Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 23 Review


I would love to see this every morning *sighs*

If this episode were a kind of food, it would be a rainbow cake that explodes with colors, icing, sprinkles, and all the delicious and sweet ingredients. One thing is for sure, I will be eating this rainbow cake again and again. Come eat this lovely dessert with me!


Shancai finished her cleaner duties even before her shift began. Our girl is very motivated, I love it!


Next duty: Wake up Mr. Dao Ming Si. I love how this version gave us a sleeping topless Dao Ming Si *heart eyes*. I have always thought that this line was really written for Jerry Yan’s Dao Ming Si (because his nose is one of his loveliest features). I guess it wasn’t since they also used it to refer to Dylan Wang’s Dao Ming Si.


Dao Ming Si grabs and embraces her right away (exact thing happened in the 2001 drama 😉


Nooo, don’t deprive us, Shancai! HAHAHA.


Dao Ming was so hot and yet so soft in these scenes. I wanted to run my fingers through his hair. I loved these scenes because he was basically squeezing some juices aka feelings from Shancai.


Yu Sao caught them in action and she exposed Ah Si’s childhood boo-boos of peeing in his bed. Such a cute scene!


Qinghe asked Shancai if she was really indeed dating Dao Ming Si. Look at how his face was waiting for a response! Love him.


Look at that face of pure satisfaction!


*Looks at his greatest rival*. We wish we could have your life, Ah Si!


Loved his facial expression here. Such subtle jealousy that we have never seen from him before.


Our Dao Ming Si is applying for graduate school so he could still be with Shancai. Wow, that’s just the sweetest thing ever *tears*. We never got this from the 2001 drama by the way!


Yes! We fully support you, Dao Ming Si!


Despite some hints that we got from Lei liking Shancai, he seemed to be genuinely supportive of Ah Si and Shancai still. That is just one of the many reasons why I love his character so much, he is rational and mature even when it means letting the love of his life go (read: Teng Tang Jing).


Dao Ming Si demanded Shancai to eat with him…


All the other maids in their mansion came to eat too *facepalms*.


Shancai could not stop thinking and worrying about Dao Ming Si inviting him at midnight. She thought a lot of ways to escape him but there is no way of escaping that boy!


This drama and its use of sexual innuendos strike again haha!


That’s Dao Ming’s favorite passive-aggressive method in squeezing Shancai’s feelings… Asking if she is going to say anything else haha!


Shancai was so amazed by the meteors that she saw from the telescope that Dao Ming Si has set up for her.


The iconic wearing of the meteor shower necklace + proposal! YESSSS.


“Because you’re the only one I’m willing to trade all the meteors in the sky for”. BEAUTIFUL LINE. I don’t think 2001 Dao Ming Si said these lines and 2018 Dao Ming Si won for saying that. Shancai’s smile when she heard this was so relatable too, like who wouldn’t smile when you hear that?


*squeals silently*. I wish they gave us a longer kissing scene because the original drama had a long one in the same scene but fine, at least it was still a great kissing scene 😉


Dao Ming Si got hurt a bit from this but I guess he’d still take it because at least she still likes him back.


We all need a Dao Ming Si, everyone!


He said that he will not bother her anymore if she still does not like him after a month.


That’s just 3 hours from now! Funny how the kiss came first than Shancai deciding to date him lol.


Shancai was going to wake him up and start cleaning but it seemed like our boy never slept.


She was saying a lot of things but her only main point was that she was accepting to be Dao Ming Si’s girlfriend…


AAAAHHH look at that face!


Oh yes. THANK YOU, SHANCAI! She said that if she still does not like him after a month, she will be the one to leave, not Dao Ming Si. Aww… these cuties 😦




That face of someone in love is just the funniest and cutest! This is probably the episode where Dylan Wang looks the best too! He’s so gorgeous.


Shancai was bothered by the attention that they were getting. Dao Ming Si told her that she will eventually get used to it since it’s normal that all eyes will be on them. He told her that she cannot use that as a reason to reject him.


But he still said all of those lines with this adorable smile. HELP.


Here comes one of my most favorite lines. Shancai brought fruits for Dao Ming Si then he insisted that she should feed him.


The other boys jokingly demanded that Shancai feeds them too. I kept laughing and replaying this scene! Look at that cutie Lei in the background too. He was busy doing his own music/art time but he still joined the other boys with their shenanigans.


Overprotective boyfriend strikes again!


Shancai was already planning to ask Dao Ming Si out on a date privately but he was busy helping his brothers with their thesis.


Everyone couldn’t believe what they have just heard from Shancai’s mouth.


Even Lei stopped from reading his book!


He looked sooo happy and flattered to hear those words from Shancai.


Dao Ming did not want to go because he did not want to go out with people he doesn’t know. He said that he got excited for nothing. I understand why he felt that way though, it’s so disappointing that it won’t be an exclusive date for him and Shancai.


He was so cute when they saw him walking and looking awkward.


Take note of this guys as this was the very first time that Shancai gave a compliment to Dao Ming Si right in front of him!


Xiaoyou’s jerky boyfriend kept insulting Dao Ming Si and you could see how Dao Ming Si was trying his best to hold it in. He is indeed the nicest Dao Ming Si ever haha!


