Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 10 Review


If only feelings could get sorted out as easy as a deck of cards…

Another great episode to continue our love triangle adventures! I’m not bluffing (Poker/Bridge reference!) when I say that this drama has totally consumed my life… It’s just beyond addicting! Are we ready to play?


Lei was teaching Shancai how to play Poker. Aside from the technical aspect of the game, they also had to practice how to bluff. I loved how Lei asked these questions to practice her bluff!


Lei felt that her answer was the truth…


I found this part really funny. Oh Ah Si, you just never fail!


Aside from the loser getting kicked out of Ming De (they did this in the 2001 drama too), Shancai wants Dao Ming Si to forgive her if she wins.


If Ah Si wins, Lei won’t see Shancai again.


Team Shancai and Lei won the first round! I loved how Lei kept praising her while Ah Si was like a ticking time bomb.


The smile that gives courage to Shancai but just annoys Ah Si haha!


Everyone kept talking before Ah Si was going to take his turn (F3 did it on purpose!). They were basically making him confused, more so when Shancai was telling him that she did not mind if she were to lose the game.


He was like, “F*** it! Let’s stop this foolish game already”. This is why I wanted them to remake the basketball match! Lei triggering Ah Si by being extra sweet to Shancai made it a match to remember. Too bad we did not see these 2018 versions act that way! Shancai thought they won but Meizuo told her that Ah Si has beaten them all. She asked why he decided not to play his card and they were like, “do you even need to ask that?”. Oh Shancai!


While everyone else was celebrating with Zhuang jie at the Dao Ming mansion, Ah Si was drunk all by himself and even triggered with the word “Lei”. This was such a funny scene!


All they know was that kiss on the forehead at the airport. Little did they know that these two had a hot kiss by the beach aka the reason why Lei and Ah Si are in a fight until now lol


Zhuang jie decided to lock them up in a room so they could go farther from their forehead kiss haha!


She seems very plain and ordinary but seeing her play earlier made Lei look at her in a different way.


So they have laid everything out here, Lei does not have feelings for Shancai at all. Jing is really the only girl in his heart.


Shancai told him that she understands. She said that she is willing to be his good friend forever. Sorry, F3 and Zhuang jie but I guess they just stayed with a forehead kiss haha!


Zhuang jie wanted her brother to know what’s going on between Lei and Shancai. Preach it, sister!


They commended Ah Si for not acting rash and being okay after finding out. He told everyone to shut up because he’s hungry. That’s my boy!


This is when Ah Si told Ximen about how he owed Lei when they were still young. He stole Lei’s Spiderman action figure and never apologized for it. He said that he is probably the only one who remembers it but he still wants to make it up to Lei.


This is the 3rd time that he gave her a paper bag and it just always gets me… I also don’t know why he acted so normal towards Shancai as well.


So this is the new love interest that had people buzzing on the internet? Seems like we will be meeting him in the next episode as a colleague of Shancai.


Ximen and Meizuo were surprised that Ah Si easily moved on from Shancai. He said that why wouldn’t he and since she is a cheap girl anyway. Whatever makes you sleep at night, Ah Si!


This was epic! And when they thought he got over it already, he told Lei that he was still mad. HAHA! Oh Ah Si, please never change.


They asked Lei how his night with Shancai was. He told them that he will not pursue Shancai in this lifetime because Ah Si is his brother (see, they’re truly the OTP here!).


He told them that he does not want Ah Si to know because of what happened before… So Ah Si was wrong when he thought that Lei probably had forgotten about what he did. Loved how this episode ended!

In a nutshell,

  • This episode had me wanting to Google “Poker for dummies”… I wanted them to remake the epic basketball match in the 2001 version but I guess using Poker was very innovative of them.
  • I wanted to see an emotional Dylan/Ah Si after quitting the game (just like how Jerry did it) but they replaced it with an ancient issue with Lei… This leads us to my next point.
  • Loved Ah Si and Lei’s childhood history because we never got a glimpse of it in the other versions. So thankful for those flashbacks! You thought they had left everything in the past yet they actually grew up being petty about it lol
  • Just like how Shancai said it, Dao Ming Si suddenly acted normal towards her. This had me have question marks all over my face but I guess we’re going somewhere good here!
  • We did not see much of Zhuang jie here but I loved her disclosing F4’s embarrassing childhood memories haha!
  • So I guess the next episode will have us see the next love interest of Shancai?

What did you think about this episode?


2 thoughts on “Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 10 Review

  1. Maan

    Hello! I just recently discovered Meteor Garden on Netflix. This is my first Asian drama and I love it!

    I’m so glad I discovered your blog and appreciate your wonderful recaps and the comments! These assure me that I’m not the only one going crazy watching this drama – even though I know I’m like 3 months late into this!

    Thanks again!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      Welcome to dramaland! Congratulations for being able to enjoy your first Asian drama!

      Thank you very much, dear! You will never be alone in dramaland 🙂 hope to see you around here which means that you’re active here in dramaland! Better late than never 😉



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