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Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 4 Review


Your happiness is also my happiness, Shancai! 

This was a fun yet controversial episode! The love lines are getting stronger, maybe too strong that it has caused someone to hit a wall… Let’s go on, shall we?

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Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 3 Review


Welcome to the Gen Z’s version of Meteor Garden! In the advent of social media, nothing is left unknown now.

My reviews from the first two episodes came from the TV version and it has led me to some confusion when I continued watching using the DVD version. The episode 2 that I watched ended with a transformed Shancai while our main boys were enchanted by her. For this episode, I will continue where we left off from episode 2 since they all happened in the second half of episode 3 anyway. If you are just as confused as I am, don’t be! Just fast-forward episode 3 to 22:45 to be exact and/or just follow this recap because I think I have solved this confusion crisis by myself haha! Let’s go!

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Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 2 Review


Her fever would even become higher if you touch her, Ah Si!

If you think that the first episode was not all good, then you should give this remake another chance and watch this episode. Episode 2 had me smiling and squealing because all my favorite scenes/story lines from the original version were combined here. You will surely see which ones I smiled and squealed for when you read below!

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