Shancai asked Dao Ming Si to accompany him inside the Haunted House. Love how he just could not resist Shancai! *cries*

In a nutshell,

  • WHAT A SUPERB EPISODE. I could already foresee myself rewatching this episode again and again.
  • Dao Ming Si and Shancai are finally dating!!! This is what everyone has been waiting for and I was so giddy to see them together.
  • All the stories here already appeared in the 2001 drama and this version did not only recreate them well but they even furnished them to be the best.
  • I need Shancai’s meteor rain necklace in my life! Loved how they remade such an iconic scene too.
  • Shancai asking Dao Ming Si out was the cutest thing ever. Even F3 was taken aback from her being out of character of making the first move.
  • If you were watching Lei’s expressions and noticed how the camera tended to move towards him, you would see how he was already harboring his feelings towards Shancai. No one else from our cast of characters could notice except Dao Ming Si. He kept looking at Lei every time he would talk about his relationship with Shancai and also asked Shancai if she was stupid but just shrugged it off. I just cannot wait for this love triangle to unfold once again but with reversed roles now.
  • I think the most important furnishing that this version did was when Dao Ming Si did not punch Xiaoyou’s douche bag of a boyfriend. Unlike the 2001 version where Dao Ming Si punched him (this was still very much in character though), this Dao Ming Si was really indeed calmer and thought of Shancai instead of doing something rash.
  • I don’t know how many times I will say this but this is the best episode for me so far and it adds as my fifth favorite episode of this drama!

Did you love this episode as much as I did? What did you think about it?


8 thoughts on “Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 23 Review

  1. Yvette Canlas

    Waaaaah me too i love this episode so much i replayed it more than 4 times hahaha while waiting for episode 26. And knowing that in real life that necklace is a birthday gift for shen yue from dylan wang. He’s the one who design that necklace too. OML my poor heart HAHAHAHA

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  2. the mad chatter

    You work so hard on these reviews! Thank you for your persistence.
    As for this episode, I didn’t know how much we needed a feel good episode until this one aired. You made many good points.
    1. I think the actress who is playing Mrs. Yu is wonderful in the role. Have you seen her in other dramas?
    2. And talking about other dramas, do they have an end after a set # of episodes or do they go on forever? Or are they a mix?
    3. Also did you notice how cold Si’s room was during the waking up scene? There are literally puffs of cold air coming out of Si’s mouth when he talked and i felt bad for him considering he didn’t have layers of clothes on.
    4. Mrs. Yu’s takedown of Si about his bedwetting history-HILARIOUS!
    5. I really liked the use of clocks in this episode. Her pink clock was adorable. Also, how excellent is her room?
    6. “Were you hatching eggs in the bedroom?”, I vow to use this every time someone is late. It’s such a crazy thing to say.
    7. Now that I’ve gotten the flow of this drama, the line “There are only things we can do at night.” is indeed pretty racy.
    8. Ah ha! Finally, meteors!!! Everything has come full circle.
    9. Is it strange that Shancai always calls him Daoming Si and not just Si? Other people call him just Si so what gives?
    10. The lunch scene was epic.
    11. Since when did Xiaoyou have a boyfriend? You’ve always gotta watch the quiet ones.
    12. “Little Miss Shancai is making the first move now.” It only took 23 episodes!!!
    13. Xiaoyou’s boyfriend is the worst and a good counterpoint to Si who we’ve seen develop and this acts as a good reminder to how far that boy has come. Also, it reminds us how essentially he does respect women bc we’ve never seen him play the playboy role like this guy.
    14. They ate at BURGER KING! BURGER KING! LOL
    15. There is literally no one else at the amusement park. Literally.
    16. All in all a great lighthearted episode. And you’ve taught me so much that I hardly had questions.
    Thank you!

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    1. dramarian Post author

      Aww thank you very much again! This was really a feel-good episode. I’m so in love.
      1. I haven’t seen her in any other dramas but I agree with you, she’s just wonderful!
      2. Chinese dramas will always have a set number of episodes. They cannot air a drama that has not been completed or is being filmed live (unlike in Taiwan, Korea, etc.).
      3. I noticed that too! Normally, the actors would wear thick layers of clothing while rehearsing and right after their filming. So they had to endure a few minutes of not wearing such clothes just for the sake of filming.
      4. That was so cute and hilarious!
      5. I love her pink clock too! And yes, that room was so nice too. It looked like it was in a hotel actually.
      6. Yeah, it was my first time to hear someone say that lol
      7. HAHA! Love those suggestive comments.
      8. Now you gotcha!
      9. This has always been the case even in the other versions. I’m not sure why because I can only guess. I actually find it cute because she’s the only one who calls him by full name despite their close relationship. Everyone else close to him calls him Ah Si.
      10. He looked like a cartoon character with heart eyes in that lunch scene haha!
      11. Right? Even Shancai got surprised how she got a boyfriend lol
      12. Yesss, finally!!
      13. I agree! It was great that we met him despite his douchy-ness because we got to appreciate Ah Si more.
      14. I wonder if BK was also a sponsor lol
      15. I noticed that too! Maybe not a lot of people go to their other amusement parks anymore ever since they got a Disneyland there?
      16. Such a great episode! I’m even thinking of rewatching it before I go to sleep haha! No problem and thank you too 😀 Glad that I was able to teach you!


  3. Mei

    Hi! My favorite part of the episode was actually the haunted house at the end lol because Daoming Si seemed to really be enjoying himself and their chemistry was fun to see. I am so happy they’re together., but from your review it sounds like things will get complicated again involving Lei?? Well, I’ll enjoy it while it lasts!! They are a good match!!

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  4. dramarian Post author

    Aww yeah, that was really cute! Everything about this episode really is! It won’t be Lei who will make things complicated actually although I wish he was haha! Yeah, let’s just all enjoy the drama at the present 😀



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