Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 27 Review


Trouble, trouble, trouble!

It’s the start of this drama’s 5th week run and it started out as a disappointment. By the 27th episode, the original drama has already ended. Feel free to rant or just forget that this episode happened in this recap!



Shancai ran towards the Dao Ming mansion to attack her greatest enemy. Since she told her that she was already willing to leave Dao Ming Si, evil mom cancelled all her weapons of destruction.


This is how we should deal with our haters 😉 you’re a hero, Shancai!


An iconic scene from Meteor Garden: breakup in the rain.


Loved the acting from these two in these scenes! I really think that the flashbacks kind of made this breakup scene anti-climactic…


I don’t think we ever got a back hug in the 2001 version of this so this was a good variation.


As much as I applaud them for acting well in this, I still did not have much feels. The 2001 drama delivered this scene effortlessly and made me cry as strong as how the rain was.


Shancai said that she would not dare to stop walking or she would just end up wasting the harsh words that she worked hard to spit out to Dao Ming Si.


*dies inside*


This was a subtle way of presenting Lei as the heroic second lead. It’s a foreshadowing, I tell ya! Shancai was nowhere to be found.


I hated how these boys kept bombarding him with such questions when they could easily see how Dao Ming Si’s demeanor was…


See! It should not have been surprising.


Shancai leaves everything behind to go to the fishing village where her parents are working.


Meizuo is still thinking of tricks to woo his dream girl. He asked Lei for help and it was none other than a heart in a LED billboard on a building. Cliche but nice lol


This also happened in the 2001 drama. Dao Ming Si went back to his old ways aka plain mean.


More than finding Shancai, Ximen was more greatly concerned with Dao Ming Si if Shancai won’t still be returning…

In a nutshell,

  • I only had 17 screencaps for this episode. It was definitely not a good sign because it just meant that this episode was plain BAD.
  • We still have 21 episodes left and we will be unfortunately encountering some more annoying story fillers.
  • The iconic breakup in the rain scene was well done but I really don’t know why it did not give me any feels. This version has yet to make me cry! It also did not help that it randomly transitioned to Caina’s story line… LIKE REALLY. Again, why are we getting a story that we all do not deserve as supportive fans?!! If you want to feel more emotional because of the breakup, treat yourself by watching how the 2001 drama did it.
  • Dylan Wang playing the numb and old Dao Ming Si was just hot. He nailed it! I don’t accept any objections here… Half-kidding 😉

    Since nothing much happened in this episode, off to the next one!

    What did you think  about this episode? Feel free to release all your frustrations below!


11 thoughts on “Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 27 Review

  1. Gerald

    I feel you. No matter how awesome the heartbreak song is, I am still yet to shed a tear in Meteor Garden 2018. But I can’t stop watching because the cinematography is so good I’m glued. I guess the reason we’re not crying is because of the fact that it’s dubbed compared to the 2001 version with their real voice so it sounded more genuine. Nevertheless, the 2018 version keeps me wanting for more.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      Right? Glad to know that I’m not the only one! The cinematography is indeed splendid and the acting’s quite good too. That’s true! It’s really the dubbing that ruins everything boohoo. Same here! I’m still giving it a chance to make me shed a tear haha!


  2. vespa

    As a not yet watcher of the 2001 version, it’s still got its good points but the “other” story line is bad. Ok so Terence is meant to be 35 (28yrs old in 2011)? I still reckon he’s closer to 50. hehehehe.
    Cake scene was awesome and reminded us why we are watching again. Ximen’s face subtly quarter smiled when the girl started mentioning Shancai, just before he shoved the cake, was pretty good. The rain scene was so sad. Still really enjoying this version.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      I agree! Whaaat! He doesn’t even look 35… My standards for men aging well are Jerry and Van Ness (original F4 who are already in their 40s) lol. Yeah, loved that subtle smile from Ximen! I still do enjoy it too and I just want to forget that the “other” story lines happened.


  3. Ary

    HYD had the back hug and the sequence of events were heavier than this version. I was quite disappointed how they remade this rain scene maybe because there were lots of flashbacks. 😑

    Unpopular opinion here: the cinematography in this episode was meh. The scenes going to the fishing village could have done better by a vlogger lol 😂✌. Transitions of cuts were weird, also, those shots should compel viewers to symphatize with DMS &SC. But 😒😑😶

    Not so unpopular opinion: maybe the goal was not to “burden” viewers with this breakup similar with HYD and MG2001. Caina-MeiZuo-Terrence storyline was their filler, which btw has no depth. Also it was sequenced badly. 😪

    And I miss Hua Ze Lei. 😣😏

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      The flashbacks kind of ruined it for me 😦

      I don’t think that’s unpopular. The editing and transitioning weren’t really nicely done.

      That was such a bad idea. I wish they had burdened us with it instead. That’s why I didn’t get much emotional feels. Sequencing was really bad 😦



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