Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 13 Review


Soft Dao Ming Si is my kind of aesthetic

Compared to the last few episodes, this episode was not really as recappable (yes, I just coined this term lol) as I expected it to be. The only highlights in this episode for me were Dao Ming Si and Shancai’s interactions. Aside from that, something is also smelling in the kitchen…


F3 boys were wondering why Ah Si was just pretty chill drinking his milk after finding out that Shancai’s competitors are established names in the culinary industry. He told them that he believes in Shancai so he’s not worried about it (awww).


Ah Si was the judge of Shancai’s cooking practice and it’s like he just had heart eyes the whole time. So adorable!


This was all Tian Ye’s fault (see, why do people like him?!). He told Shancai to withdraw from the competition because of his childhood friend, Zhou Caina, who’s a culinary expert. Dao Ming Si was disappointed that Shancai wanted to quit because that’s not the Shancai that he knows.


He ordered her to go to his room to sleep. What else were you thinking, Shancai? *Smirks*.


They were playing a card game and the loser will get a consequence from Jigglypuff (please tell me that you got this reference…)


We all need a Dao Ming Si in our lives, I swear! His genuine faith in Shancai melts my heart.


Zhuang jie and their house steward thought Shancai had ran away… Definitely! Ran away to your brother’s heart 😉 *slow claps*


I could foresee that these pictures will be kept in some treasure box that Shancai will cry over when Ah Si gets amnesia… Oops am I thinking way too ahead? Haha!


This is me being impatient too when watching my biases on TV haha!


Let the games begin! Ah Si being supportive like a boyfriend could easily melt your heart. I really hope Shancai recognizes his efforts soon!

In a nutshell,

  • Nothing much happened in this episode but it was easy to see how Ah Si turned so soft in this episode.
  • Instead of shouting at Shancai and insulting her dishes, he actually had a hard time criticizing her dishes and just loved everything. As Ximen said, even if she cooked rat poison for him, he would still probably eat and love it.
  • Dao Ming Si believes in Shancai so much that I don’t even know what Shancai is doing not to recognize that. I would have flown into his arms if I were her! I cannot wait for him to continue being a supportive boyfriend to Shancai *heart eyes*.

What did you think of this episode?


8 thoughts on “Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 13 Review

  1. chouhelen27

    Just read your recaps and i liked your perspective. This is a new show for me but I’ve started to watch the earlier version on YouTube. I find it so violent and some of the characters so annoying! Although dao Ming si is lovely.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      Thank you very much! I think the original version would pale in comparison with this version if you’re just watching it recently haha! As much as I loved the 2001 version, the violence and other happenings were indeed cringe-worthy and annoying. Yes, Jerry as Dao Ming Si is forever lovely in my eyes (I’m quite biased haha!)


      1. chouhelen27

        It’s nice to talk about it haha! The extra characters are a lot more redeeming in the new version I think. Especially Qing he and the other f4 guys. I’m glad though Netflix are only releasing a few episodes at a time or it may have completely taken over my life.

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  2. dramarian Post author

    So true! They gave more substance to the extra characters compared to the original version. Although I’ll be completely honest and say that I still don’t care much about them 😂 I just want my main babies haha! When and how many episodes do they release?


    1. chouhelen27

      I think 4-6 a week so we just had episode 15-16 last night. Really don’t understand how one girl can be so stupid sometimes though! No wonder daomingsi gets frustrated.

      Liked by 1 person


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