Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 5 Review


Get yourself a guy who looks at you like how Ah Si looks at Shancai *swoons*

What an eventful episode! This episode just reminded me of how much I loved the original version. They did not fail in remaking some of my favorite story lines. Hoping that the growth of my love for this drama does not stop as it increases every episode.



Shancai asked Meizuo and Ximen about Lei and Jing’s relationship. I find it fascinating that this version really had Lei diagnosed with autism. If I am not mistaken, the manga only described Lei as “autistic” but not necessarily diagnosed with the disorder. Oh well, whatever helps them with their story-telling is fine, I guess!


Classic Teng Tang Jing move of cutting her hair to make a bold statement!


My Lei was crying T_T  Seeing him cry just broke my heart. Hate you, Jing! It is important to note that Vic Zhou’s Hua Ze Lei never shed a tear from what I could remember…


Then there’s our heroine crying over her first love crying or maybe crying because there is no way that he will ever reciprocate his feelings for her? Hmmm…


I felt that this has always been an underrated Dao Ming Si-Shancai ever since. I think Ah Si was just so endearing in trying to defend himself when Shancai was drunkenly blabbering. He definitely did not deserve to have some vomit in his luxurious suit!


Thanks for telling me, Ma!


Li Zhen had some FOMO going on… She actually had another story line continuing from the previous episode but I did not feel the need to include it in my recap. Oops.


Dao Ming Si was requesting for Shancai to apologize to him. Of course she did not want to because he did not even apologize to her when he force-kissed her. Ah Si was just burnt!


Shancai asked Lei why he’s so quick to let Jing go. He told her that nothing could ever change Jing’s mind. Shancai wanted to push for it because as much as she was happy that Jing’s leaving, she did not want to see Lei sad.


Shancai tried to talk it out with Jing but as expected, Jing has been decided since day 1.


This has always been my issue with Shancai ever since I was a kid. Why can’t she just stop meddling with other people’s business?


My poor Lei is crying again… Can I just give you a hug right now?


Everyone excluding Lei is in the airport to send Jing off.


I loved this part because it showed how Shancai thought of Dao Ming Si in such a positive way. That is what makes Ah Si so likable, Shancai!


Then here comes my favorite part! Ah Si was caught off-guard when Shancai dropped this question. She told him that this is what liking someone feels like, willing to let them go and just watch from a distance. He definitely disagreed because he thought that such thinking was just as good as nothing. What if he dies tomorrow? Then he would not be able to tell how he feels to that person. That, my friends, was such a remarkable wisdom from 2018 Dao Ming Si!


Shancai’s heart melted when Lei told her that she was right about chasing after Jing.


Release the jealous Ah Si! Way too cute!


This was one of my favorite scenes from the original version but I felt that this one did not have much impact 😦 Nevertheless, it got me excited for the next scenes to come!


F2 Casanovas are here to help the low-key hopeless Dao Ming Si!


Funniest minutes of my life because of their imagination of how an ideal date should play out. Dylan Wang as the girl was just so funny! Another precious scene from this version.


Uh-huh, that is why he needs you to guide him, boys! Ah Si thought that their ideas were not simple enough and also too cheesy. Ximen then told him that the easiest way to do is to play hard to get.


Never expected playing hard to get was this literal… Ah Si called out Shancai and Qinghe in their school’s bulletin board for a game of Poker. Let’s see how this game will go!

In a nutshell,

  • That airport scene where Shancai and Dao Ming Si talked about the feeling of liking someone was just too precious. Who would have thought that someone like Ah Si could have such enlightening opinion on that matter? It definitely wins as my favorite scene from this episode!
  • I love how the Jing-Lei-Shancai story line did not really drag us to eternity because that’s what I hated in the 2001 version. I love how everything just happened fast when Shancai interfered in Lei and Jing’s affairs causing Lei to step up right away.
  • I was looking forward to Shancai and Ah Si’s first date scene but they surprised me by summoning Shancai and Qinghe to a Poker game. Guess I have to keep watching to get my first date fix!
  • And are we not talking about Dao Ming Si acting as the girl that Ximen and Meizuo could snatch off right away? That was just golden! Only in this version that you will see such silly-ness haha!

Overall, a super great watch! What did you think about this episode? Did you enjoy it as much as I did?


8 thoughts on “Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 5 Review

    1. dramarian Post author

      There were some episodes that I wished there were more comments especially when I loved the episode haha! Thank you for posting the first comment here then 🙂 It was indeed hilarious like no other version has even attempted to do that lol


  1. Lalalar

    Thanks for the recaps. I’ve not seen the original or the others but am really enjoying this. I too was surprised by the lack of comments for this episode and felt compelled to add to this…. agreed, girly Ah Si is unforgettable. Dylan’s acting is commendable for someone so young.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Maan

    Now that I’ve re-watched this episode, I now have a deeper appreciation of Lei’s relationship with Jing. I cried watching them dance, now that I know how it was going to end. Poor Lei.

    As always, love you’re recaps!!

    Liked by 1 person


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