Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 48 Review


Repeat after me: “Hua Ze Lei deserves better!”

I expected more from this episode given that it is our one step closer to the ending… But what did I just watch? Feel free to relive the WTF moments of this episode with me in this recap!


The rain was getting harder and so F3 could not stop worrying about their friends. Let’s not also sleep on Lei mostly caring about Shancai. He was thinking about how she is the luckiest girl for having someone like Dao Ming Si who loves her with all his life *sniffs*.


As expected, Xiaozi would not let us suffer for long and decided to be on Shancai’s side. She courageously told Mrs. Dao Ming that she wants Ah Si and Shancai to be together. See, you could never ever hate her!

[INSERT MANY FLASHBACKS OF DAO MING SI AND SHANCAI]. I just had to put it in all caps because of my subtle rage… Like I don’t know why we got a lot of flashbacks of what their relationship went through when we could have gotten more substantial scenes *facepalms*. Oh well, moving on…


Dao Ming Si recalled a time when Shancai looked so cute and happy when he recited the theory of creative destruction. It has then become an inspiration for him to launch a technology platform that you will find out more about in the scenes below.


I loved this scene for the very obvious reason that I will always love F4 scenes because of their friendship and cuteness. Loved their expressions (especially Ximen’s!) after unlocking Ah Si’s password. They just could not believe that they expected more from their friend when it was just really easy to figure him out haha!


This scene made me smile because of Lei’s smile! He looked like he was fanboying over Ah Si and that he was his proudest friend. Just adorable!


Dao Ming Si proudly talked about how he has all grown up and that he could be someone that his mom and sister would be proud of because he met Shancai. Aww this really made me happy!


He named his new technology platform as “Embrace your dreams” as it is very self-explanatory, “We all have dreams and we should all bravely embrace our dreams”. *Slow claps with standing ovation*. His brothers were very supportive of his project as expected too!


Of course he did not fail in mentioning Lei aka the love of his life. He said that he wanted this project to be sentimental on purpose haha! Lei then walked near the window and gave such a cute smile.


This is where the confusion aka my WTF moments started… Ximen told her that they have already sent Lei off to abroad, Dao Ming Si’s in London with him, they broke up already and that he already married Xiaozi, and all the worst case scenarios that could ever happen to Shancai right now. He was obviously pranking her but really, you can do so much better than this, Shancai…


So she just randomly found herself in a wedding gown and talking to Ah Si’s old self. What is happening…


Pretty sure I am not the only one who was wishing that this was just a dream sequence…


Shancai said yes to Zhuang jie’s question but she said that it was not powerful enough so all she is left to do now is to pick one of the F3 as her husband… HAHAHA HELP WHAT EVEN. I am so willing to choose one if only I were given the same privilege to do so *wink wink*.

In a nutshell,

  • We finally know what special plan Dao Ming Si had in mind and it was just so touching and unexpected of him considering how we first got to know his character.
  • What did I just watch… The whole time that the last scenes leading to the wedding were playing, all I could think of was “What da fa (only true Di Di fans understand this) is going on…”
  • Zhuang jie dancing to “River” was not even Zhuang jie… That was totally Dee Hsu right there HAHAHA
  • Like I have so many questions, is Shancai really that disoriented with everything that’s been happening? Or is she just really that gullible? I cannot believe that they were not even part of a dream sequence even though they might have purposely made it look like one.
  • I do not have much thoughts about this episode because I don’t think the last parts of this episode was given much thought either. Oops… so I will just pretend that I did not see it and continue watching up to the last episode now.

What did you think of this episode? Were you just as disappointed and as confused as I was?


12 thoughts on “Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 48 Review

  1. dramamama

    Oh Dramarian, how I’ve missed you!

    I have been waiting for your recaps because I just have to share my angst and my disappointment over how they chose to end this show…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      Aww missed you too!

      Sorry but you have to wait a bit more for my final episode and drama review. It’ll come soon, I promise! But yes, it was nothing butt disappointment to be honest ugh


  2. Rindu

    dearest dramarian,
    greetings from jakarta.
    i have read your MG2018 review for a couple of months, accompanying the series.
    i share your disappointment.
    for such a lovely love journey as our caisi’s, why should it be end in a prank style wedding? 😓
    i was imagining they would have an intimate wedding in a beautiful garden or beach.
    why should shancai be tricked to marry ah si? i could never really understand…

    anyway, thanks so much for writting the reviews ❤
    sometimes they act as my guidance when i want to search specific scene.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      Oh wow! Nice to know that we have a reader from there! Right? They all pranked us with this wedding lol

      No problem and thank you for dropping by here for months now! ❤ Glad to know that I was able to help you!


  3. Isa (@Isazu)

    Hi, I just discover MeteorGarden on Saturday morning when I was trying to find something to watch while I was sick in bed and couldn’t stop watching it. I love the characters and around episode 30 I found your reviews and made a point of checking them out with each episode I watched. I just finished watching episode 48 and I felt exactly like you wrote about the last scene, I don’t understand why they did this. So I’m gonna start episode 49 tonight hoping that they had a beautiful ending and didn’t continue with this…really love your reviews

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dramarian Post author

      Sorry for replying so late! Happy that you found MG and us here 🙂 hope you can see this and update us with your overall thoughts! Thank you very much again!



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