than ever to have me working on my review 😉


  4. Zaza

    The F3 in those party hats totally cracked me up lol.

    Heart symbol light show on the city building was cool.

    So lovely to see their meteor gazing memory, re-created in such a romantic fashion, by DMS for Shancai. *Sighs*

    HZL giving Shancai a kiss on the forehead in front of DMS was priceless! 😉 LOL – best scene evah. Have so had a blast with the all hilariousness in this 2018 MG. There are scenes thru out the series that I’ve re-watched several times just for the puns and humor.


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    1. dramarian Post author

      I need high-quality pictures of them smiling/posing with those dog hats.

      Ugh it was just so romantic and perfect *tears*

      That was the best scene in this episode ever haha! Their hilarious scenes are totally worth replaying.


  5. Mei

    Dramarian, I just saw your post about your sad news 😢. I’m very sorry and send my prayers and condolences. My Yu Sao passed two years ago and I miss her so much. ((Hugs)) ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      Thank you very much. That explains my sudden absence from blogging. Aww sad to hear that 😦 sending you hugs back! I miss her everyday too but like you, I will be strong!


  6. Zaza

    In sympathy and my condolences to you, Ms. Dramarian, as I just saw your post. Please take care of yourself and your family. You’re in our thoughts and our regards are with you.

    Liked by 1 person


    Dear friend, I am very sorry to hear of your loss. Please know that my thoughts are with you and your family. I have loved your recaps for Meteor Garden 2018, and appreciate the time and work that goes into them. Please take care, and thank you again. — a friend in Orlando, Florida

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      Thank you so much, dear! That really means a lot. I am now doing my best to continue writing them with the same amount of time and effort. Take care as well and thanks again!


    1. Christine

      Ahh I see, I saw this part in your blog “And you would think that the Dao Ming family would spend millions for a wedding gown or have an heirloom of a bridal gown. Well, not in this version because of China’s regulations haha!” I don’t know too much about China’s regulations as I don’t watch a lot of Chinese media.


      1. dramarian Post author

        Oh now I get it haha! Oops sorry, it’s been a while since I came from a hiatus. Anyway, one of China’s regulations for their entertainment industry (TV, film, etc.) was to avoid displaying excessive wealth or the glitz and glamour of being rich. This is why they couldn’t get a fabulous or extravagant gown.

        Hope this clears everything up!



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