Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 45 Review


Our beloved happy idiots!

Warning: This episode was high in sugar content! Read if you have a sweet tooth!


Both Ximen and Xiaoyou now realized that they are each other’s “Once in a Lifetime”. Good for them!


Someone’s either being thirsty or someone else just reads too much into it… HAHA! Love how this drama is feeding our green minds.


Xiaoyou got a Ximen doll as a present from Xiaogeng. They should sell this as a drama merchandise! So cute!


She also accompanied it with a letter indicating that she is fully entrusting Ximen to Xiaoyou already.


I loved this part! This “Once in a Lifetime” arc teaches us how we should treasure every moment that we have in life.


Some moving on words from Xiaogeng: If you can’t have tea, just have some coffee!


Shancai was talking about Ximen and Xiaoyou again… I would like to thank Dao Ming Si for telling his girlfriend that she’s being extra meddlesome again.


Shancai told him that if it were not for his friend, Xiaoyou would have been living a peaceful life. Dao Ming Si then told her that it was the same way that he did to her.


I love Shancai’s realizations in this scene. This is why you two have to stay together  forever!


I’m not sure if I was watching Dylan Wang or Dao Ming Si in this scene?! HAHA.



I really love this version for giving us this! We never got this from the original drama *sighs*.


I laughed at this part and how he took the “possibility” part back. Love these idiots!


Unfortunately, your amazing boyfriend just did!


Of course, you wouldn’t! You didn’t even really ask her… LOL.


Just in case you didn’t know, “520” means “I love you” in China because they sound the same in Chinese. Shancai counted the number of roses to make sure that they were really 520 (who does that?!).


She said that she counted it for 800 times and it was still 519… Shancai can really be an idiot, sometimes *facepalms*. Of course, Dao Ming Si already had it planned because he was holding on to the last rose! Ugh this is just fueling the hopelessly romantic side of girls to become even more hopeless.


Same, Xiaoyou, same. The thing is, I still haven’t received one?! Please accompany me in being a hopeless romantic here.


Now there’s the boy that my eyes have been waiting for! Shancai watched Lei playing the violin for the very last time before he leaves the school for good. Shancai was telling him that the music room would miss him because he has left a lot of memories there. Are you sure it’s just the music room that’s going to miss him?


As Dao Ming Si told Shancai, he went to the fishing village to get her parents’ consent for their marriage. If this happened in the 2001 version, Shancai’s silly mom wouldn’t even consider a “no” as an option. She would have started planning for her daughter’s wedding right away. It was a completely different story in this version as Shancai’s mom was just being practical and realistic that her daughter has not even graduated yet.


Also, Shancai’s mom does not want to agree if they were not planning to inform Ah Si’s mom about it. Dao Ming Si obediently followed Shancai’s parents and decided to call his mom right away.


Just when you thought she was going to explode…


She indirectly agreed according to her son’s wishes… Are you sure we were still watching “Meteor Garden”?? HAHA.


Shancai and her mom brought Dao Ming Si to their restaurant to try out their grilled squid with Eight Treasure specialty sauce. Dao Ming Si volunteered to help Shancai out in preparing the food. Mrs. Dong told him that he was not supposed to as he was their guest. He told her that he will no longer be their guest and even called her “mom”. *Sighs*. Where can you get someone like this man?


*takes a picture of her amazing fiancee*


Dao Ming Si had a man to man talk with Shancai’s dad. Since Day 1, we knew that he already had this in mind. He kept saying that Shancai is really the only girl for him.


He admitted that he was a pretty bad boy back in his senior high school days but he credited his personality change to his F3 brothers. Aww this was such a small but lovely detail!


Mr. Dong felt unworthy to lecture Dao Ming Si about being a decent man to Shancai when he belongs to such a decent and wealthy family. Dao Ming Si told him that he fell in love with his daughter for her personality, values, and attitudes in life..


Ming De invited their four outstanding alumni for a speech addressed to all their juniors. It was Ximen who did it and credited his greatest friends for having beautiful times spent in their university.


Even when fangirls were crowding him, it was only Shancai that he was looking at. This boy gives me nothing but deep sighs.


It was like a tribute to the first ever episode of this drama as he wore his green shoes again. The green shoes that unknowingly stepped on Shancai’s phone and where the main conflict of the story came from.


Ximen and Meizuo mocking their best friend and his girlfriend as usual. HAHA! Shancai told Ximen to say yes to Meizuo and that she would be willing to give a big red envelope to them. Bromance is real!


I love how it was the best man that talked about this plan! *wink wink*.


The boys told Shancai that they will be having Ah Si all to themselves for the bachelor party. He was so cute showing this subtle “thumbs up”. Shancai was willing to give his fiancee away and it was so cute how they were pushing him away back and forth.


Meizuo said that Ah Si and Shancai’s love makes him envious. Lei did not agree because trouble is everywhere anyway haha! Love you forever, Lei. Ximen agreed as Lei and Meizuo gave him a weird stare since they all know that he’s already enjoying his current love status. We ended this episode with Ximen asking his friends for help as he prepares something big for Xiaoyou. Like the true friends that they are, they rejected him and Ximen only got to ask Qinghe for help.

