Translation: Eternal Love (TLTWTMPB) Youtube Comments


It’s been a while since I finished watching Three Lives Three World: Ten Miles of Peach Blossom.  I was addicted and completed all 58 episodes in 4 days. One of the most enjoyable thing while watching was reading the comments!

It provided me with quite a bit of insights and a lot of amusement. So I picked some of my favourite comments that I either found really funny or agreed with to translate. Enjoy!

[Comments might contain spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.]

Just a little background info/reminder before I start:
Si Yin (male disciple) / Su Su (mortal realm) / Bai Qian (fox deity) are the three lives portrayed by Yang Mi.
Mo Yuan (shifu) / Ye Hua (crown prince) are both portrayed by Mark Chao.

Eternal Love 三生三世十里桃花 ep 2

Ep 2: “ko不要美人师兄了。。。。”

Translation: KO doesn’t want Mei Ren Senior anymore….
Context: It’s a reference to Love O2O! Vin Zhang who starred as KO in Love O2O is starring as Li Jing, the prince of the Monster Realm. He’s deeply in love with Bai Qian here so people are accusing him of ditching Hao Mei, his cp in Love O2O.

Eternal Love 三生三世十里桃花 ep 3

Ep 3: “天劫可以师傅代领的吗?哎 要是当初考试老师能帮我们代考就好了……”

Translation: The teacher can help his disciple take the ‘heavenly tragedy’? Sigh, if only our teachers can help us take our exams…
Context: I’m not sure how to translate it but the ‘heavenly tragedy’ is referring to the torture that each deity has to go through before being promoted. This is in reference to Mo Yuan helping Si Yin take the lightning strikes so that Si Yin can be promoted to a shang xian.

Eternal Love 三生三世十里桃花 ep 4

Ep 4: “伤了两个人给一把破云扇。。。让人家怎么分。。”

Translation: He hurt two person and only gave one Broken Cloud Fan… how are they supposed to split it?
Context: Si Yin and Li Jing was injured by a deity’s demonic flying ride. To apologise, he gave them this fan.

Eternal Love 三生三世十里桃花 ep 5

Ep 5: “那么大个脑门 都没个痘痘 真羡慕”

Translation: Such a huge forehead but no pimples, I’m jealous…
Context: There is no context, just… bahahahahaha.

Eternal Love 三生三世十里桃花 ep 6_1

Ep 6: “真水无香则么这么快就领饭盒了。。。。”

Translation: Why did Scentless Water collect his lunch box so early?
Context: Scentless Water is actually Zhen Shao Xiang in Love O2O. He acts as the 9th disciple here. Collecting lunch box usually means an actor’s scenes are completed (and hence it’s time for lunch). In this case, he died in episode 6 so fans are upset.

Eternal Love 三生三世十里桃花 ep 6_2

Ep 6: “我音和她的師兄弟都在哭師傅元神祭了東皇鐘,翼族三兄妹看著他們哭。被師傅弄死的擎蒼OS:老子可能生了三個假兒女🙄🙄🙄”

Translation: My (Si) Yin and her seniors are all crying after the Dong Huang Bell, while the three siblings from the demon realm watch them cry. OS of Qin Cang who died because of Mo Yuan shifu: This old man (a crude way of saying ‘I’) must have gave birth to three fake children.
Context: Instead of mourning for their dead father, the three siblings are busier watching Si Yin and her seniors be sad…

Eternal Love 三生三世十里桃花 ep 6_3

Ep 6: “东华帝君那演员演技真的不咋样,听到墨渊死了那表情我还以为他要高呼好呀终于死了😂😂😂”

Translation: Dong Hua Di Jun’s acting is really nothing amazing, when I saw his expression after hearing of Mo Yuan’s death, I though he was about to cheer out loud, “Finally dead!”

Eternal Love 三生三世十里桃花 ep 6_4

Ep 6: “离镜说不能看着阿音死,然后就神助攻的去打天界的人了……什么鬼”

Translation: Li Jing said that he can’t watch A Yin die, so he went to attack the people from the heavenly realm… What in the world.
Context: A Yin…. is from the heavenly realm….

Eternal Love 三生三世十里桃花 ep 7_1

Ep 7: “哈哈哈哈,这么大一块玉含在口中,师父估计不腐坏也得噎死了😂😂”

Translation: Hahahaha, such a huge jade to be placed in the mouth. Even if shifu (Mo Yuan) doesn’t decompose, he would have to choke to death
Context: The jade in question is an immortal item that supposedly stops a dead body from decomposing as long as it is placed in the mouth of the dead body. Si Yin needed this to keep Mo Yuan’s body fresh while she find a way to save him.

