We’re now on CuriousCat.me!

Just putting this photo of Darren Chen as a clickbait… HAHA!

Writing this post just to inform you all that we’re also on CuriousCat! Re-launched our profile over

there to accommodate requests/questions/anything actually! If you’re too lazy to drop a comment here

or give us a tweet, feel free to ask us here instead 😊 See you there!

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About dramarian

Ni hao! I'm Dramarian and I love Asian dramas & films specifically from Taiwan, China, and Japan. I write about them in this beautiful blog while my dog Gotchi sits beside me. Meteor Garden introduced me to dramaland and I don't think I'm leaving anytime soon. Oh and I love Jerry Yan very much. Follow/tweet me @SMilkdrama about anything and I will definitely reply.

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