Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 30 Review


This boy has one of the cutest smiles ever!

As we have all expected, our love triangle is back to make us laugh and cry (mostly this one). Prepare your hearts for this episode!


If the previous episode gave us the first 21 minutes as hell, this episode was forgiving by just giving us 20 minutes… HAHA! At least the next scenes will be worth watching.


Ximen asked Lei why he didn’t bring Shancai to Ah Si after bringing her home.


Ximen was surprised by how Lei reacted to his question. Oh Lei, you seem so fishy!


When your friends try so hard to redirect you from your heartbreak… HAHA! Best friends ever.


Do you smell that? There’s going to be a rivalry ready to be brewed soon!


Shancai is me whenever I would hide from my crush haha! Oh the awkwardness that they will be encountering every time they see each other in the hallways.


Lei kept asking Ah Si if he really has given up on Shancai already.




My heart was melting when Lei said those lines. May the best man win!


Ah Si kept insisting that he does not give a damn and that Lei didn’t need to tell him what he will be doing. Lei told him that he still felt that he needed to because of F4. Awww… so precious 😦


Keep telling yourself that, Shancai!


Finally! A scene with just the two of them after so long!


I actually hated Dao Ming Si here because he made it seem like their relationship’s ending depended on him. Come on, it was Shancai who broke up with you!


Shancai returns the precious meteor rain necklace and…


He threw it out in the lake! I was so excited for this because the original Meteor Garden and Hana Yori Dango did this scene excellently.


As always, Shen Yue did not disappoint in this emotional scene.


Ooohh double meaning!


Loved how Lei looked at Shancai here. So painstakingly beautiful. Watching the girl he likes getting devastated and heartbroken over his best friend.


After some time, Shancai finally realized her feelings of loving someone.


We all need a Hua Ze Lei aka the king of all second leads!


Dao Ming Si drunkenly pretending to be happy for his best friend and love of his life.


Dylan Wang’s acting here was amazing! I just needed it to be longer with a more dramatic background music.

In a nutshell,

  • The first 20 minutes was full of uselessness and nothingness but I have easily forgiven them by giving me some drama from my beloved love triangle.
  • Lei helping Shancai look for the necklace and Ah Si drunk crying have always been my weaknesses. Go watch how the original version did it because the acting was more emotional and epic! Don’t get me wrong though because I also think that the actors in this version did great.
  • At this point in time, I just want everyone in my precious love triangle to be happy but I know that it will be nearly impossible. Look how the tables have turned now that Hua Ze Lei is chasing after Shancai and her with Dao Ming Si.
  • All I know is that I cannot wait to watch them more!

What did you think of this episode? Have you already forgiven the drama for giving us sh*t? HAHA!


30 thoughts on “Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 30 Review

  1. 老auntie

    Been stalking your recaps in silence but I’m compelled to say something today – oh my lordy she-who-must-not-be-named is finally GONE! All together now: #highfive! My fast forward button is still cooling down fr being hot pressed all week.

    I’ve watched Korean and Taiwan versions (in that order) and I cannot stress enough that all self-proclaimed F4 fans must watch the 2001 version. It is still by fast, The BEST. Those were men. These are boys, albeit very good looking ones that I don’t mind ogling at but that’s about it. I’m staying on for dms tho I admit sweet lei is seriously growing on me. I almost.. ALMOST teared at DMS’s drunken scene. That was well done Dylan. I even wonder if he did drink to get his eyes all bloodshot.

    Anyway, thanks for the recaps!! 加油!

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    1. dramarian Post author

      Aww thank you for stalking my recaps haha! YES, FINALLY. I didn’t fast-forward but I was busy doing other things while her scenes were playing.

      I have yet to watch BOF lol but yes, I really think the original version is a must-watch! Lei and Ah Si are so adorable. I agree! I’m also so curious about what Dylan did to look so drunk. That was really well done.


      1. Chrisver

        Thank you for your recaps.
        This version is my second favorite now, next to the japanese adaptation. Dylan is doing DMS right. Like Matsujun, he’s not holding anything back.
        I find it adorable when all of Shancai’s friends are gathered together, monkey girl included. She’s turning out to be a great character.
        Finally, I appreciate that the producer is somehow sticking to the manga. I hope she doesn’t drag out the amnesia arc like what happened to the Taiwanese version.

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        1. dramarian Post author

          You’re welcome! 🙂 Dylan’s really doing great as DMS. I love it too! She’s so lucky to have such a supportive system. I have high hopes that she won’t given that she dragged it out to some other useless storyline lol


          1. Chrisver

            I can forgive her for the Caina-Meizuo storyline. In the manga, and almost all of the adaptations, Meizuo sadly got the short end of the stick. He was one of the most boring and forgettable characters. I guess the producer wanted to showcase Meizuo as more than a great friend, but also as a great boyfriend. If you think about it, if you want to have a stable relationship, Meizuo’s your guy.