Eternal Love 三生三世十里桃花 ep 10_1

Ep 10: “感觉折颜才是青丘白家大家长,白家什么事都有他的份,而且还什么事最后都是他拿主意的。”

Translation: It feels like Zhe Yan is the real parent of Qing Qiu. Everything regarding the Bai family has his share. Most importantly, all the decisions in the end are made by him.
Context: As a longtime family friend, the indecisive Qing Qiu ruler (Si Yin’s father) always count on Zhe Yan to make decisions for him. This particular event is about what to do after Bai Qian’s disappearance.

Eternal Love 三生三世十里桃花 ep 10_2

Ep 10: “擎仓可真好,让白浅转世还附送只猫和一套竹林房子”

Translation: Qin Cang is so kind, after letting Bai Qian live another life, he even gave her a free cat and a set of house.
Context: Bai Qian lost her memory after the battle with Qin Cang and is banished to the mortal realm. When she woke up, she found a pretty little nice house and a pet cat.

Eternal Love 三生三世十里桃花 ep 11_1

Ep 11: “擎苍除了送房子,还送了整套家具了被子衣服。”

Translation: Besides giving her a house, Qin Cang even provided a whole set of furniture and clothes and blanket.
Context: …why does Qin Cang sounds like a sugar daddy now…? Hahahaha

Eternal Love 三生三世十里桃花 ep 12_1

Ep 12: “以后看到蛇要抱着一起睡,说不定能泡到个太子😂”

Translation: Next time when I see a snake, I’m gonna hug it to sleep. Who knows I might just latch onto a crown price.
Context: Ye Hua used a dragon body when he went to the mortal realm but he was mistakenly identified as an injured black snake by Bai Qian (now Su Su) who took him home to recuperate.

Eternal Love 三生三世十里桃花 ep 13_1

Ep 13: “夜華也太無賴了吧,明明是他不願離開素素,卻說如果他不娶她沒人敢碰她,笑 他也太偏心了,人家素素陪他睡了三個月就行,素錦碰他一下就放肆,也太好笑了”

Translation: Ye Hua is too shameless. It is obvious he is the one that doesn’t want to leave Su Su, yet he said if he doesn’t marry her, nobody else would dare to touch her. Laughter, he is too biased. Su Su can sleep with him for three months, but the moment Su Jin touches him, it is presumptuous. Too funny.

Eternal Love 三生三世十里桃花 ep 15_1

Ep 15: “他们这个异地恋!!时差这么离谱怎么经得住?!”

Translation: This long-distance relationship! How to maintain when their time difference is so ridiculous?
Context: One day in the heavenly realm is one year in the mortal realm… Just imagine the time difference Su Su and Ye Hua have to endure…

Eternal Love 三生三世十里桃花 ep 16_1

Ep 16: “刚走半年又要走两年,姑娘,你是明显被骗婚了!”

Translation: Just went for half a year, and going off for another two years. Miss, you have obviously been cheated!
Context: Ye Hua had to go back to the heavenly realm to settle matters but the time difference made it such that it was a long long time in the mortal realm.

Eternal Love 三生三世十里桃花 ep 16_2

Ep 16: “这视频镜子真好用啊,无流量WIFI 限制,还不用充电。。高清美颜效果,全触屏,秒杀iphone 啊”

Translation: This video mirror is really good, not restricted by WIFI! And don’t need to charge for battery either… High quality, beauty filter, full screen. Beats iphone easily!
Context: The bronze mirror was given by Ye Hua for Bai Qian to contact him. It is yet another immortal item.

Eternal Love 三生三世十里桃花 ep 16_3

Ep 16: “铜镜应该配个耳机啊!!不然被别人发现怎么办啊?!,”

Translation: The bronze mirror should come with earphones! What to do if someone else find out about it?!