In a nutshell,

  • Ximen and Xiaoyou finally got the ending that we never got in the other versions.
  • In true Dao Ming Si style, he proposed to the love of his life! Oh wait, he did not really propose… He just told her because he could not take “no” for an answer. HAHA!
  •  For some reason, I guessed it right that Dao Ming Si was casually going to propose to Shancai in the restaurant. I would squeal and say yes in a heartbeat. I would even contest that we should be eating more than three meals together for the rest of our lives…
  • The personalities of both Shancai and Dao Ming Si’s parents are surprisingly different in this version. If it were the original version, Mr and Mrs. Dong would be squealing for joy once they find out that Dao Ming Si will be marrying their daughter. While Mrs. Dao Ming would not even get to hear her son ask for permission.
  • Dao Ming Si’s conversation with Shancai’s dad was just so precious. Only this version made it happen! Dads are especially closer to their daughters so it was a given that Mr. Dong was interrogating Ah Si to make sure that his daughter will always remain to be happy. Dao Ming Si will definitely not disappoint her parents!
  • Lei deserves more screen time! I was so dissatisfied at how his only scene here was playing the violin and just that small conversation with Shancai. Oh well, this is what I get for loving and rooting for the second male lead way too much haha!

14 thoughts on “Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 45 Review

    1. dramarian Post author

      Right? Loved that he makes so much sense and actually has some significance in this version. He was just nothing but a headache in the original haha!

      Oh I don’t even notice her unbuttoned coats… Hope you can find other people who feel the same here haha!


      1. dramarian Post author

        Hmm… it makes me wonder if it’s an Asian thing because I rarely see characters taking off their coats in dramas and movies. It does not bother me as much as you guys maybe because coats are almost never worn in my country lol


  1. G Auntie

    I didn’t expect to like the proposal and the Dad heart-to-heart talk so much too! And the initial proposal is really DMS style, no actual question asked, just a straight up announcement of an expectation of a statement, I liked it 😉

    I also like the missing rose from the 520 roses, I agree, it’s ridiculously romantic and setting a very high bar for a lot of guys out there! But I guess I also like that DMS did it in private, and it obviously really for an audience of one, not those display in the public type. And I also like how DMS offers to help out at the store and show obviously he really has matured. I do indeed suffer from diabetes from this episode!

    Thanks for your lovely recaps as usual 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      So nice, right! Such a pleasant surprise. If it were other dramas, they would not really matter as much.

      It was great that he did it privately! Thank you for pointing it out. He has truly matured and it was such a pleasure to watch him grow.

      No problem and thank you so much too! 😀


  2. dramamama

    Hi Dramarian!

    My fave part in this episode was DMS talking with Shan Cai’s Dad. I was so touched by his sincerity that I couldn’t help but shed a tear or two. I also love it how this version makes Shan Cai’s parents so much more relateable and realistic – just a tad silly, but lovable just the same.

    I have always known it was too good to be true – it won’t be Meteor Garden without DMF showing her fangs once again.

    Another thing I love about this version is how they somehow manage to refer to things which happened in the previous episodes and tie them up with the penultimate episodes — from DMS’ green crocodile shoes to all the squid references. I only wished they also showed DMS wearing the squid-hat, not just the apron. Now that would have been a sight to see.. hahaha!

    Thanks again for your wonderful recaps. My MG journey just wouldn’t be complete without a visit to your site.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      I loved how this version managed to transform Shancai’s parents for the better. You are right about them being relatable and definitely realistic.

      HAHA so true! It wouldn’t be MG without DMF getting in the way of our OTP.

      You’e right! It’s great to see how we see everything being linked with each other. I wished we had seen DMS wearing the squid hat too after him humiliating/laughing about it. It would have been so funny!

      You’re welcome! It took me a while to get back to your comments but I am glad that I am able to respond to them now. My MG blogging experience wouldn’t be complete without seeing comments like yours too!


  3. Zaza

    AHH, the marriage proposal! … in classic DMS style! 😉 LOL
    Fell over laughing while watching this – who would actually propose in this impulsive yet declarative way but DMS – in a wonton resto?!
    Those 520 roses sans the one DMS held onto – talk about an impressive bouquet – hehe.

    Xiaogeng choosing coffee vs. tea was a lovely moment. You go, girl! Think it’s definitely an apropos metaphor for moving on in life! 🙂

    The Ximen doll is too cute. Tho the product placement promos throughout this MG version has alternately bugged me and piqued my interest in the items – lol.

    Luv’d the heartwarming interaction between DMS and Shancai’s parents.

    Very glad for the throwback memories of when DMS & Shancai first met, which show us how far they’ve matured as individuals and in their relationship together.

    Absolutely enjoyed this episode!

    Xie xie ni for your terrific recap, Ms. Dramarian! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      Definitely not surprised that he did it that way haha! Call me hopeless romantic but I’d also want to get such an impressive bouquet! Who wouldn’t be touched tbh…

      Right? Loved how they gave her character that ending. Coffee all the way, girl!

      It was indeed cute! We need one haha! They have been annoyingly effective in promoting the products featured in the drama lol

      I loved it too! They all looked like one happy family with them being his in-laws.

      Glad you enjoyed this episode and recap! Bie ke qi! 😀


  4. le_magster

    “Who proposes at this time and place while eating wantons?”
    From the Merriam-Webster dictionary, wanton: adj., causing sexual excitement
    Small translation error that’s not a big deal, but I found it pretty funny/ironic 😂

    I was also surprised that Shancai’s mom wasn’t on board immediately… The 2001 mom was trying to get them married from the moment she laid eyes on Dao Ming Si hahahah

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      Omg I am shookt because I have always spelled “wonton” as “wanton” too… I am totally mind-blown now haha! Even restaurants here would spell it out like that whoops lol

      Right?? Totally OOC in the original MG universe haha!



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