Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 6 Review


The development of our main OTP’s love line is just getting stronger and better!

Another fun and great episode! I could not believe that one week of Meteor Garden has already passed. I have been waiting since forever for it to come! Our Ah Si’s getting more and more persistent in pursuing Shancai which made this such a lovely episode to watch. Come join me here in a fun feels adventure!



This shouldn’t be surprising… Dao Ming Si won the game and demands a date with his dream girl!


Stop dillying-dallying and run to Dao Ming Si already please!


Look at him waiting under the rain like a puppy *melts hearts*


We all have seen this scene across all versions but I loved how they surprised me with this one! HE FREAKING HUGGED HER instead of shouting at her and calling her “idiot”. Isn’t this Dao Ming Si just the softest?!!


And your guy is definitely not in the mood anymore! Soaked in the rain while waiting for four hours with a grumbling stomach. Worst combo!


Ah Si fell sick and he was lucky enough that Shancai took care of him.


Shancai told him that it must have been lonely living in such a big house on his own. He was definitely denying it and did not want to talk about it anymore.


Damn those elevator workers! I knew this was happening but I still wanted them to continue their business here *wink wink*


Even though her parents wanted to give her a good beating, she realized that she was lucky enough to have her parents. I also loved how she was still thinking about Dao Ming Si’s situation and even worried about his fever.


Loved this scene in the 2001 version and Dylan’s innocence just made me chuckle! Too bad that China’s SARFT regulations must have made them cut down on the innuendos lol


Dao Ming Si called Shancai out of her classroom to return her coat. Everyone’s social media went on a frenzy since they already assumed that they were dating. This scene was just so precious! Dao Ming Si was being so extra in putting the coat on Shancai but I still fell in love.


Being the supportive friends that Ximen and Meizuo were, they just slowly applauded and left Ah Si in the air. HAHA! Friendship goals lol.


Two evil girls (I love how I never bothered to remember their names so I have always called them such even in the 2001 version lol) took Shancai and Li Zhen to a Ladies’ Night. They got her drunk and hallucinating that the foreign pianist in the club was Lei (miss you, dear!). She woke up in some random bedroom and had to think hard what happened last night.


I found it so adorable that Dao Ming Si was just waiting by Shancai’s locker. 2001 Dao Ming Si never did that huhuhu. He looked so cute following her (cutest stalker ever!) that I could keep replaying that scene.


The episode ended on such a sweet note when Dao Ming Si gave a coat as a present to Shancai. He masked his own sweetness by telling her that she shouldn’t lend him cheap clothes. How ungrateful haha! He then just told her to wear it because it is getting cold anyway. UGH you could sweep me off my feet, Ah Si!

In a nutshell,

  • Dylan Wang as Dao Ming Si was shining so brightly as ever again!!! I think I’m in love.
  • We all know that Dao Ming Si’s cool exterior is just hiding his innocence and loneliness in life but it is just making my heart flutter.
  • I will also never get over that classic waiting in the rain scene! That twist of Dao Ming Si suddenly hugging Shancai just made my night. HELP. I HAVE SO MUCH FEELS.
  • I hated the Li Zhen + random foreign guy storyline ever since I was a kid but it looks like this 2018 version is not going to make us suffer so much.
  • This is just one of the many opportunities for Dao Ming Si to melt our hearts with his jealousy (how ironic, huh lol)
  • I need the next episodes now!

What did you think of this episode? Are you also excited for a new week of episodes? Don’t be shy and share your thoughts with me below!


14 thoughts on “Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 6 Review

  1. Janice

    Love your recaps! Thanks for taking so much time to write them 🙂 Been hooked on this remake so far…

    Have you watched episode 7 yet? Is it just me or did we miss the big reveal of Shancai’s photographs and her argument with Dao Ming Si? Haha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      Aww thank you! Readers like you are one of my reasons for writing 😊

      Not yet but I knew what was happening because of the people who were live-tweeting haha! Oh nooo, that’s what I was waiting for!