Eternal Love 三生三世十里桃花 ep 16_4

Ep 16: “视频聊天不科学 天上一秒 地上360秒 时间不同步 不在同一个时空 数据无法传输 就算解决了传输 夜化说一分钟 地面过了6小时 按照正语速一分钟150字 素素每听到一个字耗时2.4分钟 素素会觉得网速太卡 直接挂了 洗洗睡了”

Translation: Video calling is not scientific. One second in the heavenly realm is 360 seconds in the mortal realm. The time is not in sync, they are not in the same space, data is unable to be transmitted. Even if they solve that problem, if Ye Hua talks for one minute, six hours would have passed in the mortal realm. According to normal talking speed of 150 words per minute, Su Su has to listen to each word for 2.4minutes. Su Su would think that the internet is too laggy and straight away hang up and go to sleep instead.
Context: Hahahahaha. Netizens are the best. I love these comments about the bronze mirror ‘phone’.

Eternal Love 三生三世十里桃花 ep 16_5

Ep 16: “天宫八卦三人组:司命星君,成玉和三殿下”

Translation: The Heavenly Realm Gossip Trio: Si Ming-xingjun, Cheng Yu and Third Prince.

Eternal Love 三生三世十里桃花 ep 18_1

Ep 18: “求大夫的心理陰影,竟然發現一位小公子有了喜脈XD”

Translation: Praying for the trauma received by the physician, he got a pregnancy pulse from a male.
Context: When Ye Hua brought Su Su along with him, he made her dressed up as a male. Hence the physician should be under the impression that Su Su is a male. So, imagine the shock you would get if you find out a male is pregnant…

Eternal Love 三生三世十里桃花 ep 18_2

Ep 18: “当初擎苍是怎么狠得下心娶离怨母妃的啊……”

Translation: How did Qin Cang harden his heart and decide to marry Li Yuan’s mother back then?
Context: Looking at Li Yuan maternal tribe’s… Their looks….

Eternal Love 三生三世十里桃花 ep 19_1

Ep 19: “夜华上战场带手机也就算了,竟然在这个手机不离身的时代把手机搞丢了!还被大反派素锦捡到!!!最惨的是这手机信号巨好,gps定位巨精准!!!”

Translation: Forget the fact that Ye Hua brought his phone on a war, the phone had to be lost in this age where the presence of a phone determines the presence of a human! And it was even picked up by the major antagonist!!! The worst thing is, this phone signal is super good and the gps system ultra accurate!!!
Context: Another mirror-phone joke… (Complete w a slight diss on how people nowadays are always stuck to their phone…) Hehehe…

Eternal Love 三生三世十里桃花 ep 19_2

Ep 19: “看到现在回头想想,还是墨渊man呀 ,处处护着十七,而夜华虽为太子,连见见素素都要偷偷摸摸,更是护不住她,总让她痴等受伤,这双胞差别太大了。而且夜华还是金莲时还可爱点。”

Translation: Now that I think about it, Mo Yuan is still the man, he protects lil 17 all the time, while Ye Hua, the crown price, had to be secretive in just meeting Su Su, and doesn’t even protect her, allowing her to wait like a fool and be hurt. The difference between these twins is too huge. And Ye Hua is still cuter when he was a golden lotus.
Context: Hahahaha! I’m a Mo Yuan-shipper too! Go on, shifu is the best! (Need to disagree about the golden lotus statement though… he was such a creep!! If only he wasn’t Mark Chao… that would be so scary….)

Eternal Love 三生三世十里桃花 ep 20_1

Ep 20: “我发现我很适合在天庭做娘娘,因为我说话的时候也不允许人家插嘴😝”

Translation: I realised I’m very suitable to be a niangniang (lady) in the Celestial Court, because I don’t allow people to interrupt me when I talk as well.
Context: …I think I would like be a great niangniang in the Celestial Court as well! Haha. Ye Hua’s mother, let’s PK!

Eternal Love 三生三世十里桃花 ep 22_1

Ep 22: “凤九啊凤九,你拖着九条尾巴在太晨宫溜达,谁认不出你啊,天上地下唯一的九尾红狐,还带着个胎记在脑门。好歹尾巴收掉几条嘛,哎”
Reply: “每次小红狐狸一出来就暂停,数尾巴,只有一次数到了九条,每个片段出来数好几遍,不是七条就是八条”

Translation: “Feng Jiu ah Feng Jiu, dragging nine tails along while wandering around Tai Chen Palace (Dijun’s residence), who can’t recognise you? The only nine-tailed-red fox in the world, complete with a birthmark on your forehead… at least keep a few tails, sigh”
Reply: “Everytime the little red fox appears, I will pause and count the number of tails. I only counted nine tails once. I count a few times at every part it appears, it is always either 7 or 8 tails only.”
Context: Bahahahahaha. I laughed so hard when I saw this…. and then I started pausing and counting too…..