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            1. dramarian Post author

              Yeah. Maybe they wanted this version to be unique by giving the spotlight on him for once. I actually don’t have much opinion on him, that’s how bitter I was about everything lol


  2. Gerald

    I am watching all 3 versions at the same time now lol:
    Japan’s HYD
    Taiwan’s MG 2001
    and this one MG 2018

    I tried watching Korea’s BOF but for some reason, I wasn’t feeling it so I stopped. I was surprised by Japan’s HYD, it’s actually good!

    You’re right, Dylan’s and Shan Cai’s crying scenes were both spot but weren’t enough to make me cry. Ugh. I even rewatched the episode but not a single tear came out. Haha. I guess it’s the dubbing again.

    Love this page by the way. I just discovered it while browsing for MG 2018 reviews.

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    1. dramarian Post author

      I’m watching both MGs too! I was even crying while watching the original version since the new version didn’t give me my tearjerker fix haha!

      I’ll try to rewatch HYD when I have more time while I have yet to watch BOF.

      It’s really the dubbing and probably the sequencing or editing of the episode. Just keep watching the original and you’ll be able to shed a tear haha!

      Aww thank you very much! Hope to see you more here 🙂


      1. Gerald

        Auntie. Hahaha. My current obsession. To he honest, I thought I was over MG2001 already but last year when they announced the remake, I was very excited. When they finally revealed the new casts, I was a little disappointed. The only Shan Cai for me was Barbie. I didn’t intend to follow MG2018. I just got curious how they would execute the scenes this time. I was least impressed with Episode 1 but there’s something about this new one that keeps you wanting for more. And the new characters started growing on me and here I am, back at my obsession. Haha. Since they only show a few episodes every week, I decided to watch MG2001 again and I can’t believe I was able to finish Season 1 in a week. Haha. Then I got curious with Korea’s BOF but for some reason I wasn’t feeling the characters. I am actually annoyed with Jan Di. Haha. So I decided to watch Japan’s HYD without too much expectations and still can’t believe I was able to finish Season 1 as well! Obsessed much? 😂😂😂😂😂 Now, I am watching the HYD anime. I am also planning to read the original manga. That’s how obsessed I am with this story. I rarely watch dramas. The last one I watched was You Who Came from the Stars because the story and editing were fantastic for my taste. I can’t say that the acting in MG2018 is top notch. Probably got ruined by dubbing. I wonder why they had to change Shen Yue’s voice? It’s actually cute in her interviews. That’s why MG2001 felt more natural because it wasn’t dubbed. But I have no complaints whatsoever with the MG2018 casts. Angie nailed the selection process. When I think of Shan Cai I now think of Shen Yue. Dylan Wang also nailed the Daoming Si character and I admired him more when I found out that MG2018 is his first acting drama. He is Daoming Si on and off cam. Darren Chen’s portrayal of Huaze Lei is also spot on. His eyes speak a thousand words and can convey different emotions without saying a single word. Wow. I am actually starting to like this better than 2001. I have a feeling this will become a big hit here in the Philippines once it starts airing on August 20th.

        Sorry, I’m being too talkative. 😂😂😂😂

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    2. Enigmaticrose4

      The Korean one was he first version of this story I found. Also my first Asian drama of any kind. It is very campy and doesn’t have the same level of emotional acting as Meteor Garden here.

      But I still have a soft spot for it. Also, Lee Min Ho does a great job.

      Also, I guess ya’ll are stuck watching it dubbed? In the US on Netflix it’s subbed. Only time acting feels off is the evil mother. I swear her mouth doesn’t move when she talks…


      1. dramarian Post author

        I have yet to watch the Korean version 🙂

        We’re all watching it subbed. Even though it’s subbed, the actors were dubbed. Only Hua Ze Lei, Ximen, and Dao Ming Zhuang were using their real voices. Haha! That’s true, it’s weird that her mouth doesn’t move that much lol


  3. vespa

    I just finished watching this episode. Wow, it was such a good episode. The F4 are what friends should be….except the love triangle bit (ahem). Ximen and Meizou are really looking out for Si. You can see the emotion and conflict in Lei’s face when Shancai is looking for the necklace. Si’s crying along with Shancai’s distress almost made me cry, I wish it was longer. I have to say that I never get emotional in movies, ever, so for this to make me almost is a big thing.

    Thanks again for the recaps and the discussions it spurs. Really great companion piece to the show. Producers should thank you, Miss Dramarian!

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    1. dramarian Post author

      If they had cut out the first 20 minutes, it would’ve been so much better! Sorry, I’m forever bitter about the useless screen time given to Caina. I love how this version is portraying F4’s friendship. Nothing could really come in between them! That necklace scene just never fails. It was well done by everyone! I hated how they cut the emotional scenes especially Ah Si crying like I wanted it to be longer too! 2001 had a longer crying scene and it still pricks through my heart until now. It’s so nice that something has finally made you feel emotional (if that’s a good thing for you haha!).

      No problem and thank you very much too! Comments like these always motivate me to keep writing despite the extra effort and limited time allotted for it 🙂 Well, I hope they do by giving us a proper ending haha!


      1. vespa

        Hehehe I was doing my best not to mention she-who-must-not-be-named. I was singing “gone baby gone” in my head though. : )
        Oh the pain in his face when he said ” a stupid girl with a sleepy head”, you can see him picturing it. Poor DMS. I had to tell the girl at work who has watched the original MG series…then warn her not to say anymore in case she revealed anything.
        Can’t wait for the next episode.

