Product Placement Review: Mengniu Chunzhen Drinking Yogurt from Go Fighting


One thing all chinese show viewers must be familiar with is: Product Placement! Hence, I have decided to start a new column called ‘Product Placement Review’ where I try out the stuff that I see in dramas and tell you how I find them. The first one will be Meng Niu’s Chun Zhen Drinking Yogurt which is a sponsor for a lot of shows, with one of the most recent ones being Go Fighting Season 3!

honglei chunzhen.jpg

You cannot imagine my excitement when I saw this product in a local supermarket. At that time, I just finished watching the episode where Sun Hong Lei and Huang Bo had to deliver yogurt.

There’s even a special Go Fighting edition packaging but sadly, I don’t see it. Can you match the characters to each cast member?

yixing chunzhen.jpg

My Review: I had bought this after a meal, thinking that some yogurt would aid in digestion. I had expected it to light and watery, like the many yogurt drinks in the market that I’m used to. Boy, I was wrong. This was really thick and creamy. It is indeed drinking yogurt and not a yogurt-based drink. The texture was smooth and it is also very filling.


(Pardon the bad picture, I just felt that a picture taken by me would feel more realistic. Look at those glistening water droplets!)

My colleague from China saw me drinking this and said that she loves this and her family used to order it by the carton back in China (just like those families that Sun Honglei delivered the yogurt to). Besides Meng Niu’s Chunzhen Drinking Yogurt, she also often buys Yili’s An Mu Xi Drinking Yogurt (which sponsors Keep Running amongst other shows) and uses them to make her own facial masks.

Verdict: Worth a try! It can even be a meal replacement on days you are not too hungry. It looks like a tiny package but it’s extremely filling. Perfect for those who love thick, yummy, creamy yogurt. Very convenient to drink it on-the-go too!

2 thoughts on “Product Placement Review: Mengniu Chunzhen Drinking Yogurt from Go Fighting

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