Eternal Love 三生三世十里桃花 ep 23_1

Ep 23: “素素你勇敢的跳把!!!! 我没想到第一次看电视剧,那么希望女主角赶快跳楼自杀😂😂😂😂 勇敢的跳下去,不会死的! 真的! 😂”

Translation: Susu! Just jump bravely!!!! I never thought that there will be a first time I wish that a female lead would jump and suicide so much while watching a TV drama. 😂😂😂😂 Jump bravely, you won’t die! Really! 😂
Context: I believe we all knows what happens after Su Su jumps down the Zhuxian Terrace — the real drama begins.

Eternal Love 三生三世十里桃花 ep 23_2

Ep 23: “我最讨厌的不是素锦,不是玄女…………. 而是天君!”

Translation: The one I hate most is not Su Jin, neither is it Xuan Nu…. It’s Tian-jun (Heavenly Emperor)!
Context: That old fogey is indeed pretty annoying….

Eternal Love 三生三世十里桃花 ep 24_1

Ep 24: “当个神仙真不容易,一言不合就雷劈,升级也雷劈。。。”

Translation: It’s so tough being a deity, a little disagreement and you get struck by lightning. Promotion? Also need to get struck by lightning
Context: Talking about Ye Hua’s punishment… and also Bai Qian’s promotion to shang-xian where Mo Yuan took the strikes for her.

Eternal Love 三生三世十里桃花 ep 20_2

Ep 26: “苦命落魄女大学生被有名无实富二代公子哥被骗失身怀孕嫁入豪门,最终被豪门家族恩怨情仇打破自己的白日梦,受不了刺激的她从诛仙台小区高层跳下,留下幼子与苦逼富二代。 跳下后被救起后失忆,因抢救时血型不符才得知自己竟是抱养来的,自己原来是流落在外的富家千金,冥冥之中与富二代又相识,富二代开启了带娃追妻模式,想知后续如何请收看《三生三世十里桃花-霸道总裁的失忆小娇妻》”

Translation: Down and out pitiful female university student is cheated of her body by a rich-in-name second generation (who lacks real power). She becomes pregnant and marries into wealth but her dreams were broken by the schemings behind a rich family. She couldn’t take the agitation and jumped down the building from Zhuxian Terrace residence area, leaving behind a young son and the bitter rich second-gen master. After she jumped, she was saved and lost her memories. During resuscitation, she found out she was adopted because her blood type did not match. She was actually from a rich family. Fate made it that the rich second-gen met her again and he began to start an aggressive pursue along with his son. If you want to know what happens next, please watch <Three Worlds Three Lives Ten Miles of Peach Blossom — The cute little memory-lost wife of the arrogant CEO>
Context: What an apt description, season 2 in the modern world, anyone?

Eternal Love 三生三世十里桃花 ep 27_1

Ep 27: “夜華洗髮露幾時出? 好想買”

Translation: When is the Ye Hua brand shampoo going to be released? I want it so badly…
Context: Just look at that hair!

Eternal Love 三生三世十里桃花 ep 27_2

Ep 27: “某一日,网瘾少女杨幂开了一个游戏号叫白浅,去打了一个叫擎苍的boss,boss意外掉落十万经验,白浅瞬间满级。系统判定白浅使用外挂,冻结白浅账号。杨幂不得不重建一小号素素,结果昔日弱鸡纷纷作妖,素素太菜打不过那些弱鸡,大幂幂愤而决定删号。点下确定键那一刻,系统提示大号白浅异常解除。网瘾少女幂露出高深莫测一笑:颤抖吧,废柴们!”

Translation: Once upon a time, internet-addicted youth, Yang Mi, opened a game account named Bai Qian and went to fight a boss, Qin Cang. The boss accidentally dropped ten thousand experience and Bai Qian maxed her level instantly. The system judged that Bai Qian used a bug and hence, froze her account. Yang Mi had no choice but to build another smurf account — Su Su. However, the weak monsters of the past have become arrogant and Su Su can’t defeat them because she is too new. Da Mi Mi (Yang Mi) is angry and decided to delete that account. Just as she clicked on the ‘confirm’ button, the system declared that the freeze on her main account, Bai Qian, is removed. Internet-addicted youth, Yang Mi, revealed a cunning smile: Shiver in fear, you worthless things!
Context: I think it’s really fun seeing all these comments.

