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Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 14 Review


You can do anything with Ah Si’s encouragement!

Can you smell what’s cooking in the kitchen? It’s the scent of love and support from our amazing Ah Si. Let’s start cooking some more dishes, shall we?

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Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 13 Review


Soft Dao Ming Si is my kind of aesthetic

Compared to the last few episodes, this episode was not really as recappable (yes, I just coined this term lol) as I expected it to be. The only highlights in this episode for me were Dao Ming Si and Shancai’s interactions. Aside from that, something is also smelling in the kitchen…

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Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 12 Review


Protect Ah Si at all costs! He’s extra precious in this episode *squeals*

Another candidate to join my list of favorite episodes! I had so many favorite moments in this episode. Hope you can join me fangirl during those scenes 😉

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Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 11 Review


As much as I love you Dylan, I think Jerry is still more handsome than you… Haha!

Dao Ming Si has decided to leave everything behind and went to London. This episode was not really as eventful and exciting as the last few episodes. I need him to be in Shanghai right now!

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Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 10 Review


If only feelings could get sorted out as easy as a deck of cards…

Another great episode to continue our love triangle adventures! I’m not bluffing (Poker/Bridge reference!) when I say that this drama has totally consumed my life… It’s just beyond addicting! Are we ready to play?

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Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 9 Review


Dao Ming Zhuang is in the house, everyone!

WOW, WHAT AN EPISODE. A total of 45 screencaps for this episode alone! The usual amount of screencaps that I get per episode could barely reach 30. This could be part of my list of favorite episodes and you will definitely see why.

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[NEWS] Kang Xi Lai Le 康熙来了 ends broadcast after 12 years

Kang Xi Lai Le 1

The host of Kang Xi Lai Le, Kevin Tsai (Cai Kang Yong), announced on 16 October via weibo that he will be leaving Kang Xi Lai Le for a change. Later that day, co-host Dee Hsu (Xu Xi Di), who is more commonly known as Xiao S, also announced that she will be leaving the show as the departure of Kevin Tsai will make it pointless for her to continue on without him.

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[Weibo Round-Up]: Angelababy and Huang Xiaoming’s Fairytale Wedding

This is another special edition of my usual Weibo Updates/Round-Ups. It’s been a pretty busy week but it won’t stop me from writing about China’s biggest wedding of the year! How can I resist posting about this when both the groom and bride are just beyond perfect as themselves and for each other? 😀

Angelababy and Xiaoming are definitely #couplegoals

Angelababy and Xiaoming are definitely #couplegoals

In this post, I have compiled various Weibo posts from celebrity well-wishers (some went, some couldn’t) of this perfect couple who got married last October 8 in Shanghai in front of approximately 2,000 people! Read more to be in the know 😀

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