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  4. anamarie

    Thanks for the recap and hurray for the end of her-who-shall-not-be-named. Sorry for Meizou though, hope he gets someone in the end (maybe?). So glad to see more of AhSI, Lei and ShanCai interaction.

    Dylan has been doing great living and breathing DMS. I was on the (hopeless) Lei-ship in the original MG but Dylan’s DMS made root for this man-child. Hope they cut on the angst and show more of the cute stuff soon.

    Though I love DMS here. I find Lei consistently good as second lead you can root and feel sorry for. I love that Lei has been a true and loyal friend through and through both for Shancai and AhSi. Love his expression of conflicting emotion.

    ShanCai is good in this episode but I hope her character grow up sooner.

    I agree that this version and the first MG can’t be compared as the first F4 and Shancai were more grown-ups than the 2018 version.

    No tears for me here but I keep on waiting for the next ENGSUB episodes.

    Looking forward to more recaps comments.

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    1. dramarian Post author

      I hate how they gave so much screen time for her only to get Meizuo heartbroken. It even highlighted the fact that she was really useless in the story ugh. And yes, glad to have seen more of those 3 as it should have been happening!

      He’s a really good DMS. I think they’re better at showing the cute stuff so they should get to it since we’re not getting much feelings from the angst anyway haha!

      Yes! Darren as Lei really amazes me. I love his very subtle facial expressions of having such conflicting emotions.

      Yup, most of the original cast was experienced which was really an advantage.

      Thank you so much! 🙂


  5. itstwons

    I just found your recaps yesterday and I gotta say, I’m hooked! HAHA. Having watched MG 2001 and Korean BOF as a kid, I’ve also been doing little comparisons here and there, so I’m really happy that someone (aka you) has mostly the same feels as me!

    You’re right, I SIMPLY CANNOT BRING MYSELF TO CARE ABOUT THE ZHOU CAINA ARC. SO MUCH TIME WAS WASTED THERE, but I guess it’s good that they’re giving Mei Zuo some exposure. I guess it sucks for me since it’s like they completely scrapped references to her being an awesome cook (except for the time she talked about the tea she made or whatever) so it felt like I was watching a different Zhou Caina. Also, we have yet to see Xi Men x Xiaoyou. Korean BOF really did their relationship well (I admit that I shipped them way more than the leads HAHA), so I was kinda hoping to see that here. But oh well.


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    1. dramarian Post author

      Aww glad that you found us! I wasn’t able to watch BOF as a kid so it has simplified my comparisons haha

      UGH SAME, I’M SO DONE WITH HER that I don’t have enough energy to hate on her anymore lol but I agree with you, it’s weird that they rarely referred to her as an excellent cook, it really looked like she was a random character who popped out of nowhere (which was still partly true). XiYou’s coming in this week’s episodes and I cannot really say that I’m excited since I only really care about the main leads haha! Heard that they had a great story and chemistry in BOF too.

      YESSSS! CANNOT WAIT. I’ll just probably die typing my feels HAHA see you there!


  6. Enigmaticrose4

    Thank you for writing these recaps. Love them. Tho there were a few of the Caina moments I would have loved to get your opinion on, lol. That entire storyline was so predictable, but did have some good moments. Like them arguing so much they kept dropping her drunken self…I laughed so hard at that, tho the rest….eh

    Thanks for doing these recaps!

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    1. anims'k

      i love the scene between mei zuo ,caina & terence…well for me caina is a perfect match for terence, only for me…why? because in their case caina & terence had one night stand, caina also is much older than mei zuo & still caina is in love with terence, for sure mei zuo will meet someone even better than caina.

      And also it’s nice to know & hear that the guy is much older than the woman like terence & caina…

      and lastly mei zuo is so humble that he gave up his love & happiness for caina’s love & happiness.

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  7. Rindu

    my 2nd fave episode…after ep. 41 ❤
    my heart broke to see shancai cried in the pond.
    does anyone notice how lei almost cried when he held shancai? his lips were trembling & his eyes were ready to shed tears…he also seemed to have an inner fight with the urge to protect & comfort shancai…
    we need more huaze lei indeed ❤
    i wish they elaborate the drunken/crying ah si scene. it was heartbreaking but way to short.

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    1. dramarian Post author

      Yes, I noticed Lei’s emotions too! This is why I love him thanks to Kuan Kuan. The way he acted with those feelings so subtly were something worth praising for.

      Right? It didn’t even give us time to breathe haha! They just had to cut it off with the ending song boohoo


  8. Aya

    This is my favorite episode. The despair by both Shancai and DMS is beautifully captured and I still cry when I watch her performance when trying to find the necklace.

    Excited by these comments on the original version from 2001. Now I just need to figure out how to watch the original here in the U.S.!

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    1. dramarian Post author

      That’s true! These youngsters could really act well.

      You can try downloading a free VPN app then choose Singapore as your server! Never tried using Netflix with it but your Netflix might change its content based on what Netflix SG has!



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