Eternal Love 三生三世十里桃花 ep 28_1

Ep 28: “夜华: 我把她的东西都烧了 三叔: 你还有阿离啊 夜华: 是啊,我怎么把他给忘了。可以烧他!”

Translation: Ye Hua: I have burnt all her stuff. Third Uncle: You still have A Li! Ye Hua: Yes, how can I forget that. I can burn him!
Context: Hahahaha poor A Li. Ye Hua is looking for stuff that belongs to Su Su to burn so that the Soul-Fixing Lamp can summon Su Su back but after so many years, he tried everything and failed. Now he has nothing left of hers…. except for A Li :B

Eternal Love 三生三世十里桃花 ep 30_1

Ep 30: “那是十六子阑吧、学校倒闭10000000年之后还穿着校服”

Translation: Is that lil sixteen, Zi Lan? The school has closed down for 10000000 years and he is still wearing the uniform.
Context: After a very long while of not being on screen, lil 16 is now stalking Yan Zhi, the princess of the demonic world. And yes, he’s still in his uniform even though the school had closed down 10000000 years ago after Bai Qian escaped with MoYuan’s body. (Even eldest disciple has changed out!)

Eternal Love 三生三世十里桃花 ep 32_1

Ep 32: “整天都不换衣服,夜华喜欢你才怪”

Translation: Never ever change your clothes, as if Ye Hua would like you.
Context: HAHAHAHA. I laughed so hard at this. Indeed, Su Jin never ever changes her clothes! I did find her clothes pretty… but I guess nobody can stand a dirty fella. No wonder so many years have passed and Ye Hua still doesn’t care about Su Jin…

Eternal Love 三生三世十里桃花 ep 32_2

Ep 32: “大师兄的眼妆可以出个youtube教程了”

Translation: Eldest senior brother’s eye make up can spin off a youtube tutorial.
Context: Seems like he can now pay more attention to enhancing his beauty now that he is back to being a prince and not a disciple of the Kunlun Mountain anymore…

Eternal Love 三生三世十里桃花 ep 35_1

Ep 35: “夜华和我浅睡觉就披散着飘逸秀发,和素素睡觉就是束发盘发,果然是因为素素太穷家里没有护发素和发膜所以不愿意洗头吗😏”

Translation: When Ye Hua and my Qian sleep together, his hair is free and flowing. When he sleeps with Su Su, his hair is tied up. Is it indeed because Su Su is too poor and her house does not have conditioner and hair mask so Ye Hua refuses to wash his hair?
Context: Such an astute observation!

And this wraps up the end of the post! This is ridiculous, I finished watching in… early March? And I pretty much started the post immediately… and it took me 6 months to finish it. And I didn’t just leave it to rot… I actually attempted to complete it a couple of times but it was just too tedious. I initially planned to do up a part 2 but I guess it shall be shelved indefinitely too. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy this post! The comments really brought a lot of joy to me and I hope it will to you too!

For being such nice people to read all the way to the end, here’s a last bonus for you!

What happens in the end: “天族和翼族最后和好,一起创办了天翼手机,三殿下和司命星君创立了三星,夜华和素素的手机(铜镜)由于是夜华所造名“华为”,狐族天生妩媚,所以创造了“魅族”,阿离喜欢白浅叫他小糯米团子,遂创立手机“小米”,东华帝君作为曾经天地共主见连小阿离都有手机,便急忙推出了iPhone9(因为他爱凤九)”

Translation: The Heavenly realm (tian-jie) and the Demon realm (yi-jie) resolved their differences and started up the Tianyi Telecomm. The third prince (San dian-xia) and Si Ming xing-jun started up Samsung (pronouced san-xing in chinese). Ye Hua and Su Su’s phone (the bronze mirror) was named after Ye Hua and hence called Huawei. Ah Li likes how Bai Qian calls him Little ball of rice (Xiao Nuo Mi Tuan Zi) and designed a phone named Xiaomi. Dong Hua Di-jun, once the ruler of the world, saw that even little Ah Li has a phone so he quickly launched IPhone 9 (because he ‘ai‘ (love) FengJiu)

Context: This is basically a brilliant play on words involving the many different phone brands. Tianyi Telecomm, Huawei and Xiaomi are all Chinese brands. I’m sure everyone knows Samsung (which is pronounced as san-xing in chinese). And the last one, it’s Iphone 9 and not any other numbers because ‘jiu’ is nine in Chinese.

Alright! The real end. I hope you guys enjoyed this 🙂


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