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[NEWS] Kang Xi Lai Le 康熙来了 ends broadcast after 12 years

Kang Xi Lai Le 1

The host of Kang Xi Lai Le, Kevin Tsai (Cai Kang Yong), announced on 16 October via weibo that he will be leaving Kang Xi Lai Le for a change. Later that day, co-host Dee Hsu (Xu Xi Di), who is more commonly known as Xiao S, also announced that she will be leaving the show as the departure of Kevin Tsai will make it pointless for her to continue on without him.

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Update: Weibo Round-up (July 28, 2015)

As a C-entertainment fan who has a very limited knowledge of Chinese, I still go to Weibo everyday just because of the beautiful updates/photos posted by beautiful people here.

@张翰:  [来][来][来]

@张翰: [来][来][来]

Our man Zhang Han just being irresistible (and he’s surely aware of it!). I’m quite sure that his selfie was taken on the set of his upcoming time-travelling drama, “Braveness of the Ming”.

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