      1. Janice

        I love reading what other people think whilst I’m watching the drama myself haha so your blog is perfect for that!

        Apparently it’s in the mango TV version but not in the subbed version, *sigh* Chinese dramas confused me :’)

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Jed Christian Resurreccion

    Loving the recaps. Thanks a bunch. Good to find someone that enjoys this version and writes properly reasonable reviews. Idk the hate of some people on this series but the speed of the story is truly modern. I’ll be looking forward for your reviews 😇😇

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      Aww thank you very much! Glad to find someone like you here too 🙂 I think the haters are just finding opportunities to hate but oh well, different strokes for different folks. See you here soon!


  3. Shendel Chobot

    I’ve fallen in love with so many Asian romance TV series and honestly after Watching A love so beautiful. I didn’t think I would find another that I loved as much as that one. I started to watch a few others I still had on my list but I wasn’t getting those giddy excited feelings like I did with A Love So Beautiful! Then the other day Meteor Gardens preview just started playing when I logged onto Netflix and was instantly intrigued and hoping it would be as good as it looked. Sure enough I was hooked after the 1st episode!!! But I watched the 1st 6 in one night!! I mean I was up till 6am lol but wanted to keep going. I was like what? I didn’t know Netflix released new episodes here n there. I thought it was 1 full season each time. That is another reason on top of many more to why I like this kind bc they are mostly told over 1 season like a really long movie that gives A better look into the story line like a book. When they make movies out of books they miss so many good small moments that make it more amazing! Got off track again lol. I’m just so excited I found a place and someone to talk to who shares the same kind of love and excitement for this kind of TV series!! It’s a guilty pleasure of mine in my life. Everyone that knows I love these think it’s crazy and don’t get it. Iv tried to explain that it gives me those same feeling I got back in high school when my relationship started with my now husband. It wasn’t love at 1st sight and was the same girl meets boy and girl and boy pick on each other and drive each other nuts and b4 they know it they have feelings and get swept away lol. Iv tried to get my husband to watch them with me and thought out of anyone he would understand what I was talking about bc hello he lived our love story with me lol. It’s still going obviously and yes I still get butterflies and love him just as much but it’s not the same “idk what’s going to happen, live in the moment, up and down roller coaster ride” type of feeling that you hate but also kinda enjoyed at the same time but didn’t really know you did lol. Now I know we are meant to be and I know we will be together for the rest of our lives and I know just how much he loves me and he knows just how much I love him!! I know if he’s late there is a good reason to why and if anything I worry if he’s hurt not if he’s going to show up or if he’s with someone else. I love that and don’t want that to ever change lol. It’s still nice to watch something and get that feeling and excitement and help you remember that feeling you had then and even has me looking at my husband and loving him even more. My favorite thing is they can make something as simple as a hug feel so powerful and romantic. It gives the same effect as a actual clothes off and all over each other 1st time love scene here that are in the America movies and TV shows that are here. They just some how have a way of doing that and it makes it better I think and keeps you wanted more!! So that’s why I keep getting off topic and all over the place. I’m so happy I now know where to go to talk to others who share the same amount of passion that I do for this genre of TV. Thank you for your beautiful recap and creating a place for me to go and talk about this just crazy amazing show with others that are fallowing it and loving it at the same time and just as much as I am!! I will be back for your other recaps as well!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      Hello dear! “A Love So Beautiful” was just beyond amazing that I had a hard time finding a drama to watch after too (wrote a review for it here too). Aww thank you for sharing how dramaland’s connected to you on a deeper level/in real life. Reading your comment really made me smile. Don’t worry about going off-topic too! It’s totally fine 🙂 If you need anyone to release all your feelings from dramas/films or could be anything, just release them here or send us a tweet!

      Again, thank you for your wonderful comment and we shall see you in our future recaps/reviews soon!


  4. Huaze Lei

    I love your reviews !! I am wondering do you know what song Thomas/Huaze lei is playing on the piano in that scene in the club? I can’t seem to find it on the Meteor Garden Music album. Thank you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person


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